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Eager To Syn


She's at his beck and call, but only when he's home. He can't give her what she really wants, so one of the world's best lead guitarists settles for being in complete control of her when he's off tour. There's no price too high, but that's not what she's for.

This is a piece commissioned by yourdailysyn! I was very honored when she asked me to write something for her. She didn't set very many parameters, she just likes my Brian! So here ya go. I actually have somewhat of a plan for this story, so I'm hoping it will be several chapters and actually have an ending, lol.

*I don't know the guys, none of this happened, please don't steal my stuff*


  1. Coming Home

    Syn and Becca's routine.

  2. This Madness


  3. Try Not To Lose You

    Syn apologizes in his own messed up way.

  4. Kneel To The Crown

    Some history. Some kneeling. Some getting off.

  5. Feels Like Paradise

    Brian comes to grips.

  6. Everything's Changing

    ***Alternate Ending*** (as if the last chapter didn't happen)

  7. Perishing

    Gates comes to terms with a few things.

  8. Dear God

    Becca joins tour and Brian does his usual Syn thing.


You know how I feel about kids... so I'm not fussed if it survives or not - oooh, that sounded harsher than I meant it to. But I'm interested to see if Brian's gonna flip out if she's miscarried.

Let de baby be okay please!! I love how they have found their own way of being ... together in a little bit of twisted way..

I really want them to be okay

Kimmie Kimmie

Oh no. No no no no. I hope the baby is okay! Don’t do this to me, Vi!

I was kinda wondering if I should go there, but that's just how fucked up their relationship is so I decided it fit. Also, remember he thinks it's really fucked up, too, he just does it anyway. Glad you enjoyed the rest! :)

violetshade violetshade

Soooooo hot up until he put his smoke out on her back and then I cringed and rubbed my back. That shit huuuuuurts.

synology synology