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Brooks continues to cement his place in Avenged, the only one left single in the band. Violet finds herself in a whirlwind of an unexpected spotlight, using the music to fight her demons. Even after it becomes obvious to everyone, the two have a hard time finding time--despite the fact that it's all they do.

*Brookie needs more stories, so here ya go! The hot blondie.
*Don't own the guys, none of this happened, don't steal my stuff*


  1. You Can't Break Me

    Vi attempts college.

  2. Scream Aim Fiah

    Violet gets an opportunity of a lifetime.

  3. Unholy Confessions

    Vi meets A7X and has an interesting first night with Brooks.

  4. As She Walked Away Pt. 1

    Vi plays a game.

  5. As She Walked Away Pt. 2

    Date time.

  6. Trashed and Scattered



Damnnnnn Brooksie. I love what Matt asked for in exchange for the bed lol

Haha I will totally give you credit for that suspense ;)

On anything else... great chapter again!! You keep amazing me on your great stories and your amazing writing.

oh! And about Olivia Cunning! I can't really say why he is even more Matt... it's just a feeling... love the books where he is central. And you know how much of a Matty's girl I am :D

Kimmie Kimmie

How does one get MORE Matt than Sed?!? (Other than the fact that Sed has blue eyes....) Hmmm....maybe I'll keep reading then, lol!
Yeah, after I saw enough interviews of his, I was like "wow, how did I not see it before?" The man's to die for sexy. Really funny, too.

violetshade violetshade

Ohhh I love Brooks in the new chapter! I didn't know the man could be so sexy :D And come on Brooks... 10 years isn't that much.. Can't wait to see them together together, it's going to be explosive!

Haha yeah she did it... Shade, Jacob Silverton, called that way because he always wears aviators... is more Matt than Sed
.. at least that's what I think... I think you're going to love those books too

Kimmie Kimmie

Oh, man. Even after 7 and a half years of college, I never did get a hot professor. Figures haha
Thank you soooo much!! It is getting to a ridiculous point where I have to focus like, which story am I writing in again? : ) But for the most part, for me they each have a different "feel" to them, so that's why I can tell them apart. Runaway and I am Your Lust are really close story and feel-wise, but they're the only ones I tend to confuse, lol.
I'm definitely not to the Sole Regret series yet. Right now I'm reading "Staged" and the Honeymoon for Sed and Jessica one. Have to admit, really disappointed she has a character named Shade, haha ; )

violetshade violetshade