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You stole my heart.

Chapter 2 - I’ll See you again?

I brought the lemon wedge to my mouth and savored the bitter taste. I heard Jimmy laugh, which to me was the most beautiful sound I’d heard tonight. I turned and saw my sister who had not long turn up, smile at me from the entrance from the bar door. Id had a feeling she’d been watching for a while now. And knew she was going to talk to me about it sooner or later, I was hoping for the latter. She worked here too, but only two days a week. She could be annoying but meant well. She was 5 years younger then me but didn’t look her age. Judging by the look on her face, she wanted to talk.
“Excuse me Jimmy, I’m being summoned, I’ll be back”. I smiled at him before walking up to hug my sister. I hated seen her in a few days due t9 her working different shifts to me and hadn’t had time to go to see my family with me working all the hours lately.
She greeted me with the same enormous hug that I’d given her. We walked out of sight, so we could talk.
“So.. how have you been?..” she said that sentence with a slight smile and hint of amusement in her tone.
“Tired, shattered and could do with a reallly good drink but... yeah I’m fine.. no.. happy actually”. I’d be lying if I said that last bit wasn’t about jimmy.
“Yeah I can see that..” A little laugh colored her voice when she spoke.
“Honestly, butt out Lex” She knew I was joking when I said that but she still had a mock look of hurt.
Then before I could say another word, Casey called me to carry up some crates from the basement. I motioned for Lex to cover for me. I walked down to the basement to find 14 crates of beer, honestly, they couldn’t of done this before I started serving tonight. I rolled my eyes and sighed.I might as well.
25 minutes later- As I brought up the last box from the basement and popped it down by the doorway and stretched, they weren’t exactly the lightest of crates nor the heaviest, but still. I turned back to the bar to find my sister talking with Jimmy. My sister could talk to anyone and about anything, she could definitely win a talking contest. I laughed at the thought as I walked up to them.
“Having fun. I hope you’ve been working”
“Of course, what do you take me for Lee?”
I shook my head jokingly. “So I see you’ve met my sister Alexis, I hope she hasn’t been boring you”
Jimmy looked slightly amused and shocked
“You’re sisters... why didn’t you say Leana, she’s definitely good a jokes.” He kept his eyes locked on me as he said that. The way he said my name made my stomach flutter.
“This one” I motioned to Alexis “loves to talk and be a nuisance, and needs to get back to doing something other then talking before Gary sees”. The last bit was true, although he was laid back type of ,a anger. He hated people not doing anything or slacking. She huffed, smiled and said goodbye to jimmy.
I looked at the clock on the wall by the 4 televisions we had stuck up there. 10pm, already? Wow time had flown by. And I knew why. Suddenly Jimmy drank the last bit of his beer.
“As much as I’d love to stay, I have to go” Of I be being totally honest, he didn’t look like he wanted to. Like a person choosing between colors.
“Alright fine if you have to” I said as 8 rolled my eyes but with a grin on my lips. I got the bill and handed it to him. I grabbed the two current glasses he had and put them in the dishwasher. And walking back he pasted me the bill, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking but he looked nervous and happy both at the same time.
“I’ll see you again then Miss Macfadden” He mock saluted and smiled at me. God he was beautiful. He smile adding to the beauty.
I laughed as I did the same, watching him walk away I checked the bill as I always did but noticed something, he’d put his cell phone number on the back. I glanced round and as I did I saw him looking at me. He slightly smiled and walked out.

As I put the number in the pocket of my jeans, I already knew what I was going to do.


Now here’s the second chapter, I hope you like it but I am sorry it’s short. And do let me know what you think?


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