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Many Storms

We'll Take This Step


My little Zacky shifted in my arms and I groaned into a grin. I opened one eye to look down and find that impish, pouty smirk already firm at his lips. The look in his expectant green eyes combined with that mouth made me hard as steel, much harder than I’d been in a long time. I hadn’t slept that well in months and I ached to be buried deep inside his pliant body.

“Zack…” I took his face in my hand and his lips in mine, slipping my tongue in to slide against his as the early morning light sifted through the blinds. He began to turn his body, since I usually took him from behind, “No, baby...let me look at you.” I turned his hips back to face mine. Reaching back into my nightstand, I coated my fingers first, circling over the hole I couldn’t wait to be in. It clenched with the attention, which made me groan--knowing exactly how it felt clenching around my dick.

“You nervous?” I chuckled with smirk as his bright eyes gazed back at me, “It’s been awhile.”

His lips dipped to my neck, nibbling away in the way he knew drove me nuts, “Matty...please...I-I...just want you...inside me…” He begged and I shuddered just at his words. He always begged for it too quickly and I tried to remember all the other times I’d taken him too soon. Zack wasn’t even a normal sized guy and I was way past such.
Quickly scissoring my fingers, I groaned again when he slung a thigh over my hip.

“That’s not fair, Zack.” I breathed out as he pulled me closer by my ass. It pushed our dicks together so that he was rubbing furiously against my underside.

“All is fair in love and war…” He moaned out in that alto that I so loved more than life itself.
“Fine, then,” I raised my body over his as I pushed him onto his back. I knew what the move did to him and watched his head lean back as his eyelashes fluttered. I pumped my cock and pressed it to his only somewhat prepared entrance.

“Zack.” I made him look at me as I pushed past his resistant ring of muscle. His half lidded eyes met mine as I slid all the way into his warm, tight, incredible hole.

“Jesus christ, Matthew--” Ugh, the whole name. His hands clenched at my lower back and then slid down to cup my ass. We were both a little overwhelmed...it had been so long. Zack’s eyes clenched closed as he pulled me all the way deep into him. His breath caught as his body spasmed.

“Baby, fuck--” I groaned when he clenched tight around me. Already?
“I-I’m sorry--oh, god--”

I shoved forward as I held myself up over him to watch him. He whined as his orgasm exploded over his stomach and chest. Fuck, I’d never tire of watching him come, my cock buried in his ass. Zack’s clenching tightness threw me over the edge and I grunted through the wonderful climax as he pulled it from me.

My lips fell onto his as he held me. I kissed his lips, his cheeks, under his ear. I felt so much better.

“C’mon, stud, don’t stop,” His mischievous green eyes sparkled at me, “I know you got another one in you.”
I cupped his jaw in my hand again, “If you want it, I got it.”
The second I started moving again, he was moaning like crazy.
“Zack, shhh…”
“I don’t care, Matty. They know we’re fucking…”

If we were fucking, it would be very different. He’d be bent over in front of me. But he wasn’t. His moans called to something deep within me and sent my hips rolling faster. For a moment, I shivered with over-sensitivity after just coming, but soon I was rock hard again and getting nice and deep inside Zack. My arms supported his body so he could truly lose himself and surrender everything to me. I buried my face in his silky black hair as he nipped at my neck, whimpering. He folded his legs up further to encourage me with his heels, which sent me even deeper into his tight ass.

“For the love of fuck, Zack…” I gasped when even more of my shaft was stroked. I wanted to stay inside his amazing body forever but he didn’t make it easy. His head fell back and his gorgeous, pouty lips falling open in a silent moan were too much for me, “Baby, come for me, please--”

His body twisted and just when I could feel his sticky white mess between us, I spent myself again, doing my best to ride out our orgasms to make it better for both of us--despite the fact I was shaking.

**Zack’s POV**

Matt was gorgeous when he came--strong jawline clenched and arms tensed and rippling as they held me tight. I felt so much tension leave my body with him inside me as I climaxed.

