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Just Before You Go


Working to find a balance in her new California life, Aria finds herself struggling to fit into her family's expectations. When she meets James Sullivan one night in a bar, she finds herself entranced by him.

Jimmy the Rev Sullivan OC


  1. Chapter One: What's in a Name?

  2. Chapter Two: Five Little Monkeys, Sitting in a Row

  3. Chapter Three: Tell Me Only if it's Real

  4. Chapter Four: Cleanse Us, Acid Rain

  5. Chapter Five: What Would Jimmy Do

  6. Chapter Six: To Be Continued

  7. Chapter Seven: She Gets It

  8. Chapter Eight: The Art of Being Awkward

  9. Chapter Nine: Shark Bait

  10. Chapter Ten: He's a Drummer

  11. Chapter Eleven: Obsessive Compulsive

  12. Chapter Twelve: What is This?

  13. Chapter Thirteen: Influenza

  14. Chapter Fourteen: Wait.

  15. Chapter Fifteen: Liar, Liar

  16. Chapter Sixteen: There's Never Any Time

  17. Chapter Seventeen: The Person I Want to Be

  18. Chapter Eighteen: It's Almost Easy

  19. Chapter Nineteen: You Know Why

  20. Chapter Twenty: The Things that We Have Come to Fear the Most

  21. Chapter Twenty-One: Light Years Above

  22. Chapter Twenty-Two: You Cannot Date That Boy

  23. Chapter Twenty-Three: Moods and Mindless Modulations

  24. Chapter Twenty-Four: A Sullivan Christmas

  25. Chapter Twenty-Five: This is Nothing New

  26. Chapter Twenty-Six: Blinded in Chains

  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven: Wash My View Away

  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight: Go Your Own Way

  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine: Heathen, Heaven, Haven

  30. Chapter Thirty: After Shocks

  31. Chapter Thirty-One: Tied to our Fate

  32. Chapter Thirty-Two: Scared to Make it Out Alive

  33. Chapter Thirty-Three: Call Me Later

  34. Chapter Thirty-Four: I Would Never

  35. Chapter Thirty-Five: Up and At 'Em

  36. Chapter Thirty-Six: Ten Points

  37. Chapter Thirty-Seven: I Make You Wanna Scream

  38. Chapter Thirty-Eight: Nothing Else Matters

  39. Chapter Thirty-Nine: Just For You

  40. Chapter Forty: Peace Offerings

  41. Chapter Forty-One: Seize the Day

  42. Chapter Forty-Two: Hail to the King

  43. Chapter Forty-Three: Heart to Heart

  44. Chapter Forty-Four: When Planets Collide

  45. Chapter Forty-Five: Undivided Attention

  46. Chapter Forty-Six: You've Been At it For Too Long

  47. Chapter Forty-Seven: Now I Think I Understand

  48. Chapter Forty-Eight: What is Love?

  49. Chapter Forty-Nine: The Person I Want to Be

  50. Chapter Fifty: God Knows I Tried

  51. Chapter Fifty-One: Zoo Spiders

  52. Chapter Fifty-Two: Throwing Your Weight Around

  53. Chapter Fifty-Three: I'm Trusting You

  54. Chapter Fifty-Four: What's in the Bucket?

  55. Chapter Fifty-Five: Capably Impervious

  56. Chapter Fifty-Six: A Life Worth Living For

  57. Chapter Fifty-Seven: Hit the Road, Jack

  58. Chapter Fifty-Eight: God Damn Impulsive

  59. Chapter Fifty-Nine: Are You Out of Your Mind?

  60. Chapter Sixty: You Dismantle Me

  61. Chapter Sixty-One: To Wake Up All Alone

  62. Chapter Sixty-Two: Let's Start at the Very Beginning

  63. Chapter Sixty-Three: When Words Fail

  64. Chapter Sixty-Four: One of These Things

  65. Chapter Sixty-Five: It's Killing Me

  66. Chapter Sixty-Six: Of Course She's Staying

  67. Chapter Sixty-Seven: Wretched Abandon

  68. Chapter Sixty-Eight: The Reverend

  69. Chapter Sixty-Nine: Catastrophic Mind Pollution

  70. Chapter Seventy: I'll Learn to Love You Right

  71. Chapter Seventy-One: For the Things You've Done

  72. Chapter Seventy-Two: It's Just Like the Weather

  73. Chapter Seventy-Three: Let It Be

  74. Chapter Seventy-Four: Tell Me When You Hear My Heart Stop

  75. Chapter Seventy-Five: Beyond the Reach of Everyone

  76. Chapter Seventy-Six: When It's Worth Nothing and Everything

  77. Chapter Seventy-Seven: Nothing Else Matters

  78. Chapter Seventy-Eight: We Can Work It Out

  79. Chapter Seventy-Nine: How He Could Have Let You Die

  80. Chapter Eighty: All for Love, All for Love

  81. Chapter Eighty-One: Choking on this Ecstasy

  82. Chapter Eighty-Two: Shepherd of Fire

  83. Chapter Eighty-Three: Burning in the Skies

  84. Chapter Eighty-Four: Howling at the Lonely Moon

  85. Chapter Eighty-Five: Forever

  86. Chapter Eighty-Six: Even Though They Try To

  87. Chapter Eighty-Seven: To Ache Over

  88. Chapter Eighty-Eight: Hands of Fate

  89. Chapter Eighty-Nine: Timing is Everything

  90. Chapter Ninety: Family Obligation

  91. Chapter Ninety-One: For What It's Worth

  92. Chapter Ninety-Two: Caught Sideways on the Crossroad

  93. Chapter Ninety-Three: Diamond Heart

  94. Chapter Ninety-Four: Fight for Honor, Fight For Your Life

  95. Chapter Ninety-Five: Sisterly Advice

  96. Chapter Ninety-Six: Until the End

  97. Chapter Ninety-Seven: Though They Took Your Voice

  98. Chapter Ninety-Eight: Buy a Gun and Start a War

  99. Chapter Ninety-Nine: Us Against the World

  100. Chapter One Hundred: A Line in the Sand

  101. Chapter One Hundred and One: Where the Wild Things Are

  102. Chapter One Hundred and Two: Almost Human

  103. Chapter One Hundred and Three: Walk With Me

  104. Chapter One Hundred and Four: Train Under Water

  105. Chapter One Hundred and Five: Black Beauty

  106. One Hundred and Six: Cast Off the Crutch

  107. Chapter One Hundred and Seven: Take You Out

  108. Chapter One Hundred and Eight: The Lucky Ones

  109. Chapter One Hundred and Nine: Fade Away

  110. Chapter One Hundred and Ten: The Ground Caved In

  111. Chapter One Hundred and Eleven: Impolitely Honest

  112. Chapter One Hundred and Twelve: Sad Girl

  113. Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen: Welcome Home

  114. Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen: Take Your Pick

  115. Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen: Just Before You Go

  116. Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen: Tell Us How the Heavens Flow


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I'm sorry!!!! Didn't mean to kick you while you're down, I swear!!

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I'm so proud of you for finishing this masterpiece, but I am SO SAD!!!
WHAT IS LIFE??!???!!!!

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kiss my sas kiss my sas

Holy shit, holy shit, I am not prepared!!!!
Going to read the... last... chapter now...

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