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Eager To Syn

Feels Like Paradise


Brian stormed after her as she stormed to her room. Her room. He was all out baffled when the door was slammed in his face. Was this a scenario? Was she playing with him?

“Becca, I will knock down this door if I have to! Talk to me!”

Silence. Well, silence other than her sobs that were doing funny things to the cavernous dark hole in his chest. He forced his voice to soften like she liked sometimes.

“Beccs, please open the door. We need to talk about this. I have no idea what’s going on with you. Please open up.” He leaned his forehead on the door and almost fell in when she opened it, wary blue eyes glistening with fresh tears as she stared at him.

She tried to tell herself that those were feelings in his pretty brown eyes that looked emptily back at her. Letting him in, they both sat on her bed.

“Brian...I didn’t want to tell...I’m so scared,” She sniffled, “Please don’t be angry…”

“Why would I be angry? Beccs, hon, you’re starting to frighten me. If this is a scenario, then you’ve completely lost me--”

New tears formed in her eyes as she stared at him, just now realizing that he really didn’t have a clue, “I think I’m pregnant, Bri.”

Brian tried to breathe as he sat on the edge of the bed, staring into nothingness as he tried to make sense of her words. Trying to remain in control as rage and anguish coursed through him, he whispered through the emotion, “How? You’re on the pill.”

Her bottom lip trembled, “I missed a couple earlier this month, but only a couple isn’t supposed to--”

Not even realizing he’d actually done it, Brian backhanded her just hard enough to startle her, “How could you not tell me, Becca?!” He stood up, anger blinding any rational thought, “I would make a terrible father!” He seethed, “And you, a terrible mother! How could you ruin what we have, Beccs!!” Brian had no idea what he was even saying at this point. Fighting with her at this level always only meant one thing and it’s all he could think about. The adrenaline pulsed through his blood as his dick got hard. Ripping off the robe she’d put on, Brian forced her legs apart.

Part of her was horrified that he could be such an asshole. Part of her was in love with that asshole. Part of her was elated that he still wanted to fuck her. How fucked was that? It didn’t matter. She panted as he worked himself up and now that he was pulling himself out of his pants, Becca attempted to act like she didn’t want it….knowing it would egg him on.

When he was slapped at, Brian sneered down at her--once again pushing her knees apart. He found her warm and willing and thrust deeply inside, “Yeah, you’re still fuckin’ wet for me. You did this on purpose, you little whore…” He groaned as he fucked down into her punishingly hard, something deep inside him beyond repair more turned on by all this than he could possibly ever understand.

Becca gave in and arched back, moaning his name shamelessly as she came. Brian didn’t stop ravaging her, a smirk on his angelic face, “You’re so fucked up, Beccs,” He gave her cheek another slap, “I fucking love it…” His hips snapped forward as he groaned deeply, “You’re probably lying. You just wanted to get punished. Well here you are. Fucking take it!” Brian winced and snarled into orgasm, his cock still pumping into her while he let go.

She came with him, moaning and sighing as he filled her, but then had to fight back the disappointed tears that would no doubt follow. Not sure what she would do if he just got up and left this time, Becca held her breath, more scared than she’d ever been in her life. Despite being a prostitute, she’d never had to have an abortion and knowing it was Brian’s if she really was….she didn’t want one. But they couldn’t…

Becca tried desperately not to think about it, her wide blue eyes looking to him to see what he’d do next. Brian didn’t look at her, pausing as he caught his breath over her. The moments ticked by. He got soft and slipped out of her. She dared not speak.

For the first time ever with her, he was ashamed. Truly ashamed. He mistreated her all the time, it’s what their relationship was built on--but this was different and they both knew it. He had to be there for her...whatever that meant. Knowing he couldn’t possibly leave her like this, Brian laid down on her bed. No words were said as he tucked them both under the covers, his colorful arms pulling her to his chest as she cried.


Brian was relieved when he could finally hear her even breathing and twitches that meant she was asleep. He’d have to tie in an apology gift with her Christmas gift that he still hadn’t bought. Then maybe they could talk through this.

One of Becca’s requirements for partially moving in meant actually doing Christmas things together. Buying her a gift every year stressed him out beyond belief. What was appropriate for their situation? What if she didn’t like it? Were diamonds really her? So far he’d gotten lucky and she’d loved everything he’d bought her. Last year he’d finally gone out on a limb and got her a diamond necklace that was atrociously expensive. Worried it would make her feel even more like a paid-for whore, he was relieved when she shouted with glee and wore it all the time after that.