We both grinned as we came down from our thank-god-we-had-sex-before-we-went-mad romp. I knew it would be good but, hot damn. So fucking amazing. After Matt pulled out, he collapsed onto his back--chest heaving. I couldn’t move.

After awhile, he groaned and pushed up off the bed. I stared at his flexing back and wonderful ass as it sauntered away from me...and then even blushed a little when he grabbed a hand towel and headed back my way, long cock swaying between his legs.

“I swear sometimes you just should have put a ring on my cock instead of my finger,” Matt chuckled, his dimples as bright as the morning sun.
“I prefer to do both,” I mumbled as he cleaned me up. He laughed when I snuggled back up on my side.
“You go back to sleep. I’ll shower and make you breakfast.”
“You win hubby of the century…” I think I was out cold again before he even left the room.


I woke back up when I could smell him cooking and made for a quick shower. Just as I was pulling a clean shirt over my wet hair, Matt stuck his head back in the door. After checking me out with a sideways grin, he let me know the food was ready.

Matt was the cornerstone of our healthy eating habits. He knew everything about nutrition--you didn’t get to be that size, especially at 30, without serious dedication. The tall and the broad shoulders came naturally, but the huge biceps, thick chest, sculpted abs, and nice round ass came with a lot of working out and eating exactly the right thing at the right time.

I’d watched him grow into it. Or rather, stared and drooled. In our teens, his height had taken off young, way before any of us (well, it was a trait Johnny and I never really found) and he’d always been cut. But all through our twenties, he just got thicker...and thicker...and thicker. Why he was with me I hadn’t the faintest, but I didn’t care. I had his devotion and he made sure that I knew it every day.

I walked up behind him and kissed in between his shoulder blades, “Thanks. This looks and smells delicious.”
He turned and winked down at me, “You look and smell delicious.”

Matt was such a dork, but he was my tall, dark, and handsome dork.

The helping he had made for me was wolfed down while he wolfed down twice as much. I wanted more, but I knew I shouldn’t--and I also knew he wouldn’t let me. While we were putting all the food and dishes away, I caught him rolling his shoulders uncomfortably.

“C’mere, handsome. Let me put my magic hands on you.” I pulled him over to the couch and sat him down and then laid him back, head at the opposite end from where I was.
He grinned that naughty sideways grin, “I like where this is going.”

“Seriously. You’re carrying so much tension, it’s not healthy. Relax, this’ll take awhile.” He groaned and huffed when I started at his feet, but was soon moaning about how good what I was doing felt. By the time I got to his thighs I was achingly hard, but damned if I wasn’t going to take my time and do this right. Probably meant I’d have to ride him, but that was more than fine with me.

I started with his hands and arms next and before I knew it, we’d been making out for ten minutes.

“Turn over.” I grunted. I hadn’t meant it to come out so dominant, but when it did, his hazel eyes sparked and his breath caught. I just gazed back until he turned over, arms going up under a couch pillow, “Shirt off.” He managed to pull it off from where he was and re-settled.

I was right. His shoulders held thick knots of tension that took forever to get out. He groaned on and off with pleasure or pain as I worked them out. We were both barely breaking a sweat by the time my fingers went to his lower back, and then his ass. Matt groaned again, pressing his face into the pillow and raising his hips slightly. This time I groaned, pushing his hips back down before running a hand slowly up his back to rub between his shoulder blades, “You alright there, babe?”

A needy growl left his throat, causing desire to rumble deep within me, “Fuck me, Zacky. I’ll fuck you after, I promise.”

I knew we were both riled up enough to go another two rounds--probably--not that I needed him to fuck me if I got to fuck him. He didn’t bottom often, and right now I was definitely in the mood. I pulled his boxers down over the plump curve of his ass, lightly biting as I went. Only pushing them down just enough to reveal his entrance, I used the oil I’d massaged his luscious body with to enter two fingers into him.

Matt groaned some curse words into the pillow, hands clenching at the same material. His ass raised up invitingly and I tsked him, “You’re as bad as I am.” I lightly swatted his appled butt, loving the reaction it got.

