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Battle for life

It’s Annie

Chapter 1

"Hey everyone, it's Annie. Welcome back! Hope to you're all well. I've been off the grid lately and I'm sorry, it's been so hectic with dad's new record and upcoming tour and my mother is excited as usual. My little sister wants to go and my brother isn't at all bothered. *Laughs and pauses* Right let's start this off. Now to my new views this is going to sound odd, so I'm going to link a previous video to explain what I'm about to tell you... so please click here to view before carrying on with this video. Now.. What I'm about tell you isn't easy for me today. I've been feeling much the same -if not worse then when I was 3. And if you haven't just woken up to this channel and saw my face then... I'll start by saying this; I had cancer at the age of 3...and it's returned"

*End of video*

Annelies Charlotte Sullivan's life has definitely been a wild one. With a rockstar father and a wonderful mother and crazy siblings. She couldn't ask for anything more in her life. Except for maybe not having cancer right now. Or sitting at home staring at a blank word page feeling sorry for herself .

"Oh I shouldn't be bothering you with my woes" Anne thought, staring at her screen wondering what to put in her blog.

I'd started my blog a few months ago but had only recently started to use it more and more since the diagnosis last month. I initially started it as a university and lifestyle blog but since the diagnosis Ive been using it to blog my hospital and any news and also my feeling about all of this Madness.

I have cancer. It's still hard to say out loud, even to myself. I'll start at the beginning; I was born at premature at 25 weeks, had loads of complications including CLD (chronic lung disease), open heart surgery at 6 months and cancer ages 3 to 4 and a half. So my start to my life hadn't been brilliant. Oh and I had asthma until the age of 10. I'm clear now at age 16, but it never truly goes away. My parents are wonderful and have always been my rock.

My dad was often away a lot and growing up and we all sometimes went with him. He's a drummer for Avenged Sevenfold.. yes I can hear you all now going OMG! Yeah.. hehe he's annoying but I love him. I've got a younger brother aged 12 and a younger sister aged 9 and my moms pregnant again..

No it's all good. Apart from this horrible disease. You see, it came back 6 months ago in March. I was having night sweats and just feeling flu-y. It wasn't until I fainted and was violently sick that I found out I had cancer again. I couldn't stop crying for days and to top it all off Avenged we're heading on tour. The last time I had cancer my dad stayed behind to be with me and mom but this time I told him he should go. The fans have already missed one or so dates because of uncle matts hospital stint. I didn't want my dad to miss this one. So it's me and my aunts and my siblings whilst my mom who went only 2 months ago for the last leg of the tour so she could be closer to home if anything happened with me or my siblings. I wanted her to enjoy herself without me being a burden to her.

Right back to the story.

And Just so we get to this point in time I'm going to start back at the beginning for you. Back to 2011. Early October.


This is a story I came up with whilst reading a few numerous books and thought of this in early December. Hope you like it.


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