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City Of Sin

Crash Into Me

After I heard Chrys leave for her date with Zacky, I got up, and re curled my hair, and found my hat, and place it on top of my head. I grabbed my purse and headed out of the door to walk down to Jimmy and Johnny's room to socialize. Once I got to their room, I knocked on the door, and didn't get a reply. "Guy's it's Harley, open up!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, I put my purse on the ground to search for my phone. I grabbed it and dialed Jimbo. "Jimmy, where are you guys?" I yelled at the drummer. "We are downstairs, Brian is in his room. You two need to talk." Jimmy said in a calmed tone. "Well, alright." I hung up the phone, and continued to walk down to get to Brian's room. I knocked on his door, waiting for a reply. "Bri, it's Harley. Open the door." I said loudly, I soon met eyes with a chocolate brown eyed man with a smirk that could kill. "I've been waiting for you." Brian said to me. I smiled as I pecked his cheek, and walked into the dimmed room.

There was a table set for two, with candles lit everywhere around the room. I walked in and soon felt arms around my waist, and sweet kisses on my neck. I nuzzled into Brian's grip and let him kiss my neck. "Mmm, that feels amazing." I heard Brian chuckle, as I turned around and met his eyes again. "Look Harley, I saw Brock this morning. He's going to try to get you to marry him before your 21st birthday." I stood back from Brian. "You're kidding right?" I said. "I'm not getting married to that psycho. I can't do it, if I do. I'll never see you again. I can't live without you in my life again. It's not happening." Brian wrapped his arms around me and held me. In my mind, I needed to settle this with Brock, so he'll leave me alone, so I can do what I've been wanting to do, since high school. "I'm going to run down to the lobby, for some stuff, I'll be back as soon as possible. Alright?" I said with a shaken voice. Brian nodded and kissed my lips softly, I quickly left Brian's room and pulled my phone out and dialed Brock's number. "Brock, meet me in the lobby in five." I hung up the phone and started to pray.

I walked out of the elevator, and saw a man standing at the bar, knowing it is Brock. I continued to walk slowly to him, trying to procrastinate as much as possible. I finally made it to the bar, and sat down on the bar stool next to him. "You're late, Harley." Brock said quietly. I moved backwards a tad bit and faced the bartender. "I am not, Brock. It's not like you have a problem just taking random flights to the place I'm staying at to spy on me. I think you have all the time in the fucking world." I said in a whisper. I ordered a water and some lemon, as I waited for the bartender to hand me the water, I took out my anxiety pills and took two. Brock faced me, and looked at me up and down, judging me, acting like he knows what has happened. "Let me guess you had sex with him didn't you?" Brock glared at me. "It's none of your business if I have, or haven't, Brock. We aren't together." I snapped back at him. Brock clenched his fist, and started to grind his teeth. "I'm sure you did sleep with him, you cheating whore." Brock's words, cold as ice, hit me hard. I let a tear slip down my cheek bone. "Now you're crying, so you did sleep with him. Wow Harley, might want to get yourself checked don't you think? Don't you realize I'm who you need in your pathetic life? You're nothing with out me. I can give you everything you want, need and desire. More than what Brian can give you." Brock's words kept stinging me, I just sat there in silence. I grabbed my purse and stood up fixing my dress. "This is the end of you and I, Brock. We are no longer together, I don't want to ever see you again. Ever." I said calmly, and quietly as I took off the engagement ring and sat it on the bar. I began to walk away until Brock yanked on my arm to stop me. "You're hurting me, Brock. Stop!" I yelled.

In a flash I watched a girl jump over the bar and start whooping Brock's ass. I held on to my arm, and watched her get up from the ground. "You should never, ever let anyone put their hands on you, nor put you down the way he did. Ever. I'm Corine by the way!" She put her hand out to shake mine, I didn't shake her hand, I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her as I started to cry. "Thank you, so much for that." I pulled away and smiled at her. "I'm Harley." I stood back to look Corine's outfit and giggled at her shirt. "Want to hangout for a bit?" I said with a smile. Corine looked down at Brock, and back at me. "Sure! I need to make friends anyways, I'm moving to California." I smiled and knew we'd get along so well from that day on.


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