“Jesus fuck, Zack, just do me goddammit…” He barely managed to croak out.
“You asked for it, big guy…” I whispered as I lubed up my eager cock. Not being the top most of the time definitely paid off. We both lost it as I pressed into his extremely resistant asshole.

“Fuuuuuck…” I moaned, immediately thrusting in and out languidly. He was so tight and he never could keep himself from clenching the second I was in, a habit I had long since trained myself not to do until I wanted him to come, “Matty, you know you can’t do that--god--”
“I can’t help it,” He whined, “Fuck, you feel so good! Faster, please--”

Fuck yeah.

I sped up, thrusting much harder as I gripped his strong hip in one hand and pushed down on his lower back with the other. The speed got me there at a blindingly quick hit and I couldn’t stop it, “Matt!”

Just as my orgasm started, my husband thrust his hips up so his hand could grip his cock. The movement sent him back against me and I cried out again, his clenching ass pulling rope after rope from me.

Not sure I actually had another one in me, I wanted to make sure he was very satisfied. Pulling out, I yanked his hips back until he was sitting and I was in his lap. Dazed as to what was going on and still jerking at his huge cock, I took it inside me just in time for his come to shoot inside me. His whole body jerked as I rode up and down the last third of his spurting dick, the cum that dripped out making me feel extra dirty.

“Zack! Baby, that’s so fucking good, yes--” Matt pushed down on my hips until he was twitching all the way inside me into his aftershocks.

When his breathing slowed, his beautiful hazel eyes finally fluttered open and looked up to meet mine, “I’m sorry, baby, I don’t think I have another one.”

I chuckled, “That’s okay, Matty, I don’t think I do either.” I softly kissed him and I felt his wide palm on my cheek again. I loved when he did that, it made me feel adored.

“In all seriousness, thank you for the massage. I had no idea I needed it that badly,” He sighed and kissed me back when I lowered my lips to his. When he softened, I pulled off.
“You did. I’ll get you some water.”

We played Black Ops, we got in the hot tub (where more love was made), went downstairs for dinner with the guys before heading back to work to go over both the presentation to our new customer in the morning and Shade Financial in the afternoon.

Later that evening I lay in Matt’s arms after even more sex, unable to form words. I kissed his pec, grunting so he’d know why I wasn’t saying anything. He laughed and kissed my hair.

“Hmm…” Matt chuckled lightly, “Ya know, yesterday Brian asked about our little office reunion. I kinda wondered if he was gonna fuck me right there in the kitchen, since Johnny was working out.”

I sat straight up and gawked at him.
“What?” He asked innocently.
“Well, did he?!” I scowled.

“What?!” He sat up to look me eye to eye, “Zack, what the fuck? Where is this coming from?! You haven’t gotten jealous since we got hitched!”
My cheeks heated, “That’s not an answer Matt! Did you fuck Brian or not?!”
“No!!” Matt looked hurt as his green golden eyes searched mine, “Why would you even ask that, Zack?”

I dropped my gaze. I’d had a jealous streak when we first started officially dating because, well--fucking look at the guy. But I really did think it was gone, “I’m sorry, Matty. I don’t know where that came from. I know you’d never fuck Brian.”

“Good. Jesus,” He kissed my cheek, “Am I not...doing enough to show how much I love you? You need to tell me this stuff, Z.”
“No,” I huffed, embarrassed, “It’s my issue, you’re the best hubby ever. It’s probably just the stress we’ve been under. To be honest, I really hope tomorrow works out with that company. I hate our schedule lately.”
“I know. Me too.”


The next morning we all sat in the conference room at 11 a.m. I LIVED for the days we presented. Or rather, Matt and Brian presented. We were all in the room, and all shared our opinions, but Matt and Brian were the true salesmen.
The excitement in the room, waiting for their reaction. The adrenaline pumping as they realize just what’s happening and how much we’re going to change their future.

Then there’s Matt.

