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I Am Your Lust

Fifty Fuckin' Times

**Violet’s POV**

“So what else did you guys do?” Marilyn refilled both our wine glasses and plopped back down next to me.
“What do you mean what else? We had sex, we napped, we had sex, we had a snack, we had sex, took another nap.”
The blonde shook her beach waves at me, “It’s amazing you’re walking.” She stated flatly, rolling her eyes.
I arched a brow, “Barely am. Worth it.” I shrugged, “I mean, there was some talking, I guess. Boring stuff, though. We’ve started taking bets on how long it’ll take you guys to get hitched,” I chuckled before she tackled me.

“You’re going to jinx it you bitch!” She playfully punched me so I playfully pulled her hair.
I giggled back at her, “I thought you guys were just fucking,” I winked and stuck my tongue between my teeth.
“Lotta room you got to talk, pot,” She pointed to me and then herself, “Kettle. You’ve been fucking drooling over Vengeance ever since I can remember. No way you stick to your guns. I’m calling it. You have your bet, I have mine!” She stuck her nose in the air and I narrowed my eyes at her.
“Whatever. You know Zack’s the player and that’s why he’s always been my favorite.”
“Uhuh. Sure.” She looked around the room innocently. I would’ve smacked her in her pretty face with a pillow if she hadn’t been sipping her wine, “Anyway, how’d he react to you just showing up there early? Like, specifics.”

I’d been putting off telling her about exactly what he’d done to me, because I knew she’d make fun of me about joining the club or something. But I wasn’t about to keep it to myself, either, “Oh, Mar. There were no words for that first time Saturday night. He fucking teased me for like an entire goddamn hour...but then told me I’d earned whatever I wanted.”
“So what’d you ask for?!” She grinned wide and wagged her eyebrows.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” I faked boredom before laughing, “I told him to fuck my ass then my pussy.”
“You would!” Mar cackled, falling over laughing on her side on the couch, “I assume he did?”
“Fuck yeah, he did. And me made me come. Ya know, like you do.” My voice quieted, waiting for what she’d have to say about it.
“What?! You did?!” She jumped in her seat before hugging me, “Yay! I’m so happy for you! It’s fucking fantastic, isn’t it?!”

I arched a brow at her. Hardly the reaction I was expecting, but I’d definitely take it. I sighed in contentment, “Oh, god it was so good. I fucking cried. I do have to admit, I’m not sure how I’m going to fuck anyone else after him. He fucks me so good with that amazing cock.”
Marilyn almost spit out her wine and laughed out loud, “See. Just wait.”

I pushed her shoulder, “Will you stop?! You know that’s not what I want! Just...wish he was maybe slightly not as good as he is so I won’t miss it when it’s gone.”
My best friend caught the knot in my brow and relented, insisting on more details about my amazing day in the sack with the world’s sexiest rhythm guitarist….

***Zacky’s POV***

I walked into the studio Monday morning with a dozen donuts just because I knew it would piss Matt off. He liked calling me fat, fine. This was his comeuppance. Nothing was going to dampen my sky high mood today. I’d slept like a fuckin’ baby and woken up with a smile and a hard-on. When I was ten minutes early, everyone tackled the donuts--except for our vocalist--and then started in on the jokes.

“Who are you? Our rhythm guitarist doesn’t do ‘on time’, much less ‘early’ so you are clearly an impostor.” Brian stuffed his face and threw an arm over my shoulder.
“I’ve been up for awhile. I slept like a rock last night, due to an exhausting day of satisfying an insatiable woman.”
“Ya know, I spent all day yesterday doing the same and I had enough self control not buy fucking donuts, fat-ass. Thanks,” Matt narrowed his eyes and immediately stuffed his face as well.

I smiled wide and cranked up my middle finger at Shadz, “She seems to quite like my fat ass, thank you very much. Besides, I earned these. I have literally never fucked that many times in one day.”

Matt stood a little taller and crossed his arms, husking, “I’d challenge you for an actual number, but I spent a good part of the day actually trying to get to know my woman, something I doubt you even know how to do.”

I scoff-laughed, picking another sugary delight to satisfy my cravings, “You’d be right as fuck about that. I was way too busy getting laid. Only conversations that requires is which hole I get to fuck.”

This made most of them howl with laughter, except for Matt who just rolled his eyes. I was on a roll and couldn’t stop myself, “You set a date yet?” Brian all out giggled as the others had to turn away so Shadz wouldn’t see how hard they were laughing. The smirk on my face had much more to do with the heavenly conversation Violet and I had shared on this very subject.

