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City Of Sin

Pure Imagination

Corine and I sat on the benches awkwardly talking about why we left home, and why we love California. We compared horror stories, and great drinking stories. "Shit! What time is it?" I said searching for my phone. "It's 4:30pm, have to be somewhere?" Corine asked quietly. I looked her eyes and nodded. "Why don't you come with me, and meet some of my friends. Since you are moving to California, why not know some people?" I said and held my hand out to pull her up from the bench. We locked arms and headed towards the elevator, and sang along to the elevator music. "Oh, when you meet my friends. Attempt not to drool all over them." I said with a giggle. "I won't, boys are stupid, and I'm taking a break from them." I laughed at her and thought the same thing for a while, and changed my mind completely because of Brian. We made it to my floor, and walked to the main room, where I heard Jimmy and Brian singing an A Day To Remember song. I knocked on the door to let them know I was wanting in. "What's the password!" Jimmy yelled. "Jimbo, open up!" I said angry. "Not without the secret password Harley!" I smiled and thought for a minute. "Stallion Duck!" Corine looked at me with a complete weird look. "YOU'RE RIGHT!" I heard the door unlock and out came Jimmy to pick me up and spin me around. "Who is your friend, Harley?" Jimmy put me down. "Jimmy Sullivan, this Corine Oakley!" She held her hand out star struck looking, and shook the drummers hand. "I told you not to drool, Corine!" I said laughing as I walked into the room, as they followed. I found Brian playing his guitar humming a tune, I melted and felt like putty. I sat down, and continued to listen. "Holy Shit, you two are a part of Avenged Sevenfold!" Corine said loudly. "We are!" Jimmy screamed, while tapping on the bar with his drum sticks.
Johnny came back to the room, soon enough and met Corine, and started talking about who could out drink who. I sat on the couch with Brian, as he was trying to teach me how to play the guitar. "Brian! I just want to learn one song. I don't understand why I have to know all of these other chords, and shit!" I said frustrated handing him back the guitar. "What song are you wanting to learn?" Corine asked making herself a drink. "I want to learn Crash Into Me by The Dave Matthews Band, that's all I want!" I huffed in air and blew it out slowly. I started following the chords Brian told me to play and started to play the song, crappy but slowly. I heard the door open and saw Chrys and Zacky walking in hand in hand. "Woah, talk about a change! Zacky is holding someones hand!" Johnny announced. I looked up and saw them smiling like they used to, when they were happy together. I smiled at my best friends glowing face and continued to play as Brian sang the lyrics. Chrys and Zacky were at the bar their special drink and taking shots. Everything in the universe was balanced.
"So who are you stranger?" Chrys piped up looking at Corine. "I'm Corine, I kinda saved Harley's ass from that ass face." She smiled and blushed and met the gaze of Johnny. "Yeah Brock, was trying to be Brock again, and she stopped him and kicked his ass." I said wrapping an arm around her. "Oh! She is moving to California also! I thought she could use some friends! Since we are all friendly!" I said with a smiled noticing two friends of ours were gone. Matt and Val always snuck off to bone, but they were gone longer then expected. I shrugged my shoulders and figured they'd be around back later. We kept drinking and taking shots, and playing acoustic covers of songs, having a grand time. Johnny was talking to Corine, Zacky and Chrys were out on the patio smoking a cigarette, Brian and Jimmy were playing one of their songs they made up. I sat back and put my feet up and felt completely amazing without Brock in my life.
I knew breaking off the engagement with Brock would help me grow, being with Brian might help me want to settle down, and finally trust someone. I watched everyone soon pass out, Corine was laying on Johnny as they slept on the floor, Zacky and Chrys went to Zacky's room. Jimmy was sleeping upside down in a chair. I went to the patio to watch the sun come up over the strip, as I felt arms around my body, the scent of Marlboro Reds, Cologne, and whiskey. I scent I loved. I leaned back into him, as he held me close. "Brian, can we just stay here and just be happy?" I said quietly closing my eyes. "Anything you want sweetheart, anything you want." He said in my ear. I felt his grip tighten around me. I kept thinking about what Brock was going to do, what he was going to do without me. I guess I'll wish him the best of luck with his life, and just continue mine.


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