Everyone else disappeared when he presented. By the end I usually had to take deep breaths to keep from crawling across the table and beg him to fuck me in front of everyone. Today was no different. He was incredible. Brian was incredible, too, but I never wanted to fuck him. Well, okay maybe sometimes. But I barely knew anyone else existed in those moments when he was unfolding a vision in front of a new client, hair perfect and eyes dancing and tie in place and those sexy hands gesturing wildly.

Our hopes blew sky high when they were overjoyed with our ideas. We all shook on it, seemingly keeping our cool. They went on their way and we all exploded into our touchdown dances, making complete asses of ourselves.

“Go on guys, we know you want to!” Jimmy teased as he gave me and Matt looks. My husband just smirked and shoved me into his office, slamming the door. Soon I had the huge beast of a man slamming me up against the wall, shoving me over his desk, and getting his way with me. It worked him up, too, and we always enjoyed the release together…

**Matt’s POV**

I was probably fucking Zack a little too hard considering the day we’d had yesterday, but I did know how badly he wanted it like this after my presentations. It stroked my ego hard core knowing how much he liked it. He never told me outright, but that look in his eye after we were done? Fuck, it could melt the polar ice caps.

So I fucked hard until I came and turned him over just in time to catch his come in my mouth as he yelped.

Yeah, I spit it out. But cum was gross. I did it every now and then for like anniversaries and shit, but the taste made me gag. Even his, a man a loved dearly.

I zipped him back up with a kiss and helped him look presentable again. We went to lunch with the guys, making ourselves have only one celebratory beer since we had the meeting that afternoon. I knew Zack, and I, had been extra loud that time, so the added-on jokes about our fucks weren’t surprising. I loved what a good sport Zack was about it. They were usually more at his expense than mine, but he so very clearly didn’t give a shit--which was one of the things I loved about him.

He came out to his family and friends so easily, back during a time when it was way less okay than it is now. But he didn’t care and neither did they. Me on the other hand...I needed the encouragement. It turns out my family had already guessed, so they weren’t a big deal, but I was always way too focused on what everyone else would think. People I didn’t even know. Zack had helped me become okay with who I was and I’d owe him until the end of time for that.

Zackary also truly understood that people made fun of him for the same reason they looked down on women. They were threatened by the power they truly hold. Zack knew as a bottom he held the real power over me. He could snap his fingers and I’d heel. I played the dominant role in our relationship, knowing it was really because I was truly submissive to him. For always.


We’d hired an “administrative assistant” for the day, to make it look to the big wigs that we actually had one. He patched through to the conference room:

“Violet with Shade Financial is here.”

Violet? A woman? We all looked a little floored around at one another, before quickly realizing how sexist that probably was.

“Send her in.”

An extremely striking figure walked in the door once our assistant opened it. She had dark purple hair that was pulled back into a power pony that complimented her black, fitted pantsuit that was accented in the same color. I motioned for her to sit at the head of the table as the others gawked. I gave Brian a wary look. You have a girlfriend, and this is work not play.

She put down her things on the table and I began introductions. Her handshake was unreal. I was all about tiny details--it’s how I read people so well--and I noticed she had calloused hands. Her nails were currently manicured and painted, but very short and her touch rough. As soon as we started shaking hands, her business face was dropped and she smiled warmly at each of us.

Wow, she had one hell of a smile--her unusual violet eyes sparkling with something I couldn’t quite place...mischief? What was she hiding? Why did I give a shit?

“Good afternoon. I’ll get right down to business. When Shade Financial started looking for new opportunities in the Pacific Northwest, HBSCubed caught their eye immediately. They put me in charge of looking into your company and I advised they buy you out lock, stock, and barrel. That means we don’t just want your company and clients--we want you, since we believe you are your company. These folders hold the salaries we’re offering you along with the benefits, and what we’re offering to buy the name. You’d operate much like you did before, but with as much staff as you could possibly need and more resources. The biggest difference will be me. I will basically be your new CEO.”

“So you’ll be our boss?” Brian offered with an ever so slight raise of his stupid brow.
I fought back an eye roll and settled for glaring at him. Not now, for fucks sake, Brian.

