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Dominate Me


Zacky is a famous guitarist who has a hard time trusting. He also is dominate looking for his one true love. He finds it where he least expects it.

Isabella is a little miss nobody lost in the world that is Memphis, Tennessee. She is just getting over a break up and is looking for...she doesn’t know what.

They will cross paths and both experience something new in unfamiliar territory.

**This story will contain NC-17 material
**This story will contain BDSM themes

Title Credit: Domiante Me by Fight The Fury.



I apparently missed the notification that you commented! I am sorry! Well you’ve been a good girl so DUH! Hahahah

@countzackula6661 oh believe me I know what you mean! I have so many ideas for the next chapter. I need to sit down and write it!

"I don't like sharing." Fuck! I can't with this. It takes my thought to a whole new level. Keep it up. I'm dying.

countzackula6661 countzackula6661

I’ve been a good girl! Do I get rewarded?! *grins*

It’s only going to get hotter from here on out ;)

Smut-migos!!! I love it!! Yeah, this story is going to be the death of me! I currently do not have anyone for whom to get a wheelchair (I'm fairly sure that is correct).

I love the ending with Zacky being all mothereffing HOT. And what is Brian off doing to Mariah?! (Naughty baby girl)

violetshade violetshade