But this year...they were officially fucked. Emotions warred inside him, tearing him to pieces.

Imagine how she must feel.

This was it. If he made her get, or even asked her to get an abortion, she’d never forgive him and it would be over. Or: she had it, he could maybe convince her to retire, and they lived out the suburbia bit with the two and a half kids and white picket fence. He scrunched his nose. They’d both hate that. But what the fuck was he supposed to do?

As he watched her sleep, her finally calm face resting in the crook of his arm, he realized just how wound around her little finger he truly was. How did that happen? It might look to an outsider like he was in charge because of the way he treated her, but she honestly had all the power. Finally, it clicked for him. After five years he finally understood why she did it. Women were berated all the time for her profession (including her by him), but she loved it because it made her feel powerful.

Brian shook his head at himself, not believing he could be such an idiot as to not see it before. But he’d wanted to be blind, just like he wanted to be blind to lots of things. Maybe, just maybe, in his own fucked-all-to-hell kinda way, he did love her.

But just as a weird warmth almost reached his black heart, it was immediately yanked away by an awful realization: that she much, much better off without him.


Becca tried not to be too disappointed when she woke up that evening alone. She kept back her tears, despite how alone she felt. She should have known that he wouldn’t stick around, and maybe it was for the best.

The more she had mulled it over, the more she loved the idea of having Brian’s child--even without him in her life. It would bring her career to a halt, but given how strong her feelings were getting towards what right now was only just an idea--it was worth it.

Becca knew what she let him do to her was unhealthy, so she figured it was about time she got out. She finally got the courage to sit up in bed, when her text notification sounded.

Get dressed up baby girl and meet me at the balcony at the BLK, I have a surprise for you. Please trust me. -Syn

Becca grinned wryly at the message. Should she blow him off? Probably. But maybe this was a nicer way of breaking things off.

She couldn’t help but get extra dolled up so he’d know exactly what was leaving him behind, and rubbed some extra salt in the wound by wearing his favorite--the white dress with some bright blue fuck-me pumps that matched her hair and her lipstick.

When she was headed to their garage, she heard Zacky call her name from the street. Walking to him, she noticed he already had Brian’s Porsche running.

“I’ve been instructed to escort you, dear.” He winked cutely.
This raised both of her brows, but she didn’t question it as she climbed in.

“So how you did you get roped into this?” Becca tried to hide the sadness in her voice.
“A gentleman never tells, Beccs.” He patted her knee affectionately, “Just...go easy on him and listen, k? I know he doesn’t deserve it, but...he really likes you.”

“He doesn’t like anyone, Zacky. You of all people should know that.”

This quieted the left handed guitarist, and before long he was letting her climb out as he only gave her a knowing, quite suspicious grin.

Nervously clutching her clutch, Becca told the host who she was there for and was escorted out to the balcony. Or, to the door anyway. She thanked the host and waited until he was gone so she could stare as long as she wanted at the image he made.

Brian was the only one out there, on a balcony of 9 or 10 tables. She had to gather that on a night this busy, he’d paid so they could be alone. He wore an all black suit and stood leaning up against the railing, smoking. It was just windy enough so his gracefully long hair barely moved in the night. The sun had gone down, but as usual he wore his shades anyway.

She pushed her hand to the glass, trying to take him in as this would be some of her last memories of him in this capacity.

Syn turned as she stepped out onto the balcony. Smiling at her when he saw what she had worn, Becca’s heart thudded when she saw what he had worn. His tie and pocket handkerchief were the blue of her hair. Brian took off his shades and that’s when her heart hit the floor. The look in his chocolaty eyes was something she’d never seen before. It looked so genuine.

But she knew it wasn’t. Turning, she tried to flee before he grabbed her hand, “Beccs, please don’t go.”
Her blue eyes begged up at him, “I-I can’t, Brian, I--”
“Please listen.”
Becca took a deep breath, but didn’t say anything.

