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Through All the Dust


A sequel to Almost Easy.

More than a year after Brian originally left on tour, he and Blair find themselves in the throws of their life and of tragedy.


  1. Chapter One: Tonight the World Dies

  2. Chapter Two: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

  3. Chapter Three: Fiction

  4. Chapter Four: Tell Me Only if it's Real

  5. Chapter Five: Until the End

  6. Chapter Six: Feeding All the Voices in My Head

  7. Chapter Seven: A Change in Expectations

  8. Chapter Eight: You'll be Better for It

  9. Chapter Nine: You Will Always Be My Heart

  10. Chapter Ten: Like Two Slant Trees

  11. Chapter Eleven: I Need You to Know

  12. Chapter Twelve: It's Hurting You but it's Killing Me

  13. Chapter Thirteen: On the Edge

  14. Chapter Fourteen: My Heart

  15. Chapter Fifteen: What's a Rev?

  16. Chapter Sixteen: The Voices in my Head

  17. Chapter Seventeen: Good Looking Out

  18. Chapter Eighteen: I've Come So Far to Meet You Here

  19. Chapter Nineteen: Imposter a New You

  20. Chapter Twenty: On and On and On and On

  21. Chapter Twenty-One: No Comment

  22. Chapter Twenty-Two: Terrence Loves You

  23. Chapter Twenty-Three: Here in Misery

  24. Chapter Twenty-Four: Tell Me Only if it's Real

  25. Chapter Twenty-Five: Not That I Could, Not That I Would

  26. Chapter Twenty-Six: To Challenge Me

  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven: What's Left Behind Me

  28. Chapter Thirty-Eight: I Don't Belong Here

  29. Chapter Thirty-Nine: Beyond the Reach of Anyone

  30. Chapter Forty: From This Afterlife

  31. Chapter Forty-One: Cleanse Us

  32. Chapter Forty-Two: Feed the Beast

  33. Chapter Forty-Three: Show Me Where the Angels Die

  34. Chapter Forty-Four: Pins and Needles

  35. Chapter Forty-Five: What If? Why Not?

  36. Chapter Forty-Six: Something in the Wind

  37. Chapter Forty-Seven: God Knows I Tried

  38. Chapter Forty-Eight: Unholy Confessions

  39. Chapter Forty-Nine: Lows, Lights, and Lauren

  40. Chapter Fifty: I Know It's Hurting You

  41. Chapter Fifty-One: Don't Think I'm All in This World

  42. Chapter Fifty-Two: It's Only Fiction

  43. Chapter Fifty-Three: Blair Gates

  44. Chapter Fifty-Four: Jimmy Sullivan's Wife

  45. Chapter Fifty-Five: Before You Go

  46. Chapter Fifty-Six: Tell Us How the Heavens Flow

  47. Chapter Fifty-Seven: A Simple Favor

  48. Chapter Fifty-Eight: Strength of the World

  49. Chapter Fifty-Nine: Through the Eye of the Needle

  50. Chapter Sixty: The Things That Were

  51. Chapter Sixty-One: The Beast and the Harlot

  52. Chapter Sixty-Two: Who Do We Have Here?

  53. Chapter Sixty-Three: Blackest Day

  54. Chapter Sixty-Four: All Things Must Pass

  55. Chapter Sixty-Five: All is Not Lost

  56. Chapter Sixty-Six: Run for the Future

  57. Chapter Sixty-Seven: Blair Bears

  58. Chapter Sixty-Eight: A Little Piece of Wedding

  59. Chapter Sixty-Nine: Warmness on the Soul

  60. Chapter Eighty: Unbreak Me, Unchain Me

  61. Chapter Eighty-One: A Light That Never Comes

  62. Chapter Eighty-Two: The Day Before

  63. Chapter Eighty-Three: Whatever Will Be, Will Be

  64. Chapter Eighty-Four: When I'm Not With You Tonight

  65. Chapter Eight-Five: When You Think of Me

  66. Chapter Eighty-Six: War of the Worlds

  67. Chapter Eighty-Seven: Are We, We Are

  68. Chapter Eighty-Eight: Saint Lauren

  69. Chapter Eighty-Nine: Live Again, I'll Be Coming Home

  70. Chapter Ninety: Nothing Like a Deathbat Family

  71. Chapter Ninety-One: Everybody's Doing Time

  72. Chapter Ninety-Two: Two Birds with One Stone

  73. Chapter Ninety-Three: The Messenger


Haha good!!

fyction fyction

You made my day with the b-cubed comment!!!

Buggaloo Buggaloo

I love the name!

Joy1979 Joy1979

Hahah haha, i am going to take that as nice Blair and not baby Blair ;) I would like to think I have some of my shit together :P
But dude, girl crush is mutual... So maybe we are Blair and Lauren? :P
Oh you! Talk about compliments!! Insert heart eye emoji here!!
Oh whoa! That's intense!! It makes sense, but not something that you would think about until it happens, or is brought up, you know?

kiss my sas kiss my sas

@kiss my sas
Omg don’t. We’ve talked about this. Your compliments make me all weak at the knees. You’re Blair and I’m Aria, pretty sure. This girl crush will be the death of me.
Its super fucking weird though haha I will take May 7 under serious consideration ;) seems like a good day, given the legend that shares it.
It would be a little strange, I think. My mother is named after my grandmothers sister that died young. My grandma told me that it took her almost a year to be able to call my mother by her name once she was born. So I took that into consideration this chapter haha

fyction fyction