She totally blew him off, her laugh holding an ever so slight derogatory scoff to it, “That said, I realize you didn’t get here without already knowing what you’re doing. I’m not here to tell you how to run your business--okay, so maybe I am a little--” This earned her the slight chuckle she was going for, “But basically I am part of your team now. My company put me on this because I have the most experience in advertising, and I think we can make this work.”

Just as I thought we were all nodding in approval, short shit just had to open his mouth, “But you’re a chic.”

I put my hands on the table and hung my head, “I swear to fuck Johnny, I will end you.” I muttered. But before I could apologize for him, she was on top of it.

Violet didn’t bat an eyelash, but stood confidently, “I assure you, that has nothing to do with this.”

I scoff-laughed at her ability to absolutely own Johnny and turned to him, trying to stay serious, “Yeah, fuckface.”

“So...um, what’s your role in our decision making process, exactly?” Zack added. When I looked at him, I could tell he was as captivated by her as I was. I knew it was just us noticing a beautiful woman like anyone can do, but it was still off-putting--it wasn’t every day that one came across a personality so all-encompassing. She seriously filled the room.

“I’m hoping it never comes to this, but basically, if I disagree with all five of you, it goes to my superiors and we deal with it then. I would consider this a failure on my part, so I will do everything in my power to make that not happen.”

We all gave her approving, impressed nods.

“Can you give us a minute?” I cleared my throat.
“Take several.” Her beautiful eyes met mine before she turned and sashayed out the door.

“Yo, Matty.”

I heard Jim’s voice and I blushed hard when I turned and realized they had all just caught me staring at her ass as she walked out. Clearing my throat again, I was more than thankful when Zack met my eyes with an eyebrow raise instead of a heated, jealousy stare.

“This is exactly what we want, right?” Jimmy stated the obvious.
“Dude, check out these numbers,” Brian scanned the contents of the folders I admitted I hadn’t even opened. I was getting ahead of myself.

We all opened them and immediately had to sit down.

We did more than alright for ourselves, but we lived in luxury partly because we lived together. These salaries meant we could easily live like that on our own. Minus the constant stress and all-nighters. Or the responsibility of owning a business.

“This is our baby, though, guys. We built her.” Little Seward’s voice seemed so sad. We all stood again and I hugged the short guy.

“I know, Johnny. Trust me, none of us are looking forward to that part of it. We should be proud of where we got ourselves, but this is our reward. We finally made it guys, and I think we deserve this.” I patted him on the head.
“Yeah, I know.”

Zack looked at me, “You sure we aren’t just over excited about this for the wrong reasons? I don’t want them,” He referred to the other three, “To make the wrong decision just for us.”

Brian stopped him before I could, “Don’t do that to yourself, Zack. Just because you two benefit from this doesn’t mean we don’t also. Matt’s right, it’s time.”

We all exchanged looks back and forth for a few minutes before we all started grinning like idiots. I took a vote just to be sure.

“Fuck yes. Lets do this.”


Even after a relaxing, fun night of hot tub, scotch, and cigars--both Zack and I were extremely worked up when we got back to the bedroom. It was late and we were kinda drunk, but man did we unleash on each other.

After an extremely lusty kiss, Zack jumped into my arms and threw his legs around my waist. Throwing him on the bed with a snarl, I ripped off his swim trunks, followed by mine. The boys had all just dared Zack to let me finger him right there in front of all of them and he’d actually done it.

It’s not like we hadn’t done a ton of shit in front of one another or with one another before, but that was in our much younger days and it hadn’t been like that in a long time. But Zack had just plopped in my lap and put my hand down his pants.

So there he was, already prepped on our bed. Grinning sharkishly as his green eyes blew wide, I gathered his hips to the edge of the bed and took him with his feet hooked behind my head. Pounding down into him as he yelped loudly like a hurt pup, I grabbed his cock and started stroking as hard as I was fucking. He loved when I was this dominant and it did what I had hoped. He came hard as I fucked him down into the mattress. He was angled awkwardly so that he had to shield himself from getting hit in the face with his own come.

