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Two In My Heart


Everyone can see Violet hasn't been herself ever since she became a mother. It doesn't help that her twin seems to handle it with ease. Her new job looms in the not so far away future, and she has two boyfriends that are slipping away.

Synyster and Jade plan their dream wedding, and sharing his time with a new baby and his husband proves hard to keep up with. How long can they keep their secret from the outside world?

Third installment of Violet's life after "Blinded In Chains" and "Two Vibrant Hearts Could Change".

*I don't own the guys/this never happened etc etc. Don't steal my stuff!!*

Thanks for reading!!


Brooks Wackerman

Brooks Wackerman

The newest member really starts to feel like part of the family after also moving to HB. The touring only gets better, and he gets more comfortable. Except whenever Violet shows up on tour for a few days. Then he's got to deal with her newest fascination.

Jade Shade

Jade Shade

A new mother and absolutely acing it, Jade is high on life until the band goes back on tour. The upcoming wedding keeps her busy, but she misses both Brian and the satisfaction that came with her former job. She takes solace in the fact that at least her sister isn't on tour with her man anymore.

Johnny Christ

Johnny Christ

Johnny's a sweetheart and a prankster. While hilarious and fun to be around, he's never been able to settle down, to find that one girl. He's a got a feisty, dark side he's not sure he trusts with anyone else. Is it finally his time?

M. Shadows

M. Shadows

Ecstatic in his role as a father, he can't imagine touring away from his son and his girl. Lots of adjustments will be needed on tour, away from their sons, away from their girlfriends, and with many different addictions.

Synyster Gates

Synyster Gates

Brian juggles being a father, a husband, and a fiance well--even as a sex addict. Until tour once again interrupts his perfect life. Though he loves his husband and gets to tour with the beautiful guy, he's gotta keep himself away from Shadz. And keep half his life from the press and the fans.

Violet Shade

Violet Shade

Lost when she finds herself unable to care enough for her newborn, Vi has to figure something out soon before she takes on enormous responsibilities at work.

Zacky Vengeance

Zacky Vengeance

Zacky has the hardest job right now, although from his perspective, also the greatest rewards. A husband to tour with, a girlfriend that's a loving sex addict just like his hubby, and two babies that for now are the closest he has to his own. He waits patiently for the day he gets to be a dad. The only bad part is, hiding his love for his husband and bandmate proves to only get harder.


  1. Rest

    Sleep would be nice.

  2. Drenched in Syn

    While Violet and Jade were gone...

  3. Betrayed

    Synyster believed he'd done something awful, which turns out to be something pretty great.

  4. Best For Us In The End

    Shadz comes clean and Violet shows up.

  5. Judge Or Take Shots At Me

    Violet puts up with zero crap. Brian gets a few different things he wants.

  6. 4 a.m.

    Don't. Hate me.

  7. Like Beautiful Stories

    After the crash comes guilt and consequences.

  8. Warmness On The Soul

    After the throuples get home from the hospital.


SYNACKY! VIOLEANCE! You know what we need? J and Shads. If Syn can have two partner’s J can too, mofo! I also thoroughly enjoy SallyMay bagging the shit outta Bri, it’s awesome *lmfao* I totally can see exactly what she’s saying, and he needs a good ass whoopin’... Super Evil Zacky needs to turn the tables on him in the Spunk Bunk downstairs! Sadly, I’m also a fucking sucker for Syn, so I’m compelled to err on the side of Shade here. He’s an adorably delicious pain in the ass. I wish he was a pain in my... ANYWAY, moving on.

SHADE! We need more Don’t Mess With Sexas, smut wench!

I sure as hell am going to keep trying hahaha

i honestly forgot about this chapter, i loved it. I still say it should’ve been Matt first but ya know me lol

Of course that totally makes sense about Violet! I should've thought of that, just because she's cleared doesn't mean he is! Good thing she's more thoughtful than I am.

I am so relieved you're understanding and laid back (if that's how to describe it) about my issues with Brian because for real I love your story and I'm relieved you're not offended or changing anything. Like you find it cute so I'm glad you write it that way even if I hate him? It that makes sense either lol, it's like you should write what you want! Also just know I actually do genuinely love hating him idk why but I'm glad you still like my comments! You rock, thanks for updating this!

SallyMay SallyMay

Ha, the only reason she went to Zacky is because Matt isn't supposed to have sex yet. Zack is healing, but it's safer for him to be having sex than it is for Matt.

It's almost comical how much you don't like this Brian! ; ) He does interrupt them, but...he at least asks permission?? Hehe, I just see the loving hubby that doesn't even wanna leave for a second--so at least he gave them some time?? (Although, if you catch the comment he makes, he was totally eavesdropping). I, of course find his protectiveness adorable, but I totally see why/how it could come across as him being an asshole : ) He was watching out for his health, technically, but he was way overdoing it and realizes once they're having sex that he might as well. His possessiveness, to me, is way omg cuuuute so I apologize if it comes off as overdoing it! But yes, he is the character you love to hate! I looooove that you read anyway, lol!
Thanks for your comments, I love love love them no matter how much you don't like Bri!! And yes, there will be mucho fun for the couples next chapter!!

violetshade violetshade

First of all and totally most importantly, I AM SO HAPPY FOR VI OMG that's amazing! I was honestly surprised that she ran to Zack instead of Matt though. It does make sense as they're all still freaking out about him being hurt in the accident but still, I'm a bit surprised considering her and Matt's closeness. But then the girl does have two boyfriends so she's free to! I love how Matt was naturally a bit jealous but understood and smart of her to smooth it over with the compliment. And it's true really too so that works!

Still not a fan of this Brian. IDK, but it's like... It's good that he feels as bad as he does because he should but then he SAYS he feels all bad but still ends up interrupting Zack and Vi's moment and fucking Zack - making him bottom even though he was supposedly all protective of his health and scared for him etc and then to have the gall to basically kick Vi out when he was the unwelcome visitor was just so rude. Playing it off by being "cute" about being a possessive ass is still being a possessive ass! And like I get that Zack only really likes to bottom with a rare departure every now and then but I dunno it seemed more like Brian not caring and taking what he wants per usual even while SAYING he feels so bad about it. I totally applaud you for writing so compellingly though. He's like the character I love to hate!

But yeah, also sweet Zack was and always is sweet Zack! I love spunky Jade too, I loved when she was teasing Brain but also it's like HE "has" two people so she totally actually should go after someone else if she wants! I know she cares about him and he's too much of a hypocrite to encourage that though but it would be fair!

Anyway, as always I loved it! And I love your writing. I hope Vi and Matt can get together soon too! But I'm looking forward to more whenever and whatever it is!!

SallyMay SallyMay