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City Of Sin

Little Piece Of Heaven

After partying in the restaurant till they closed we all decided to go back to the hotel and chill out and continue the party in one of rooms we got. We all tried to walk to the room but most of us failed. Jimmy took off into a run and then slid in one of the many bars they had. Johnny was being very LOUD. While the girls just held onto each other so they could make it to the room without any broken heels or anything along that line. We all finally get to the elevator and are waiting for it to come down to take us to our rooms. “Jimmy you ok to walk?” Matt asks after Jimmy falls to the floor and just lays there singing parts of ‘Little Piece of Heaven’ “Must Have Stabbed Her Fifty fucking times….eat it eat it!” Jimmy replied which we all took as I’m fine fucker. After the elevator opened up we all filed out and walked down the hall Brian leaning on Johnny and Harley, Matt and Val holding hands just walking behind them and that left Jimmy to me and Zack to handle. “You doing ok Crys?” Zack asks me I just nod at him being that I’m still kind of mad at him for what he said earlier I just hope he wouldn’t notice. “What room are you and Jim in Johnny?” I holler up at Johnny hoping that it wouldn’t be much farther but I knew that wouldn’t be the case since we got the rooms at the end of the hall for some dumb fucking reason. “Um I think we’re staying in 990” “urgh are you fucking kidding me! Who booked the rooms?” Zack asks so it was safe to say that he looked and saw we where at room 850. I mentally slapped myself before answering Zack’s question “I did Zee.” feeling jimmy starting to slip I hoist him up “Jimmy come on help me and Zee out here you’re taller then us” I then hear “it’s not hard to be taller then you Crys!” that comment coming from Brian as I recognized his chuckle after his comment. “Brian just till I’m not helping your band mate to his room. Karma is a BITCH!” I yell and everyone starts laughing at my comment saying “sure” and “yeah right”. Only Val and Harley knew how pissed I was. The guys were blind as bats to us girls feelings. We all walk a little more and until we see the gold plated numbers 950. “Come on Crys we are almost there speed walk!” I pick up my pace and in no time flat we reach Johnny and Jimmy’s room 990. We go in to the spacious room and plop Jimmy on the bed. I walk into the kitchen part of the room and get a glass of water and two aspirins. Setting them on the nightstand by him while Zack puts the trash can in the drummer reach just in case he does get sick which would be very unlikely but, just in case.

After making sure Jimmy was fine and would be until morning. Zack and I went over into His and Syn’s room where everyone else was. “Take The Shot Short shit!” We hear Matt say. I laugh and look over and see Harley on the verge of passing out “Harley! Val!” I shout and when her eyes meet mine I nod my head over to the kitchen area. I jump up on the counter and wait for Harley and Val to join me. While I’m waiting I guess Zack didn’t pick up on the hint that I was mad at him. He comes and puts himself in between my legs his hands resting on the counter. “Crys? Are we cool?” I just nod. “Zack! Brian wants ya!” Val Shouts. Scaring him but making me laughs “I’ll save you a spot by me ok Crys?” “I don’t know if I’m going to stay long Zee I’m tired and it’s already 3 in the morning” I say after looking at my cell. “Oh Ok” he gives me a small smile before he goes over to the guys and takes a shot. “I think I’m turning in early ladies I’m tired.” they give me hugs and go back over to the boys I take a bottle of water from the fridge and then say goodnight to the boys I gave them all a kiss on the cheek and a half hug.

I walk out to the hall and go to the room Harley and I where assigned. I slide my room key in and out then wait for the green dot. After seeing it flash green I drag my feet to the bathroom after I take off my make up and throw my hair into a sloppy bun type of thing I change in to my night clothes and then walk in and crawl into my bed I look out of the window and see the strip still as bright as it was at 11 now it being three thirty in the morning I thought it would be a little dimmer but no. Eff the city of Las Vegas. I get up and close the curtains so I wouldn’t be woken up too early by the sun.

Just as I’m about to crawl back into my big comfy bed I hear someone knocking. Thinking it was Harley I just open not even looking in the peep hole. “Did you for-. What do you want Zack?” you can hear the annoyed tone in my voice most people would just turn and say bye but not Zack. “Can I crash here I’m tired and it seems like everyone else isn’t going to give in anytime soon. Please?” Zack’s eyes take in what I’m wearing I cling to my hoodie a little tired feeling uncomfortable at that moment. “I suppose but you’re sleeping on the couch. No arguments alright Baker?” I tell Zack and head for the closet where they keep extra pillows and blankets. “Come On Crys why can’t we cuddle like we use to in high school I’ve really missed you Crys. Cuddling with you kissing you playing with Katie and Majesty. Come on for old time’s sake. Please?” he rambles on and on while I start to set up the couch for the man whore rock star. “Sorry Zack. The only person whose going to be cuddling with me is Teddy” “Who the fuck is Teddy” he says the name like it was poison the look on his face is priceless. “Teddy the bat.” I shove my stuffed bat that Harley got for me, in Zack’s face. “Teddy meet Zacky. Night Zacky I’m going to bed.” I turn to walk into my room and crawl in to my bed. “Hey Crys!” “Zack I’m about to fall down dead if I don’t get some sleep GOOD NIGHT.” “I just wanted to give you.” he doesn’t finish his statement but just presses his lips on to mine in a firm but gentle goodnight kiss. I return the kiss and just as I’m about to wrap my arms around his neck. Zack pulls away “Night Crys” “Night Zee.” I walk into my room and crawl into my bed and pull teddy up to my chest. Just as I’m about to see the back of my eye lids I hear a soft knock. Knowing who it was I wasn’t going to answer it. A few seconds later I hear my door knob being turned and pushed open. Just as I’m about to protest what he was doing I feel arms come around my waist and I feel lips being pressed into the crook of my neck. While Zack’s hands intertwine with mine I hear him whisper “Why did I let you go? I love you Crys.” just before I enter my Little Piece of Heaven a huge smile creeps onto my face


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