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City Of Sin


Early that morning, I woke up to an empty bed, and hungover. Such a good way to start my birthday. I got up from bed, and walked around the room, to gather my towel. I noticed Brian's shoes were missing. He might have went down to get something to eat. I went to take a shower, as I turned music up and let the hot water run over my head, and down my body. I washed my hair, washed my body and shaved my legs, again. I got out of the shower and looked at the time. 10:30 am. I walked out of the bathroom. No Brian, still. I dried off and put clothes, and threw my hair up. I walked out of my room, and walked to Zacky and Chry's room. I knocked on it, hoping they were awake. "Chrys, open up please. I need you." I stood there quietly for a moment. "She's still sleeping, Harley. What's wrong?" Zacky said, scratching his head. "I can't find Brian. He wasn't in bed with me when he woke up. Did you see him after I passed out?" I said biting my lip. "No, I didn't hun. I'll get dressed, hang on." I stood outside of Zacky's door waiting for him to come out, and go look for Brian.

Zacky and I checked with Matt and Val, then went to check with Johnny. No Brian. We walked to Jimmy's room. "Jimmy. Wake up. I need you." I yelled through the door. "Jimmy!" I wiggled the unlocked door handle, and walked in to find to naked bodies, wound up in each other. "What in the hell, Brian." I yelled. The two woke up, and looked at me in shock. "Harley, it's not what it looks like." Tears fell from my eyes, and my hands covered my face. "Harley, I'm so sorry." Corine yelled. "Get out. No actually. You know what, fuck you. Leave." Corine put her clothes on and then tried to give me a hug. I punched her in the nose. "Are you fucking kidding me?" she bent over holding her nose. "Harley." I started to walk out of the room. "You, Brian Haner. Are dead to me."

I walked to my room, and began to pack my bags. I should have left with Brock, and just married him. "Harley, don't go. Please." Brian said in a whisper. I ignored him, and zipped up my suitcase. I turned and looked at him in the eyes, "When I said you're dead to me. I meant it. Out of the guys I've been with I thought you'd be the one I'd walked down the isle with. I left my fiance for you." I yelled. "He was an abusive asshole, Harley." I clicked my tongue. "At least he didn't fuck a random slut, like you did. So Brian, you're dead to me." I moved past him, and said my goodbye's to the others, and went back to California to start my new life.

So much for a happy birthday. I couldn't believe that I would be spending my birthday on a plane home, to cry and deal with a heart break. Guess something will look up eventually, but right now. I'm looking down.


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