Brian brushed the back of his fingers against her cheek, “Becca...I’ve known my entire adult life that I was a selfish son of a bitch. I fucked a lotta girls in my twenties and even tried to make it work with a couple. But none of them understood who I was and lost patience with me quickly. Not you. For a long time I convinced myself that you only liked me for my money and that I only liked you because you let me mistreat you. But the truth is,” His lips curved up on one side--

“You actually know me and accept me for who I am and I was too frightened to see that in you.” Syn’s hooded brown eyes met hers as his hands moved to her hips, “I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what this means, but….I am madly in love with you, Beccs.”

His eyes searched hers, looking for answers. His heart shattered when she burst into tears, “You’re a sick fuck, you know that Brian?!” She fell into his arms, beating on his hard chest with her fists as she screamed, “This is the meanest thing you could ever do to me! Are you really this much of an asshole?! I know you like to tease me, but this?!”

It took Synyster a minute of trying to hold her to understand what she was crying about, “You think I’m lying?” He tried to hide the hurt in his voice.
She batted away his searching hands and scoffed, wishing he’d just admit it already.

Brian grabbed her wrist much harder, hooking an arm around her waist so she couldn’t get away. When she stopped crying out of shock and looked wide-eyed up at him, he continued in a firmer voice.

“I don’t know what you want out of life, Becca, but I do know I want to give you whatever it is. If you are pregnant...I hope you have it, and...I hope you let me be a father. Whether or not you are, I hope you’ll give up your career for me because I know now that I can give you what you want, if you just give me a chance.” Syn smiled crookedly when he could see her eyes soften. Taking a deep breath, he pulled out the little black box and lowered himself onto one knee.

Becca’s eyes almost popped out of her head as her hands trembled in his, “Brian…”

“Beccs, I love you and I love our fucked up love affair. Please, please marry me, honey. I can’t see my life without you in it.”

The guitarist popped open the box, eyes bright with hope as he waited. Just when she thought she couldn’t possibly get any more emotional or the night any better, she glanced in the box. Instead of the traditional diamond, it was a sapphire.

“Yes, Brian. Yes!”

She couldn’t believe this was really happening. The man she thought could never return her affection had just proclaimed his love for her. Syn Gates had just asked her to be his for life. Her being vibrated with adrenaline as she tried not to jump up and down like a child.

Wide grin on his handsome face, Brian stood up and put the ring on her outstretched finger. As he bent and wrapped her in a deep kiss, the patrons inside the restaurant erupted in cheers. His fingers held her jawline delicately as his cupid bow lips claimed hers, kissing her until she had wrapped her arms around him and clung to his broad shoulders.

“I’ll treat you right, Beccs, you’ll see.” He kept her close as he petted her bright hair.

Becca drowned in his puppy brown eyes and she croaked, “Treat me like you always have, Bri. Just...with an added scenario.”
“And...you’ll quit? For me?”
Becca’s cheeks heated as she lowered his hand to her tummy, “For us.”

Brian’s smile lit up his face again, “I love you, Beccs.”
She ran her fingers through his lusciously long hair, “I love you, Bri.”

The End


My dear Rebecca: sorry that this is the end to this story, but I'm sure there will be more! I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for asking me, it was truly an honor!!!

Hope the rest of you enjoyed this as well! Even though I'm a Zacky girl first and a Matty girl second--Brian for whatever reason writes himself so freaking easily. Maybe it's the ease at which he seems in all his interviews. Maybe it's the freaking multitude of different faces he makes. Who knows! So I'm sure I'll be writing more Bri stories. While I'm sure all my Syn stories probably have the same followers, just in case, check out the teacher/student story http://www.avengedsevenfoldfanfiction.com/Story/91308/The-Scientific-Method/
or the impossibly naughty fic I'm writing for ghost:


You know how I feel about kids... so I'm not fussed if it survives or not - oooh, that sounded harsher than I meant it to. But I'm interested to see if Brian's gonna flip out if she's miscarried.

Let de baby be okay please!! I love how they have found their own way of being ... together in a little bit of twisted way..

I really want them to be okay

Kimmie Kimmie

Oh no. No no no no. I hope the baby is okay! Don’t do this to me, Vi!

I was kinda wondering if I should go there, but that's just how fucked up their relationship is so I decided it fit. Also, remember he thinks it's really fucked up, too, he just does it anyway. Glad you enjoyed the rest! :)

violetshade violetshade

Soooooo hot up until he put his smoke out on her back and then I cringed and rubbed my back. That shit huuuuuurts.

synology synology