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Dominate Me


Zacky is a famous guitarist who has a hard time trusting. He also is dominate looking for his one true love. He finds it where he least expects it.

Isabella is a little miss nobody lost in the world that is Memphis, Tennessee. She is just getting over a break up and is looking for...she doesn’t know what.

They will cross paths and both experience something new in unfamiliar territory.

**This story will contain NC-17 material
**This story will contain BDSM themes

Title Credit: Domiante Me by Fight The Fury.



I am a terrible person and apparently responded to your comments in my fucking head and not actually on here. I am so sorry! I appreciate and love all of you!
That was a fun chapter to write for some reason. It was freaking hot, but be warned that’s just the beginning lol.

We will see! I do see some freaking out in her future though ;)

I’m getting there! I have a few ideas for the next chapter, I just need to get around to writing it. I’ve got a few other stories I’m working on too, so I’m trying to work on each one a little bit at a time. Hang in there!

I am still not sure it actually happened lol i have the picture proof, but it just still doesn’t seem real. Of course Isa gave him a chance, wouldn’t you?! Now hopefully she just hangs in there. We will have to see what happens.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read and comment! <3

I’m so happy Isa is giving Zee a chance! I’m low key fucking stoked you got to meet the guys! And ridiculously jelly *gigglesnort*

I needed updateage!!

synology synology

Ahhhhh! I loved it! Hopefully Isa can handle it all!

Nicole Nicole

Jesus, why was that so damn hot?!
I need a cold shower now. Thanks. Lol

Buggaloo Buggaloo