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So Far Away


It’s been years since Brooke has set foot on America soil after leaving Huntington straight after high school to pursue her musical dreams in South Korea leaving everyone she knew behind to train and become TaeYeon a successful artist in South Korea, but now she is back for a couple concert dates. What she doesn’t know is that the five men she grew up back in the day with are also back in Huntington in the middle of producing their own self-titled album.

What will happen when she visits the one place she used to wreak havoc in back in her teenage years? Will her past catch up with her?


Just as an FYI I do not own any of the characters used in this story and there may be parts of this story which is incorrect information according to the real person they’re based upon so please take that into consideration, Things may not be correct in according to the timeline so things might be happening earlier than they actually did in real life as well as social media which is used in the story. Last thing if you do not like the use of Korean culture and the music industry in South Korea or of a Korean idol as my inspiration for the female character then please do not read, I really wanted to bring the two things I love musically together and make an interesting story out of it.


Brooke Sterling Kim

Brooke Sterling Kim

English; Brooke Sterling Kim Korean Name; Tae Yeon Kim Age In The Story; 24 DOB; 18th December 1981 Physical Characteristics Hair Colour; Brown Eye Colour; Grey (with contacts) naturally dark brown almost black Distinguishing Marks: 6 tattoos which are scattered over her body

Zacky Vengeance

Zacky Vengeance

Name; Zachary James Baker Age In The Story; 24 DOB; 11th December 1981 Physical Characteristics Hair Colour; Black Eye Colour; Green Distinguishing Marks: Lip piercing, and the many tattoos he's gotten over the years




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