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Eager To Syn


She's at his beck and call, but only when he's home. He can't give her what she really wants, so one of the world's best lead guitarist settles for being in complete control of her when he's off tour. There's no price too high, but that's not what she's for.

This is a piece commissioned by yourdailysyn! I was very honored when she asked me to write something for her. She didn't set very many parameters, she just likes my Brian! So here ya go. I actually have somewhat of a plan for this story, so I'm hoping it will be several chapters and actually have an ending, lol.

*I don't know the guys, none of this happened, please don't steal my stuff*


  1. Coming Home

    Syn and Becca's routine.

  2. This Madness


  3. Try Not To Lose You

    Syn apologizes in his own messed up way.

  4. Kneel To The Crown

    Some history. Some kneeling. Some getting off.


Chapter 4: UUUH I HAVE AN IDEA... I KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE, AAAAH *_______* I like the ending here, but I'm also curious of what will happen next 'cause I probably know it and... aw, I'm gonna cry, this is literally one of the best gifts someone has ever done to me, you have no idea how much this story meants to me! Bri is perfect. Simply perfect. And this girl is soooo cool, she's exactly like me :D yay!
"Ms. Daily", eheheh :P this one made me laugh!
Very good chapter, thanks, you're the best!!!

Becky2000GD Becky2000GD

Haha, maybe it seems that way. I'm trying to keep it from going on forever like my other stories. But don't worry! Still some fun left, lol.

violetshade violetshade

Chapter 3: Don't know what to say, honestly. It was as good as always, but also a little too fast, maybe? Anyway, anyway, it looks like there's still sooo much we have to see here. They have a love story even if they do not admit it, maybe they do not even realize it. Jeez, I like this couple sooo much

Becky2000GD Becky2000GD

Haha, you're welcome! And yes, Brian is the dirty talker in like every story I write, lol.
So glad you approve!!! Becca is spunky, but is fooling herself if she thinks she'll ever actually leave. She puts up a front when she has to, and sometimes it works, but at the end of the day--she loves Brian for who he is, asshole and all. The ONLY card she has is that she gets to go back to her career when he's gone...and Brian can't stand that.

violetshade violetshade

Jesus Christ you had to use my favourite photo, and you're killin me with the baby girl stuff goddamn... Feeding my Daddy kink somethin fierce... And "kitten" *heavy breathing*
and as always, Brian's dirty talk is on point *shivers*