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City Of Sin

A Promise To Burn

Harley headed to your bedroom. To gather her thoughts and her self. While Zack and I sat in the living, room half of the suite. “Today has been eventful and it’s only,” he glanced down at his watch. “11:30 oh wow um since breakfast is out of the question. Do you want to go sight seeing?” Even though I wanted to say yes to Zack I knew I need time to myself. “Um Zack I need to think about some stuff so can I take a rain check?” “Yea sure how about tonight we can go to dinner and catch a show or something?” “Zachary James are you asking me out on a date?!” as soon as I said I wanted to hit rewind and say something else. “Well Chrystal Jane I am in fact asking you out on a date but only if you say yes if, not then it’ll be two friends just having a friendly dinner.” Zack smiled my favorite smile. That smile could kill me sometimes; his whole mood is contagious sometimes. I smiled only because he did and answered his question. “Yes I’d love to have dinner with you tonight.” If his smile could grow any bigger, I think his face would rip. “Well Alright then I’ll pick you up around 7:30 that ok?” I nodded my head and told him that I needed to do a few things that Brian asked me to do for Harley’s surprise birthday.

~~~~~~~~~~fast forward~~~~~~~~~

I finish up the last of my hair letting my straighter curl my normally straight hair into pretty ringlets. I sweep the outline of eyes with a thin line of black to frame my eyes that appeared green today. Just as I was putting on my heels Harley makes her presence known “well someone is certainly pretty tonight” I look up from my feet and smile at my best friend. “Hey I was starting to worry about you I haven’t seen you since this morning how are you feeling?” Harley shrugged and mumbled a ‘eh’ but she frown quickly turned into a small smile once she saw my dress] “who you getting all pretty for?” Harley asked messing around with her phone. I told her in the most nonchalant way “Zack” she dropped her phone and screamed “Zack? Zacky Baker?” I nodded my head and went to my bathroom to check on my makeup one last time. Realizing I look fine, I grabbed my purse and cell phone, gave her a hug, and took the elevator down to the lobby to see Zack waiting in the sitting area.

“Wow Chrys you look stunning.” Zack told me as I approached him I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I could feel my cheeks getting a natural blush. We leave our hotel and start walking to the Luxor when we get there Zack’s hand rests on the small of my back gently pushes me to the restaurant that was hidden by the casino. We walk up to the host table “Name?” He asked when Zack replied with “Baker”
He scrolled his finger down until he found Zack name and then escorted us to a booth “You really do look pretty Chrys.” “Thanks Zach.” the waiter takes our drink order I order a jack and coke and water, while zack orders a beer. “So why did you ask me out on this date?” “Cause I like you duh!” Are drinks came and then our food too we talked about old times and discussed the plans for Harley surprise birthday coming up and Brock. After we ate our food and Zack paid for the bill, we took a walk on the strip. We walked for a while in silence until we walked in front of the fountain. “Hold up I wanna do something?” I cocked my eyebrow and asked ‘what?’ I could see Zack’s face getting closer to mine and his lips go in a straight line I knew what was about to happen and I had no problem with it Zack arms wrapped around my waist and my arms found them selves around his neck I started to lean in and with in just a few seconds our lips were touching and moving together like they were made for each other. I raked my fingers through his hair and shuddered with his snakebites pressing against my lips he pulled back “Be My Girlfriend Chrys?” there was a smile on my face I think the people up in space could have seen I nodded my head and went back to kissing my boyfriend.


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