She’d found it as hilarious as I did. A woman that truly didn’t want to be married. Ever.

“Don’t you want the dress and the cake and the flowers and all that shit?” I asked her as I lit up another cigarette.
She stole it from my lips, taking a drag before handing it back to me with a deep scowl, “I’m highly offended by that. No, I don’t want that shit.” Violet shoved me and I had to giggle at her for being so fucking feisty. Made me so hot.
“I guess you probably get asked that ten times more often than I do.”
“Try fifty. Not only are you a man, you’re a rock star. You get a free pass from being boring.”
I had to put the back of my hand to my mouth to try and cover up my snort. At her age it wasn’t a phase, this is really what she wanted. Fuck yeah.

“Baker,” Christ snapped his fingers in front of my face, “You going to actually be here today, or off in your own little fucking-the-deathbats world?”

I wanted to reassure him I was totally dedicated to this album, which I technically was, but….man, she was in my head now.


Wednesday I was a hair’s breadth away from begging her to come see me at the studio. We were there pretty late every day, later than she was at work, and I couldn’t stop thinking about being buried in that sweet, hot pussy of hers. Or her mouth...or her ass…

Whatever. We were fuck buddies, right? What good was a fuck buddy you couldn’t call? So I did.

Kinda want you splayed out on top of the sound board in front of me right now.

Yeah? Definitely wouldn’t mind riding that dick right now.

Wouldn’t mind? ; )

Wanna come over after you guys are done?

Sure. It’ll probably be pretty late, though.

I’ll be up.

Sweet. Now to get through a couple more hours of pulling my hair out….


I was almost knocked over after she opened the door. Yanking me by the shirt just inside the door, she slammed it shut and shoved me up against it. Not bothering with so much as a kiss hello, my pants were torn open and then she was sucking my now-steel-hard cock.

“Jesus fuck, Violet!” I gasped, grasping at her hair. Goddammit, she was so enthusiastic. I watched her bob back and forth on my shaft, licking and sucking as she played with my sac, “Fuck yes...such a good girl…”

“Good girl? So original, Zacky!”

I glanced up in horror to find Marilyn smirking at us before she traipsed down the hallway to what looked like a bathroom. While I was quite used to being walked in on by my friends, I wasn’t used to it by girls--much less ones who freely commented. Violet didn’t skip a beat, but only sucked harder and went faster. She added a hand and I convulsed against the wall, leaning back and groaning. The way my head kept nudging at the back of her throat was driving me fucking insane. Just when I was really getting close, she popped off and gave the sexiest look. Her hand continued, but that wasn’t enough and she knew it.

“C’mon, Zack. I know you’ve been thinking about me all day. Come in my mouth.”

I rolled my eyes with pleasure and she got back to it. Oh fucking hell yes. I hit the back of her throat again and gasped as the heat built quickly.
“I’m coming, babe…”

“Fuck yeah you are! Get it Violet!” Her friend yelled from the bathroom. Again with the peanut gallery. What the actual fuck?

I hit a heel against the door as the finish hit me hard. It tore through me and into her wonderful, skilled orifice. She worked me through it as all of the energy in my entire being left me, drained by her excellence. Realizing my fingers were tangled and yanking on her hair, I loosened my grip but didn’t let go, slowly opening my eyes to look down at her.

Violet opened her mouth and my eyes blew wide. Licking up my pulsing underside, she presented my cum to me in a flash before swallowing it. A naughty look in her eye, she licked her lips and moaned like it was nectar of the gods.

Fuck me standing. I could now see what the hype was about. Jesus H Christ. I’d be rubbing one out to that image for years.

I shivered and sunk down the wall, pulling her into a hot kiss in my lap once I was sprawled on the floor. She leaned over to my ear and whispered seductively, “That’s for making me come so hard Saturday. And all day Sunday. My pussy misses you.”

Violet sat back as I gawked, tucked me back in my pants, zipped me up, got up,
and helped me up to her bedroom. Their place was small, but nice. Already decorated heavily despite the fact they were new in town.

“Your friend into voyeurism?” I chuckled as she closed the door and stopped short. Her room was the weirdest thing I’d ever seen. Purple fucking everything, in all shades that existed. And black. Lots of it.

“No.” Violet walked to the other side of the room to turn on some mood lights, “We just don’t hide anything from each other.”

