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No Rules to Guide Me

Only Just A Dream

*~* Acacia Rae Spade *~*

I walked around Matt’s backyard, looking at the water of the pool glistening with the color changing lights under the water. I lit my cigarette, taking a deep drag and enjoying my drunk a little bit.

“Out here all alone, huh?” Matt asked, coming up behind me and he had no sense of personal space...especially with the whiskey on his breath.

“I need a minute from beating you girls at poker,” I snickered, turning around and facing him, my eyes looking up at those beautiful, golden green eyes.

Matt’s eyebrow rose so high it almost went in his hairline, “Girls?” He scoffed.

“I mean...look at Brian…” I snickered.

The frontman laughed, “You’re not what I was expecting at all.”

I furrowed my brows, “I’m...not really sure if that’s a good thing or not…” I blushed and looked down, sucking down some more of my smoke.

Matt popped his finger under my chin, locking his eyes with mine then flicked them down to my lips and back up to my eyes, “It’s a very good thing.” He dropped his finger and stepped back a bit from me.

I was swooning so hard internally. I went to reach out to touch him but caught myself, pretending that I was just taking a deep pull from my cigarette.

The front man cleared his throat, “Anyway, um…” He paused, “I...forgot what I was gonna say.” He chuckled.

“It’s weird that we’re related now.” I laughed softly after a moment of silence.

“Yeah,” Matt let out a humorless laugh but seemed to try to make it funny, “I remember when I met you. You were so nervous.” He cackled.

I shoved him slightly, “Don’t make fun of me. I know I looked like I did three pounds of coke right before I walked up to you but you don’t have to bring up old shit.” I snorted out a laugh.

“Your eyes were so dilated,” Matt laughed, “Beautiful though.” He smirked at me.

He needs to knock it the fuck off. He can’t be flirting with me. He’s my step-brother now. Oh god...this is my fucking nightmare. My all time crush is now my fucking brother by marriage. This is dumb as shit. Thanks a lot Mom.

“You’re a fuck,” I rolled my eyes and scoffed at him, knowing he was just being nice.

“How am I a fuck?” Matt growled like I offended him.

“I know you didn’t think I was beautiful when you first met me.” I rose my eyebrow with confidence.

“You don’t know shit, Ace,” He snarled and pinned me against the wall, “You’re not a mind reader and I mean shit when I say it.” His alpha male tone was over-fucking-whelming.

I chewed my lip, looking back at the wall, “Well...my apologies…” My volume got progressively lower with each word.

“Thank you,” He kissed my cheek but the way he did it, he caught the corner of my lips too and he pulled away then went inside.

I watched him walk away and sunk to the floor since my knees could no longer function properly at all. I shook my head and groaned, just wanting to make out with this man but he’s so fucking far off limits it’s insane.


*~* Matthew Charles Sanders *~*


Acacia laid next to me, nude, on her stomach while running her fingertips all over my chest piece. Her icy green eyes flickered over my features as she sat up just enough to keep her breasts covered but then pressed a lusty kiss to my lips.

“I’m so glad our parents didn’t go through with the wedding…” Ace cooed to my lips.

“Yeah. Me fucking too. It feels so good to be with you…” I rubbed her back softly.

Acacia moved to straddle me, putting my cock between her lips like the perfect bun to my...hotdog. I let out a manly moan, feeling her completely being a tease. She kept kissing me, moving my hands to her waist to hold onto.

She feels perfect. Everything about her. Her lips pressed to mine. I craved her since I laid eyes on her. Something was just different.

With her lips pressed to mine, I slowly moved inside of Ace, groaning as I filled her to her cervix. She let out a slight gasp against my lips. She’s so tight. Fuck. Me.

I started thrusting inside her, groaning with pleasure as Acacia threw her head back, her legs starting to shake on either side of me. Her soft moans were so goddamn sexy… I want to hear them all the time.


I woke up to Acacia shaking me. She passed out in the guest room after she drank a little too much, not wanting to drive home. I wouldn’t have let her anyway.

“Hey Matt, I’m gonna head out. I’ve been here long enough.” Ace chuckled, her makeup less mug looking gorgeous as hell.

“Oh come on,” I pulled her down, ignoring the fact I have raging morning wood and had a dream about fucking my blonde step sister.

“Oh come on what?” She rose her eyebrow, landing on me and went slightly wide eyed. My bet was she felt I was hard.

“Stay with me. We can watch movies and shit. Maybe slay you in Mortal Kombat again.” I wagged my brows at her.

Acacia shrugged and nodded, “I guess it wouldn’t hurt. Do you maybe have some extra Avenged merch laying around here so I can get out of this fucking dress?” She chuckled.

“Just borrow one of mine, Jesus.” I laughed and pointed at my dresser.

She giggled and climbed off me. With her back turned to me, I tucked my erection into my waist band and waited for her. Acacia ended up grabbing one of my older t-shirts then went into my closet. I leaned over as she left it kinda open by accident, watching her change into my t-shirt. She left her panties on but her bra hit the floor along with her dress.

Good. God. I’m in so much fucking trouble


Sorry it took so long everyone! I'm back on the writing train! Just had a lot going on! Love you all and hope you like the update!! <3


Naughty Matty *drool* !!! They need to get down to business already ;)
Ha no biggie!

violetshade violetshade

Ohhhhh boy. This has trouble written all over it. I can’t wait to see what Harley says about this ;)

@violetshade ummmm I missed your comment and I am so sorry. I need to work on the date!

Nooo! Fucking hilarious! The horribly dorky Zacky V one-liner (can you imagine him trying to say comeon lines? THIS is exactly what it would be like. Still sexy as fuck though...), the sick burn from Harley about "Gaytes"! What happens now? Very curious how naughty this date will get!

violetshade violetshade

Loooove! Zacky upping the ante was brilliant!

EV6661 EV6661

YAY!!!! That makes me happpppyyyyy!!!!

EV6661 EV6661