I laughed when he missed and he glared at me. But I so wasn’t done. Flipping him over as he whined, I put him on all fours and fucked him hard from behind, my balls slapping against his.

“Ugh, yeah Zack...fucking take me…” I groaned as my hips snapped forward.

My sweet hubby squirmed, his fingers clenched into the sheets as he took me just as I requested. Apparently I was back to my usual stamina. Part of me wished Brian was there to witness just how hard I was so he could eat his words. Then I thought one of the weirdest things I’d ever thought in my entire adult life.

Her in front of me. On all fours. My dick...buried in...a woman. Violet.

Even though it kind of threw me, I rocketed forward even harder. Pulling out, I swept Zack up off the bed and carried him, legs around my waist as we stumbled and kissed, to the kitchen counter. There was a ledge that we’d discovered was absolutely perfect for fucking.

Leaning back on his elbows, Zack opened his legs wide and raised them around me with that delicious, impish look of his. It steeled my resolve and my cock. I pushed a hand to the wall behind him as I took his tight, quivering hole again. Zack braced his heels on the counter behind me and I just about fucking lost it. The action of him pushing against the other counter flexed all the muscles I was currently buried in and I gasped and cursed loudly.

“Jesus christ, Zack--” I went harder, my eyes barely open enough to catch the knowing smirk in his eyes and on his pouty lips.

“He can’t save you now, Matty.” His angel voice purred, “You’re mine.”

“Oh fuck, yes I am!” I didn’t care who knew it. I didn’t care about anything. I blew my load onto his beckoning walls as he finally cried out and came again on himself. I smirked a dimple down at him. My Zack. Covered in his own cum, coated inside with mine, just the way I liked him.

**Zack’s POV**

Despite the hour and the fact that we were buzzed, we had to shower. Both of us let the warm water run over our bodies as we tried to sober up and calm down. I left loving kisses over Matt’s chest as he smiled down at me. Then I remembered a quite hilarious scene from earlier.

“Do I need to grow my hair out for you to stare at my ass like that? Should I be worried?” I taunted.

Matt looked away and ran a hand over his face, “Even though it was your sweet ass I just came inside, twice? Don’t think you need to be worried.”

“You...ever...wandered down the pussy path?” I let my fingers wander over his body so he’d know we were just talking and I wasn’t mad. How could I be? She was f i n e fine.
“No,” He shined his dimples down at me, “You?”
“Nope. I kissed a girl in high school once. The minute we started making out I knew it wasn’t for me.”
“You ever think it just wasn’t the right girl?”

My gaze popped up to his when he asked the odd question.

His hazel eyes held blame under the arching brow and above the impossibly handsome smirk, “C’mon. I saw you look. Just as much as I did.”

I cleared my throat and dropped my eyes to his pecs, “Well, she’s, uh...a beautiful woman. I was just noticing it. Why? Are you...wondering?” I looked back up at him innocently, like I hadn’t been wondering myself.

“What? No.” His voice held literally zero conviction and I stared at him with disbelief. My hunky, totally gay husband….wasn’t? He saw my jaw drop and blushed, stumbling over his words awkwardly, “I mean...maybe I had some thoughts I’d never had about a woman before, but that...that doesn’t mean...She’s just...c’mon, Zack…” Suddenly he narrowed his golden eyes at me and changed his tone, “Wait a minute. Are you telling me you didn’t have one single dirty, curious thought about her?” He lifted his brow again and I blushed again.

“Fine. I had a couple.”

His large hand swept over my hair, a warm smile on his face, “What does it matter, honey? I married you. Lets go to bed, we have a huge day tomorrow.” He kissed me as we both smiled dreamily and we quickly made our way towards sleep.



I have no idea why I suddenly got the urge to write this sickeningly sweet Macky, but they are just adorable together! I think it's the size difference. Too bad I'm not into Johnny more, I guess, haha.

Again,hope you're enjoying!! Where the F is this going?!?


Le sigh. I love it when love works out.

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Sorry, not sorry! ; )

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