See-through drapes around her bed gave it a gypsy-like quality. She should get Gates in here, so he could go on and on about his fucking “gypsy jazz.” Black Veil Brides poster--an old one. I smiled at the poster of ours out of the Metal Hammer issue from last fall. She had it on the band side, not mine and Syn’s.

And...a deathbat. A crazy huge, black deathbat. It wasn’t ours, really, but what looked like a carefully crafted one that in the right light shone with a little sparkle and, of course, dark purple.
“Did you make that?” I stared at it.
“Yeah. You guys have the coolest symbol that ever existed. Thought I’d put my own spin on it.”
“I love it. It’s so...angry.” It’s mouth was wide open, more like the one on my chest, but the wings were up more and the fingers spread out further--giving it a haunting look.
“Thanks.” She walked back over to me and pushed my riding jacket to the floor and pulled my shirt over my head. I ran my hands over her dark violet hair and looked into her eyes.
“What?” She giggled.

I smiled, looking around at the room and then back at her, “You’re as creative as you are unique, aren’t you? You’ve made sure you’re different in every single facet of your life, from your hair to your room to how you fuck.”

Violet’s face lit up and for a second I thought I saw a real human in her eyes instead of the lust-crazed animal that we both were, “Why are you not naked and in my bed yet? I need to come.”

I chortled at her usual bluntness, hauled her up over a shoulder and threw her on her gypsy bed as she squealed happily, “That, I can definitely assist with.”

She had a tall bed, perfect for fucking, so I maneuvered her ass to the edge and teased the head of my already hard again cock over her swollen lips, “Better sheath me, baby, or I’m going to fuck you just like this.”

That huge, evil smile that was always up to no good covered her cheeks as she opened a condom and put it on for me. I desperately wanted not to be selfish and go down on her like she’d done for me and all that, but hey--she’d dig this, too…

I slowly slipped into her tight heat and groaned loudly as I did so. I watched her body go rigid as her breathing became shallow. I couldn’t help but smirk--she had a hard time taking me in this position and that felt awesome. I went slowly to let her adjust and work her up--holding her thighs apart and pressing gently in small circles with a thumb over her clit. How slick she was made it hard to concentrate, but I made myself keep the lazy rhythm, running my hand through my hair when it fell in my face.
I caught the glance she made up at me through slitted eyes before she arched back with a whimper. There we are. She’s ready for me.

The second I sped up, Violet came with a loud cry. Not like she had Saturday night, though. I paused as she recovered and wondered what I could do to make her come like that again. Despite all our fun Sunday, I’d failed in this regard.

Leaning over her, I took her face in my hands and kissed her as she sighed. I locked my gaze with hers so she’d know how serious I was, “What can I do, honey? I want to make you cum like I did Saturday.”

Violet scurried back on the bed, furrowing her brow at me. When I slipped free of her, I wanted to slap myself in the face. What had I said?

“Zack, if you pressure me it’ll never, ever happen again. I was just happy it happened at all. Don’t try and do it,” She was angry and had opened her mouth to keep going--so I covered it with mine as I smothered her body with mine. I had to distract her and reassure her and fast. I know what she’ll like.

Violet needed to know this was still carefree sex and that I didn’t give two shits about her.

I grabbed her jaw in one hand and took her to the hilt with a grunt, “Whatever, honey. If it happens, it happens.” I immediately started thrusting into her, glaring, “Where are your toys?”

I smirked when she could barely get words out, “Zack--oh god, they’re…” She bit her lip and winced, moaning and gesturing towards the nightstand to her left. When I made to leave her body and go for whatever treasures she might have, she grasped at me desperately, “No-Zack, please, I’m almost--”

I pulled from her and covered her mouth firmly with a hand. Her wide amethyst eyes blinked as I snarled an inch from her face, “Shut. Up.”

This definitely silenced her, so I removed my hand and went through her drawer. I was impressed, but hardly surprised. I grabbed the lube and a long butt plug, but paused before she could see it.

“Close your eyes, Violet.”

She seemed to like this, a smile playing at her lips as she closed her eyes and held back onto her pillow. I pushed a hand to the back of her thigh to present her ass to me a little more, and teased her hole with the lubed up toy. After she realized where this was going, I pressed the toy all the way into her. Violet pushed a hand to the wall behind her, her heavy breathing indicating she was about to come. That’s when I put it together: she needed to be told what to do and she needed to be teased.

