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14 Days


When a loyal member of the Avenged Sevenfold tour crew has to return home, they need someone to fill his shoes desperately. Thanks to their manager, Larry, and his myriad of connections, they borrow some help to get them through.

Evie is just about to wrap up Halestorm’s latest tour cycle. They only have 2 more shows until she is set to return home to a proper bed, hot water showers, and not having to live with 6 others. When she is approached with the offer of helping out another band, her soft heart gets the better of her and before she knows it, she is whisked into the Avenged Sevenfold lifestyle of luxurious tour busses, nights of partying, mornings of hangovers, and a handful of amazing new friends.

Will 2 weeks really be long enough for Evie once she is a part of the Avenged Sevenfold family?

This story is set in 2009 on the Self Titled tour. I will be taking a lot of liberties with this story as I was not there, but will try to stick to realistic dates/locations/etc when possible. The main thing to note is that all their actual tour dates in April 2009 I have moved to be dated May 2009 instead to work with the flow of the story.
Also, I am Australian, so will therefore be spelling particular words how they come naturally. (eg: colour, realise, mum, etc.)
I do not own Avenged or their crew, Halestorm or their crew, or any wives/girlfriends/SO’s mentioned in this fictional reality. I do own the plot line (adapted from a story I wrote YEARS ago which I have since deleted as it was just embarrassing), the character traits of Evie, and any other original characters that may appear.
Evie’s appearance is based off Katrin Berndt, a popular YouTube personality. I just think she is absolutely gorgeous.


Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold

Jimmy, Zacky, Matt, Brian and Johnny

Evelyn 'Evie' Fitch

Evelyn 'Evie' Fitch

25 years old. Has been touring along with Halestorm for the last 5 years, helping them from their very beginnings to the lead up of releasing their first album. She has always grown up surrounded by music, loving each and every instrument she could get her hands on. When her brother joined Halestorm in 2004 she helped them out in the only way she could; being their tech.



Josh, Arejay, Lzzy, Joe

Matt and Jason Berry

Matt and Jason Berry

The back bone of Avenged's loyal tour crew



If anyone comes back to this, please join us over at www.A7Xfanfic.com :)

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Still here! Had to get a new login. I can’t use my overneaththepathofmisery login *cries* all my favourites and follows, gone! I’ve got to get on the new site, and check it out there too...

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Thanks :) Her name is Harley, and she has baby cheeks for days which KILLS me!

I didn't know if people were still on here, but I have another update to this. I will upload soon :)

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A niece! Yay! What’s her name?

I was so so excited to stumble upon this update! Especially with all the fuckery of the digression of the site!

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Finally got caught up! Can’t wait to see what Evie choices!

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