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City Of Sin

My Choice Was Made

After a morning randevou, Brian finally let me get up and shower and get ready for the day. I chose my outfit for the day, and put on my perfume, I had in my purse. "Brian, do you know where I left my phone?" "No babe, I don't. Check under the bed." I laughed at myself as I found it under the bed, dead. I stole electricity from Brian's charger to have some charge on my phone. I barely made it out the room, before I heard over 50 chimes, of different notifications on my phone. I cleared the voice mails, because I never listen to them. If someone needs to get a hold of me, they will just call me back. I checked my text messages, thirty from Brock, two from Chrys. "Oh you found it!" Brian said walking into the room wearing a vneck, khakis and sandles. "Yeah, I should have just left it off, Brock left me rude messages. I understand he is pissed but whatever. Our engagement is off." "Wait, you called it off? Why Harley?" I turned the screen of my phone off, and looked up at him with a dumb look on my face. "Brian, seriously? You have to ask that question why I broke off the engagement with him?" I stood up and crossed my arms and popped my hip out at him. "Well, no but you can tell me." He said all cute like, I honestly wanted to slap him. Instead I grabbed my hat and purse and walked out of the room and toward my room. "Hey! That was rude Harley! Come back!" Brian yelled from the room. "Not happening Brian!" I took the key out of my bag and slid it in, waited for the little light to turn green, and turned the knob to open the door.

"Hey you two! How was your night?" I said with red cheeks, I didn't get an answer, only two worried looks. "What? We used a condom, chill." I said laughing, that didn't change the looks either. "Harley. Brock's here." Chrys finally said. My heart literally stopped. "You fucking kidding right? This is a sick joke." I said looking over at Zacky. "No dude, Chrys saw him when she went down to get me an outfit for today." I looked to the ground, and didn't know what to say or what to do. "So, what the hell are we suppose to do now? My psycho ex-fiance is here awesome." I crossed my arms and started pacing the room. "Brock and Brian can't see each other, they will kill one another, and I don't really feel like dealing with a bloody mess." I looked at Chrys thinking of a plan. "Harley, why is he here, if you called it off?" Zacky questioned me. I looked away as I sat down and crossed my legs. "Okay, so I broke up with his voice mail.." I saw two disappointed faces staring back at me, my heart dropped into my stomach with guilt, fear, and lust. I didn't know what to now that I had no choice but face my problem with Brock. "I don't know what to do about Brian. I still have feelings for him, and they were so strong last night, along with the alcohol." I bit my bottom lip and walked to my room, and laid on my bed and closed my eyes and pretended nothing happened.

-Brian POV-

I cleaned up the room a bit and pulled out my notebook , and started writing out the events for Harley's birthday bash. I wrote down, breakfast in bed, shopping, tattoo, dinner and bar. I smiled and knew it was going to be an amazing night. All I needed her to do is be mine again, not meaning right away since she just left that asshole, but I need her around to keep me sane. I remember when we first dated and everything was like a honeymoon for us, we kept finding different ways to stay happy and keep one another around. I was only happy with Harley, even when I dated Val's twin sister Michelle, I felt nothing with her. So I've been waiting for this day, and it was going to happen. I love that girl, I really do.

I decided to run down to the lobby, and buy some flowers to take to Harley. I walked into a the gift shop and picked out white carnations, and a small card. I wrote my name on the card, and handed the woman my credit card. "Yes, it's Brian Haner." I said out loud. I smiled at her when I heard. "Oh, Brian dick face you mean?" I smiled and bit my tongue and turned around . "Oh hey there old friend, so glad I get to see you first." I crossed my arms, and let him continue his dramatic speech he always gives before he tries to swing at me. "I'm here to get Harley back, and take her to The Little White Chapel to get married. Then you can fuck off, and die alone." Brock said laughing like a bitch. "Dude, seriously? That's it. Normally you throw in some Shakespeare stuff. This is different. Plus I'm pretty sure Harley won't marry you." I said grabbing the flowers and walking past Brock hitting my shoulder against his. "You'll be sorry." Brock said in a serious tone.


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