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Leaving Here Not Coming Back


Soon there was a knock on the door, Michelle came in and saw her on the balcony, a smirk crossed her lips.

Marina didn't notice her until she stood beside her and said “His name is Ronnie.”

Marina's heart jumped out of her chest and she looked at Michelle, blushing.

“I...I was looking at the dog.” She lied.

“That's Shelby, and no you weren't.”

The teen blushed deeper, Michelle giggled. “He does house work for us sometimes, you'll meet him. Don't be afraid, he's really nice.”

She nodded. “Time to go shopping Hun, lets go!” Michelle took her hand and led her down stairs.

Brian met them in the living room, key's in hand. “Alright my lovely ladies, lets go.” He smiled.

The girls smiled, Marina put her sunglasses on they made their way to the Jeep.

“Hey Ronnie!” Brian called to the boy, who looked over.

“You feel like mowing the lawn tomorrow around noon?” he asked.

“Sure.” Ronnie looked at Marina and tipped his nonexistent hat. She giggled, putting her fingers over her mouth to hide it before climbing into the Jeep.

They listened to Black Sabbath until they made it to the mall where Michelle demanded that Brian give her a piggy back ride.

He chuckled and grinned, bending down a bit so she could get on his back. He carried her into the mall, and all the way to hot topic.

Marina looked around in wonder as they went in, she'd never been to Hot Topic before. Walmart sure, but not Hot Topic.

“What are your sizes?” Michelle asked when she dismounted her husband.

Marina told her and watched the woman flit away, with a shrug she headed to the wall of tee shirts. She grabbed one she liked and put it back.

“You can get what ever you want.” Brian said, standing beside her.

She smiled and snatched up the shirt again. She found a skirt she liked then was yanked away into the fitting room.

“Put this on.” Michelle left the small room closing the door behind her.

“Told ya!” Brian could be herd.

Marina grinned and put on the clothes that Michelle put on the bench, then came out.

“Nice!” Michelle grinned.

“Nah, it's not really my thing. It's really nice though, thanks Michelle.” She said.

“Okay, your welcome I guess.”

Marina went back into the changing room and put on the outfit she picked, coming out.

“Wow, I'da never taken you for a skirt Rina.” Brian smiled.

No one ever gave Marina a nick name, she was touched.

“Do you like it?” She asked Michelle who smiled and nodded.

“Can we get it?” Marina asked, not afraid of asking because she knew Brian and Michelle were her mother and father's opposite.

“Anything you want.” Brian repeated.

They left the store with three large bags, all of which Brian had to carry. “Zumiez?” Michelle asked.


The girls skipped off to the store where they left with two big bags and a medium bag full of small bags.

They went to the music store and went in to Apple getting her an iPod.

They all stopped for lunch and got back in the Jeep after Brian loaded it up with the total of six bags.

A beaming Marina smiled all the way back to the house, her smile grew as she watched Brian put his hand on Michelle's thigh, and her rest her hand on his.

When they made it back to the house, Michelle loaded Brian with the bags that he grudgingly accepted.

“You owe me.”

She winked “Anything.”

Marina rolled her eyes, unphased by what they were implying as she went inside with the key Michelle had given her at lunch.

She went to her temporary bedroom and put her new CD in the CD player; Escape The Fate's Not Good Enough For Truth And Cliché, her favorite ETF song played.

She turned it up loud, closed her eyes and moves her hips to the beat. Arms swaying she danced around the room, feeling the music.

Down stair's, Brian smiled. Michelle came into the room and gave him a confused look to witch he pointed up at the ceiling, she listened and herd it.

She smiled.

Marina had never been so happy! She'd smiled more today that she had all year! She got an adrenaline rush as she danced, she quickly got over it.

When the song ended, applause caught her attention. She whorled around to face the balcony and to meet the dark green eyes of Ronnie.

She blushed and fled the room.


oh,my,gosh please update soon!
frankiegt frankiegt
write more plzzzzzz i love Ronnie! <3
Skatergurl17 Skatergurl17
I like this, more please :3
I can't wait for more! 
This is a very sad story, but I'm glad that they got her out of that stupid house.
Please update soon?!
Rath Shadows Rath Shadows