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City Of Sin

Could This All Be A Dream?

“Crys you’re my best friend I never want to loose you, but we can’t be anything more. We can only be friends. Nothing else ok you have to get this fantasy of me and you being together out of your head. I want you to be happy and find someone who will be everything you need and deserve. So move on. I won‘t ever love you that way.” Zack says while giving me a goodbye hug and just like that he‘s gone out of my life forever.

I wake up and try to shake my head but when I go to move it I hit another hard object and then hear “Ow! What was that for?” Zack asks rubbing his head. “Oh sorry had a bad dream and was trying to get it out of my head I guess sorry” I kiss his head where we had made contact. I give him a small smile as I’m getting up heading to the bathroom with my ipod to take a shower. “Zack I’m jumping in the shower!” I yell through the door hoping he would get the hint I didn’t want to talk to him right now. I remove my shirt and just as I’m about to take off my panties. The door opens and where a head pokes in. “Hey Crys.” “Zack I’m naked!” “Not yet want me to help you get naked though?” “No you Pervert Go Away!” “Fine. I’m going to go shower in my room see you in a little bit ok?” “Yeah fine whatever just get out!”

Zack shuts the door while laughing and I walk over to the door and turn the lock just so I can get cleaned off with out any more interruptions. I turn on my I-Home I put in on the first day. I scroll to my play list I always put on when I’m taking a shower. The first song coming on a smile ten miles wide creeps on my face. I hear a high pitch tone becoming louder and louder after a minute I hear the drums and bass making there voices heard. Once I hear Matt’s voice I start singing along. “Out of time, Doc I’m dying…” I wash my hair and continue to get cleaned up. In the middle of my shower I start to wonder if Harley made it to her half of the room ok and if she was getting up. After I rinse off for the last time, I step out of the shower and grab the towel and wrap it around my small body. I walk out of the bathroom and go over to my suitcase and get out my bra and panties along with the rest of my outfit . I start putting on my clothes until I hear a whistle that stops me dead in my tracks. “Hey Crys looking good,” the voice that haunts my dreams most of the time.

“Zachary James Baker! You can’t keep doing that!” “And why not? It’s not like I haven’t seen it all before remember junior year?” “Of course you and Brain winning strip poker against me and Harley how I could forget you guys always bring it up!” “Yea so chill and let me enjoy the show” Zack replies after smirking and giving me a very very sexy wink. “ OUT. Now. Baker.” I shove my index finger to the direction of the door and don’t react to his smirk. “I can’t I left my room key in there and” “Knock Brian will answer it” “you don’t think I tried that? I knocked I called I texted no reply from any of them so HA!” I shake my head and say “ok well go take a shower and I’ll go buy a pair of boxers for ya at a store ok?” “Yeah sure thanks babe.” “don’t get use to me being nice Zack it’s a short fuse.” he waves me off but before he closes the door he gives me his credit card saying ‘he didn’t think it was right for a girl buy his clothes’ I don’t argue with me I just take it and walk over to Harley’s side of the hotel suite and notice her bed was still made and we all knew none of us made the bed. Unless we were trying to impress someone, that’s when I feel a vibration in my pocket I grab it put my code in it I put on it last night because jimmy kept trying to change shit on it.

After I enter the right code I see that I have a message from Harley saying “Brian and I are going to miss breakfast love you ill text you lata” I laugh and close my phone and walk out of the room making sure I had the room key before I shut it. I start down the hallway and just a few rooms down I hear a light thud followed by a few faint moans. Laughing and shaking my head. I get in the elevator and head down to where the shops are in the lobby. Just as I’m about to go up to the front desk to ask for an extra key to all the rooms we got.

I see the back of a head that belongs to someone who shouldn’t be here. Brock. “fuck!” I mutter to myself I turn around before he can see me and run the other way. To get Zack an outfit for the day I end up getting him a pair of ball shorts and a Vegas shirt. I hurry up with my purchases and go back up to my room as I slide the room key I hear zack sing. “Zack!” he skips into the living room part of the suite with just the towel wrapped around his waist. “We have a problem.” “Oh yeah what’s that?” “Well One. Brian and Harley hooked up last night. And Brock is here.” “That is a problem have you tried to get a hold of Harley or Brian?” “Yes neither of them will pick up there still bumping uglies. Oh and here.” I handed Zack the clothes I got him down in the lobby. “Thanks, I’ll be right back” I nod and watch him walk back into my room to change. While I just think about how Brock is and will ruin this whole surprise party for Harley. I mutter to my self “This Vacation is stressing me out.”


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