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Beast and the Harlot


After Madeline lost her best friend her mother moved her to Cali to help her daugther deal with the lose.
She then meets the guys of Avenged and they all instantly become friends until she falls in love with one of them could they have a happy ending or will this end in disaster?


Karen Rosalee Martin

Karen Rosalee Martin

Nicknames: Rose, or Lee, or Kay. Piercings: her left eyebrow and right nostril,[a little stud] ears are pierced twice & left tragus with a Circular Barbell. Tats: A black and purple checkered heart on her right hip and a star that has a snake wrapped around it on the right side of my neck Personality: Most of the time laughing and smiling, or doing and saying something stupid, but when it comes time to act like a mature person, she's there for you. Easy to talk to because will always listen and let you express yourself. Some people say she don't act my age, because she worries about others too much. If you mess with her friends, you might as well dig your own grave because she'll will beat the hell out of you.

Madeline Lily Worthy

Madeline Lily Worthy

Stubborn, Cocky, Independent, Flirty (but not a slut), rebellious, wild, trouble maker Dances to her own beat and doesn't care what people say. Single-minded until the point of recklessness. She is eccentric and loves to stand out she is easy going spastic has ADD and is random she is bitchy 99.9% of the time and can out drink anyone who challenges her she loves to sing and dance. Has two piercings in each her earlobes, right side tragus, scaffold left ear, nose both sides, septum, navel and tongue and three dermals along her right breast. tattoos a red rose on her left ankle 'fuck you' running down her right middle finger “Shhh” running down her right pointer finger. A pair of earphones on left hip Triquetra on left shoulder blade Pentagram right shoulder blade "Haylee" in a heart on her left wrist


  1. 001.

    This story deals with suicide, rape, abuse both physical and emotional, alcohol and drug abuse, self-harm. If you don’t like any of these issues or are triggered by any of these issues please don’t read it, I wrote this story after I was assaulted and lost a friend to suicide as a way of coping...

  2. 002.

    funeral :'(

  3. 003.

    Moving time meeting the crew

  4. 004.

    meeting crew

  5. 005.

    feelings gather <3

  6. 006.

    parttyyy time

  7. 007.

    the aftermath


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