I slapped her clit just enough to really smart and she yelped--but backed away from the edge of release. I grinned sideways, “Not how this works. You come with me and not until then.”

I only tortured her with the toy by playing with it a little, before I left it in and climbed in between her legs again. Now she needed to be overwhelmed. I put her feet on my chest and sank into her depths until my balls were hitting the end of the toy.

She was struggling--biting her bottom lip, brow scrunched, eyes closed, whimpering. Fuck, it was beautiful. When she pushed at my chest with her heels, I pushed back, rocking my hips faster. Her pussy beckoned at me, pulsing in wonderfully tight contractions that did exactly what they were meant to do to me. My lashes fluttered as I got closer, moaning myself as her body both presented itself to me and worked its feminine magic. The toy in her ass pressed against my underside, making my end that much closer and more explosive. I wondered how any man did this without a condom on. Just as I felt the beautiful heaven start to crash over my nerves, I warned Violet.

“Okay, baby, I’m gonna come--” I wanted to watch her, but couldn’t help leaning my head back. I touched her clit with my thumb and right as I shot my load, I felt her come on me and her desperate cries met my ears. Yes, beautiful, let go.

Once we were both done, I carefully placed her feet back on the bed around us and leaned over her. When I finally had her attention, her amethyst eyes barely open as they gazed up at me, I grabbed her face again--just barely hard enough to be considered a little rough.

“Now was that so hard, dear? No one tells me what to do.”

When she only blushed hard and let her lips part in a silent gasp, I smirked darkly and stroked her hair before leaving her and falling onto my back.


About an hour later, I woke up in the middle of the night to find both of us had fallen asleep just as we were. She was gorgeously laid out next to me, stark naked and a mess. Her bangs had fallen over her face, her tits called my name like the Sirens of her shop, and some of her cum decorated her perfectly manicured mound. Goddammit.

I was already on the way to hard, and realizing that toy was most likely still in place had me at full attention. I may be considered the player of the group, but this was still unusual for me. She had me going like a teenager who had just discovered free porn. It was bordering on annoying how often I wanted her. Normally all I needed was one good fuck, maybe two, and I discarded women like the socks I sometimes masturbated into. Not her. My dick needed to know what she’d do to him next, and right now his curiosity was about to kill the cat.

First, I got up to pee--my current predicament making that quite difficult. I managed, though, and brought a hand towel back to bed with me to clean her up. She mumbled, but didn’t even open her eyes, shifting onto her side when I was done. Perfect.

I rolled on a condom and for a minute just pervishly raked my eyes over her body and jerked off. Then my attention landed on the toy. I pulled at it gently until it popped out and her body jerked awake.

“Zacky…” Violet moaned, inhaling suddenly. I punctuated her surprise by filling her with my want, my need of her. I rolled my hips and she reached back for me, arching her back so I could get deeper inside her. Palming one of her breasts, I deepened my stroke and she shivered into orgasm.

I groaned into her ear, nipping at it as my hip rolls turned into barbaric thrusts. She opened her knees and I pinched her nipple. It being the middle of the night and seeing her in such a state when I woke up was going to make me come way too soon.
“Come for me, sweetie…hurry…”

Her head turned slightly so her dark, sparkly eyes could meet mine. She grabbed back onto my mohawk and pulled, grinning, “Shoot, baby.” Her move sent electric currents straight to my cock and I cried out as I spilled into her. Even though she was quiet, I could feel her pulsing around my length as she came with me.

I put my arms around her and we both nodded off quickly--the most perfect way to fall asleep. She never ceased to surprise me--just when I thought she was my plaything, she turned around and proved I was hers.


The following morning I was relieved when I not only woke up early enough to not be too late to the studio, but woke up before she did. I quietly got dressed, thankful she seemed to be one of the heaviest sleepers I’d ever met. Going back and forth on whether or not to leave her a note, I finally decided on the old "lipstick on the mirror"....



AH! What msg did he leave?!? How will Violet react? When will Marilyn start taking Matt seriously???

Sorry for the lack of pic/gifs, haha. Just didn't have any moments that seemed to need them I guess!

Thanks for reading guys and please comment! All our love! : )


Count. NOW.

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Now that sounds like fun.... I mean, oh no!! ;)

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@violetshade get your gorgeous ass back here woman, before I make you COUNT your spankings...

Misery Misery

Well @violetshade... What did he leave on the mirror?

Misery Misery

Oooooooo! I wonder what message he left for her!

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