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I Am Your Lust

A Weekend To Remember

*~* Matthew Charles Sanders *~*

Marilyn’s hips rolled against me while she moaned my name, pinching her own nipples and her head thrown back with pleasure. She was own personal little sex slave. I loved every second of it.

I grunted and groaned as I came inside of her for the sixth time in four hours since Mar got off work. My bed was soaked with her cum and I was happy about the rubber sheets now. We smelled of sex and pride. We both loved how much we got one another.

“Matt...good lord…” She breathed, keeping me inside her as I finished up.

“You like it, baby doll?” I asked her with a tired smile, pulling her down to me for kisses.

Marilyn pressed her lips lovingly to mine and climbed up off me, my cum dripping down her legs due to it being such an...obscene amount. She stood at the foot of my bed, with her back to me and stretching then looking back at me. I smirked as I looked at her, appreciating such a filthy yet beautiful creature.

“What, handsome?” Marilyn turned around and looked at me, moving two of her fingers between her legs, swiping and sucking my cum off her fingers with a satisfied moan.

“You. Are. Wonderful,” I breathed, my golden eyes trailing over her curves.

Mar shook her head, “Not yet. I’ll be wonderful once I go make you food.” She waggled her eyebrows.

“Hey,” I moved to the edge of the bed and grabbed Marilyn by the backs of her knees then pulled her on top of me, “I wanna talk to you about something…”

Marilyn’s icy grey-green eyes locked on me, “What do you wanna talk about?” She looked confused and little hopeful.

I didn’t know what to say or how to start out that I...want more from her. Do I want more from her? I mean...I joked about the marriage thing but seriously...she fucks me so good and is just so...different from what I’m used to in dating women. She’s fucking weird and silly and doesn’t mind being her weirdo self with me. Mar isn’t constantly trying to impress me, she’s just herself.

“Well,” Marilyn cleared her throat after a couple minutes of silence, “While you think about it, I’m making you a chicken, bacon, turkey club with extra white cheddar cheese, lettuce, mato and...OH! I made that aioli from scratch you were going to town on, I can slap some of that on there.” She said thoughtfully like she was mentally making herself a sammy too.

“What do you want?” I asked her out of fucking nowhere it seemed.

“Um...the same sandwich I’m making you without mato sounds really good.” She shrugged and kissed the tip of my nose then got up off me, “Now...can I be a good little play thing and make you some food so we can keep fucking like wild animals?” Marilyn rose her eyebrow at me.

“No,” I laughed entirely too hard, “Baby girl...I kinda...I want to date you…” I couldn’t have fucked that up more.

Marilyn started laughing and this time she was the one laughing hard, “Matt,” She grabbed her phone then brought up my name where she had “Matt, The Boyfriend” with a heart emoji, egglplant and the squirting emojis.

“I was way ahead of your game even if I was on Fantasy fucking Island. You made it official when you fucked me in my place of business.” Mar smiled brightly, “Seriously, can I make you a sammy now?”

I wanted to clarify that I wanted to get to know this sweet creature better but maybe it doesn’t have to be over this weekend. Maybe...just fucking will be fine.

“Yes, baby. Go ahead.” I chuckled and rubbed my stomach that was now growling a little bit.

“Good. Baby is hungry for food and cock. I could ride you while you eat,” Mar said thoughtfully, “I’ll be back!” She sang at me then left the room.

I laid on my bed, reveling in my post cum vibes. I could only wonder where the fuck Marilyn came from. She seriously came out of left fucking field. I wouldn’t say I need her but I will say my hunger for her is un-fucking-matched.

Mar came back with her naked self with food for the both of us. She moved onto the bed, straddling my legs, helping me sit up. She had also gotten us beverages, me a gatorade and herself some unsweetened iced tea.

She did a little wiggle on me then grinned, “Eat up, sexy. Momma has needs.” Marilyn waggled her eyebrows.

“You a sex addict?” I laughed.

Mar pursed her lips out like she was thinking, “Only for you. You can’t blame a girl for wanting that big cock to stretch her sweet pussy out all day, all night, twenty-four seven, I would sell my soul to have you always.”

“Good. God. Damn.” I chuckled and seethed, grabbing the plate from her and setting it off to the side then pulling her down for me to kiss wildly and with hunger.


*~* Marilyn Josephine Connors *~*

The entire weekend with Matt has been utterly spectacular. The sex just overwhelmingly pleasant. I was sharing every dirty little detail with Violet, swooning over this man.

She sipped her glass of wine as I took a bite of some of the best chicken fried rice I had ever had, “The sex sounds like it’s the fucking bomb dude...but...does he want more?” She asked.

I paused for the cause and furrowed my brows. I guess I didn’t really think about it and now I’m utterly fucking terrified.

“I...I don’t know...I haven’t discussed that with him and I’m probably not going to…” I shrugged lightly.

Violet really rose her brow at me now, “Why?”

“I don’t want real feels. He’ll get bored or...we’ll do the “American Dream” thing then he’ll realize he doesn’t want me so fuck that. It will be casual, animal as fuck sex for the rest of the time that he keeps me around.” I nodded firmly.

“Well...tell me what else you guys did…” Vi looked at me with more curiosity.

I went into detail about how we cuddled in bed all day, watched movies, made out, we made food for each other, walked to the beach. Matt taught me out to surf a little bit and humored me with boogie boarding since I’m a dirty little inlander. He treated me to ice cream, snacks and even a little bit of arcade action.

“Dude...wake up and smell the cum on your breath, Matt is into you. Like a lot.” Violet laughed like I was being a nutter.

“Nope! And since when the hell do you care about love?” I couldn’t have asked with a more condescending tone while sticking my tongue out.

“Hey now, just because I don’t want it for me...does not mean I don’t want to be maid of honor at you and that man’s wedding so I can hook up with the best man in the bathroom at the reception.” Vi giggled and winked.

“Yeah. Right. Matt and I are not getting married.” I rolled my eyes at my bestie.

“Sure, sure. We’ll see.” Vi laughed against, so damn amused by this it seemed.

I giggled and blushed which was...kind of alarming since I don’t really blush at anything sexual so clearly the relationship talk was getting a rise out of me, "You gargle his cum and blow bubbles with it but god forbid I mention being in a serious relationship with the man!" Violet laughed, calling me right the fuck out. Damn it, Violet.

“Anyway, ya fucker, how was your weekend?” I changed the subject, knowing damn well that Vi was dying to tell me about her and Zee as well.

I sat back with a smile, watching my best friend gushing about Zacky goddamn Vengeance. I smirked as her story of her weekend grew to be what I can only describe as an erotic novel spoken out.

Are we in trouble? Maybe. Do we care? Absolutely the fuck not.



Count. NOW.

Misery Misery

Now that sounds like fun.... I mean, oh no!! ;)

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@violetshade get your gorgeous ass back here woman, before I make you COUNT your spankings...

Misery Misery

Well @violetshade... What did he leave on the mirror?

Misery Misery

Oooooooo! I wonder what message he left for her!

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