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City Of Sin

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I had a pit in my stomach leaving Chrys by herself with the man whore himself, I knew how she felt about him. Everyone knew, but I didn't like the fact how he toyed with her emotions, neither did Brian. Along with her emotions unstable, so were mine. Breaking off an engagement, and to be around someone who actually made me smile, who didn't make my decisions for me, was what I wanted. Yet I just wanted to have fun. I didn't have to be legal to party, and have a good time, just because the legal age to drink was 21+ doesn't stop this girl. I still get into shows, and Johnny's bar without anyone saying a damn word.

I felt Brian's arm drop from my shoulder to my waist, holding me closer. It didn't feel like he owned me like Brock's grips were, just a happy grip. We stood inside waiting for Chrys and Zacky to come back inside. We were standing there among ourselves, as Jimmy was picking on Johnny like usual. Val was grooming Matt, and making his dimples deepen. "So where did you find that dress, Harley?' Val broke the silence among us. "Chrys found it somewhere in Florida, she bought it for me when she went on vacay with her family." I said with a smile, I fluffed my hair letting my curls fall to one side of my head. "I like this look, it's better than just the simple outfits Brock allowed you to wear." I moved my shoulders. "Well, I like anything you wear." Brian whispered in my ear. I smiled to his breath against my ear, Val had a cheesy ass smile on her face. "Brian, what are you doing to Harley's ear." Chrys chimed in with a laugh after. "Oh, you know. Seducing her." He said with his infamous smirk.

We were sat in the middle of the restaurant, everyone else ordered alcohol, while I ordered something virgin. Everyone around me was getting messed up like Ke$ha, and I was the odd one out. "Don't worry Harley, we have booze for later." Johnny pointed out. "Thanks for that, short shit." He gave me a glare and then hugged me. We all ordered from this Italian styled place. I got what I'd normally get at Olive Garden. We ate our food, as Jimmy was telling story about his stallion duck he wanted, and how he'd do anything to get one, even if it came down to chasing it. I was looking at Chrys' expression, and sending her messages with my eyes, along with Val. Us girls stood up, and headed toward the bathroom. "We will be back." I said with smile. "Why can't us guys do that, go to the bathroom in groups!' Jimmy said laughing. "Dude, no." Zacky answered.

*Brian's POV*

Zacky and Jimmy got into a heated argument of how it's different when girls go to the bathroom in groups and guys go to the bathroom in groups. I didn't care, I was focused on Harley. I needed to get her birthday party just right, so I can prove to her how much better I am than Brock. I never liked Brock, after our many fists fights, she still chose him over me. After Harley disappeared with the girls I looked back to the table meeting four sets of eyes. "What?" I said trying to look innocent. "Why haven't you tapped that yet?' Zacky said. "Seriously dude?" I shook my head. Jimmy slapped Zacky. "I have more respect for her, than you do for any other chick you've ever fucked. Honestly." I spat back him. "What the hell, how did I get brought into this? I'm single, I can do whatever the fuck I wish, or do who I want." He sat back in his chair crossing his arms. "That's the thing Zacky, one day your going to realize how much you really care for Chrys, and it's going to be way too late for you and her, and I hope to God that time is soon." Zacky kept his mouth shut after that. "I want to make everything perfect for her, she deserves it. Brock is nothing but a piece of shit. I know, you guys might like him, but it's different with him and I. Brock has her and I don't."

I sat back in my chair and continued to drink my beer and think of ways to impress her.

*Harley's POV*

"I don't understand Harley, why did you break off the engagement?" Val sat on the sink confused. "Brock became way too demanding, and I couldn't take it. He's been like that for the past year. Even our sex life has been shit." I said fixing my boobs in my dress. "What! How long?" She said practically yelling. I looked at her and looked back at the mirror "Just only...seven months..." Chrys started to laugh, and Val looked like she was going to kill him. "You so need to get laid, no wonder you've been so tense at work." I glared at her, and continued to primp myself. "Well I know who wants some Harley." Chrys said with a smile. "You know everything." I said with a cheesy grin. "But who is it.." I more than likely look extremely dumb right about now. Val and Chrys looked at each other and looked back at me and said "Brian." I shook my head, and put on a little more mascara, and was in denial. Brian and I had something back in the day, but after I met Brock, everything changed between him and I. We were just friends.

We walked back out to the table where the guys were sitting. I noticed Brian sitting back in his chair, and Zacky looking pissed with his arms crossed. Jimmy was taking shots with Matt and Johnny was eating his food. "Sorry we were the party and we left." I said with a smart ass comment sitting back down between Brian and Johnny. "You girls are not the party, we were all having fun until Zacky got butt hurt by Brian." Jimmy said laughing. We looked at them both and they both shook their heads. "Well I say, we start celebrating my birthday a week early. I'm ready to party!' I said laughing.


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