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Almost Easy


Blair Peterson's life was just beginning--newly 21, a record deal, early fame. While in attendance at a music festival, she makes fast friends with Jimmy Sullivan. It doesn't take long before Jimmy is introducing Blair to a world of indulgence: parties, drugs, music, and most importantly, Synyster Gates.


  1. Chapter One: What's a Rev?

  2. Chapter Two: Eat your Vegetables

  3. Chapter Three: Enochlophobia

  4. Chapter Four: Hot Damn

  5. Chapter Five: For Research Purposes

  6. Chapter Six: How Tasty?

  7. Chapter Seven: Cat and Mouse

  8. Chapter Eight: Let's Go, Bitches

  9. Chapter Nine: So Help Me, God

  10. Chapter Ten: Thirdwheel

  11. Chapter Eleven: A Goddess

  12. Chapter Twelve: A Date?

  13. Chapter Thirteen: Shush

  14. Chapter Fourteen: A Good Fucking Memory

  15. Chapter Fifteen: Just Before You Go

  16. Chapter Sixteen: I'm Fine

  17. Chapter Seventeen: My Lacerated Soul

  18. Chapter Eighteen: Dear John

  19. Chapter Nineteen: There You'll Find Me

  20. Chapter Twenty: Eternally Grateful

  21. Chapter Twenty-One: Saint Jimmy

  22. Chapter Twenty-Two: No Man but Brian

  23. Twenty-Three: The Replacement

  24. Twenty-Four: Think of the Children

  25. Twenty-Five: We're Not Worthy

  26. Twenty-Six: Six Weeks

  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven: One Day

  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight: Don't Hurt Yourself

  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine: Whatever the Hell That Is

  30. Chapter Thirty: Scream

  31. Chapter Thirty-One: Revington

  32. Chapter Thirty-Two: Exist

  33. Chapter Three: Blinded in Chains

  34. Chapter Thirty-Four: Dinner

  35. Chapter Thirty-Five: Semantics

  36. Chapter Thirty-Six: Sex Eyes

  37. Chapter Thirty-Seven: Brody House

  38. Chapter Thirty-Eight: You're Welcome

  39. Chapter Thirty-Nine: She Hates Me

  40. Chapter Forty: Your Integrity Don't Mean Shit

  41. Chapter Forty-One: If You Hear Me, Let Me Know

  42. Chapter Forty-Two: You're Going to Get in Trouble

  43. Chapter Forty-Three: Worth it

  44. Chapter Forty-Four: Beyond the Reach of Everyone

  45. Chapter Forty-Five: Time

  46. Chapter Forty-Six: I'm Sorry

  47. Chapter Forty-Seven: Nothing Can Compare

  48. Chapter Forty-Eight: The Pain of Being

  49. Chapter Forty-Nine: Avenged

  50. Chapter Fifty: You're Okay

  51. Chapter Fifty-One: I Can't Feel You There

  52. Chapter Fifty-Two: I've Come to Talk With You Again

  53. Chapter Fifty-Three: Freed of the World; Shed of the Weight

  54. Chapter Fifty-Four: Happy Hallowe'en

  55. Chapter Fifty-Five: TB

  56. Chapter Fifty-Six: What a Wonderful Life

  57. Chapter Fifty-Seven: Close Our Eyes So We Can See

  58. Chapter Fifty-Eight: Coming Home to You

  59. Chapter Fifty-Nine: Poltergeist Activity

  60. Chapter Sixty: Not the Movie

  61. Chapter Sixty-One: Brian and Brian

  62. Chapter Sixty-Two: Too Many Moons

  63. Chapter Sixty-Three: Weep Not for Roads Untraveled

  64. Chapter Sixty-Four: Pillow Fights

  65. Chapter Sixty-Five: Mona is the Answer

  66. Chapter Sixty-Six: The Men are Speaking

  67. Chapter Sixty-Seven: To the Chocolate Factory We Go

  68. Chapter Sixty-Eight: Free?

  69. Chapter Sixty-Nine: When Hell Freezes Over

  70. Chapter Seventy: I'll be with you here until the end


@kiss my sas
Omg!!! Lol

fyction fyction

Ok, time for a re read on this one now :D
Baby Blair, come at me!!!

kiss my sas kiss my sas

Awwww!! Thank you!! I appreciate that so much. You seriously just made my rough morning far less terrible haha I’m so glad that you loved Almost Easy!
I look forward to your thoughts on Trashed and Scattered! And on TATD whenever you get to it! I love your feedback!!

fyction fyction

I just put my head down and powered through - not difficult, your writing is so enjoyable to read! I can't wait to start TATD, but I'm going to catch up with TAS tonight before I start it. I don't want to be behind on another story!

I cannot tell you how much I loved this story. It moved me so much, you conveyed all the emotion so well. I kept finding myself bummed out, or raging, or grinning to myself as I read it. It was an awesome rollercoaster. I honestly think you could get yourself published if you wanted to! Your writing is so well-paced and engaging, it makes for the perfect read!

Ok, ok, I'm done gushing!! Well, on this story anyway! ;)

RamonaFoREVer RamonaFoREVer

Haha good work, you!! You really powered through the last big chunk! Ominous is what I do ..... :)
A break from Hurricane Blair lol that makes total and complete sense.

fyction fyction