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Seize the Day

Cowboy John

5. Zacky
Cowboy John

As I dusted I started to look at all the photos that were placed around the room... Wedding pictures, baby pictures, old pictures and the whole lot of Johnny as a child and teenager pictures.
"Whoa, who is this?" I asked pointing my fluffy pink stick thing at a picture with a man and a small young girl in it.
" John and I." She said without even looking.
"Who's this?" I asked pointing to what looked like a 3 year old- covered head to toe in cake.
"You have a happy family." I said quietly.
"I guess. I mean John and Dad don't get along too well... We don't get along with the rest of the family - but Pa says that's normal."
"I guess." I said, not knowing what else to say.
"You wanna look at pictures?" She said pulling out a few books from the bookcase. "I'm sure you'll love the ones of John, leverage for picking on him."
"Yes!" I smiled as I plopped down on the couch next to her.
She showed me page after page of pictures: Fishing pictures, family vacations, hiking and of course my favorite - embarrassing Johnny pictures.
"Man, I've got to take this back to LA with me." I laughed as she pulled one out for me to look at closer.
My favorites included: naked Johnny in the bathtub, holding what looked like a plastic ship stuck up his nose. Toddler Johnny on a small quad - naked. Toddler Johnny not facing the camera, holding what looked like a juice box, naked. I couldn't help but keep the one back of Johnny with a cowboy hat on and chaps, naked of course, holding a rope in one hand and a toy horse in the other.
And my all-time favorite - Baby Johnny, mohawk and all, sitting on Levi's lap eating spaghetti - somehow this boy got it up his nose in one side and out the other.
"How long will you guys be here?" She asked as she put the books away.
"probably a week or so." I shrugged. "Johnny didn't say."
"You just blindly followed him?"
"Much shit as I give him- he's my best friend." I said with a smile. "If he wants me to be here for support I’m on it, dude."
"You're a good friend." She smiled.
Man, the most beautiful woman I had ever met- and she's Johnny's sister. Fan-fucking-tastic. I mean, come on! She sat there and laughed as she explained one last picture, one that was hung on the wall for all the world to see. I wasn't listening - I was too caught up in her beautiful smile. She must've noticed I wasn't listening and was just staring at her because she let her head down, letting her hair cover her face as she tried to hide her blush.
"Sorry. You're just really pretty." I admitted.
"If you can believe it- it's about 2:30.... So I have to go pick up Aunt Janet and Uncle Dan." She said getting up, smoothing out her shirt.
"I'll go with you, I'm surprised Johnny isn't back yet." I said looking out the window to see the jeep hadn't come back yet.
"I'm not, his favorite bar is there and open- we'll be lucky if he comes back tonight."
"Great." I sighed.
"Well, come on- let's go. We'll have to take my truck... Though- I’m not sure where everyone will sit." She said scrunching her nose.
"You can take my truck, it's extended cab." Levi said throwing her the keys.
"Thanks." She smiled.
I followed her, getting into a truck that was not as lifted and loud as hers - much more.... I don’t know what the nice word for this is...
"Zack..." She said waving her hand in front of my face.
"What?" I said looking around, we had made it into town... I must've gotten lost in my own world for a few minutes.. God am I tired... What were we doing here again?
"Hey!" I heard coming from outside the vehicle, oh god people. OH that’s right- that's what we’re here for.
"Nice to see you again! Who's this - your new..."
"This is Zack." Bailey interjected. "Johnny's friend that's come to stay with him."
"Where is Johnny? Oh I'm being rude - I'm Janet, this is my husband Dan... and my daughter Lena."
The little girl clung to her mother's dress, hiding within it but yet still trying to peek out at me.
Great. a toddler.
shoot me.



I can't wait for a sequel.

Joy1979 Joy1979

That was wonderful! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen on tour! I’m so glad you decided to do a sequel!

Oh poor Bailey and Zacky. I love those two together so much. I hope you decide on a sequel, I’m not ready for this story to end:

I’ve been a relatively silent reader with this story but I justed wanted to say how much I’m loving it! I love the dynamic between Zacky and Bailey...I just hope she and Johnny can fix their relationship. Keep it up and i can’t wait for more!

I'm so in love with this story ♥♥♥