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I wasn't really a runaway. But there was no looking back. I left my spouse of 10 years and decided to live every deathbat's dream. Move to Huntington Beach. I had no ideas of grandeur as far the guys went--I wasn't there for them, I was there for me. For beaches and late nights and sunsets and unbridled fun.

But it's not that big of a place and you can bet your ass who I ran into.

*I don't own anyone and don't know the guys and this never happened...obviously.*

This story is extremely personal for me, so you guys are about to learn a heck of a lot about me! Not all of the "personal" stuff is true, and if you have questions, feel free to ask. I'm a pretty open book...clearly. This is my extremely self-indulgent piece--my dream of all dreams. Zacky. Vengeance.




Violet's new friend and co-worker. Also free and fun, she's exactly what Violet needs in her life.

Violet Shade

Violet Shade

Newly single. Looking for a new start and probably trouble. Recently finding a completely new person in herself, Violet winds up landing some luck in HB. Confident and brash, this new side of her gets her a lot of what she wants, but also gets her into some nasty situations.

Zacky Vengeance

Zacky Vengeance

Zack is punk, is attitude, is artistry. But he's also kind, and used to be fun. Now he is, as he puts it, "bored."


  1. What Went Wrong

    I settle in and run into some....luck.

  2. I Wonder

    Questions get asked and answered, which only raises more questions.

  3. My Little Runaway

    *your lady parts have been warned*

  4. As I Walk Along

    How do we move on from this?

  5. This Ain't A Scene, It's a Goddamn Arms Race

    Violet continues to make a name for herself at Johnny's.

  6. I Think Of The Things We've Done


  7. Sedated Nights

    Pool party.

  8. Pictures and Some Memories Will Have to Help Me Through

    A photo shoot is followed by some interesting repercussions.

  9. Unholy Confessions

    Zack confesses a few things.

  10. Sedated Nights II

    Vi meets the boys.

  11. To End This Misery

    Zacky gets harassed more by the boys.

  12. Wonder Why

    Zacky needs a little comfort.

  13. Here By Me


  14. Tears Are Fallin'

    Reality catches up.

  15. Why, Why, Why, Why

    Violet, and the girls, learn some interesting things about Vengeance.

  16. Feel The Pain

    Vi gets a little comfort and they both figure some things out.

  17. The Big D

    Spelling things out.

  18. So Long And Goodnight

    Last night before tour.

  19. Liar Liar

    Violet has to lie once again, after some bonding she didn't realize needed to happen.

  20. Don't Go To Sleep Tonight, Darling, Hold Me In Your Arms.

    Violet and Zack start an freaky conversation.

  21. Turn The Other Way

    *okay, more smut* Violet and Zack have to face a truth.

  22. The Fight

    Michelle and Brian lay into Violet and Zacky.

  23. Until The End

    Zacky flubs and everyone tries to recover.

  24. Take Shots At Me


  25. Setting You Free

    Everyone discovers something new.

  26. Pleasure's All Mine

    Violet has a run in with Rhea and then...some others.

  27. There's No Struggling


  28. Unbound

    Some definitions, even if very open ended ones.

  29. Room Here Left To Grow

    Zack has to accept their new drummer.

  30. Unwanted Clemency

    Spicy. *some light bdsm/non-con*

  31. I'll Be Somebody Else

    Zacky has a day planned that someone almost ruins.

  32. Ask All The Questions

    Violet makes an interesting move and Zacky tries to deal with it.

  33. Not To Fall

    Zack uses jealousy to his advantage.

  34. If I Ravaged Your Body

    Some expected, and some not so expected, fun.

  35. So Fuckin' Deep In

    Vi has an interesting conversation with Megs and one hellofa night.

  36. What's The Fun In Freedom When It Renders You A Slave

    A great date leads to an intense night.

  37. Victim of Your Own Creation

    I sexy night out ends unexpectedly.

  38. She Ran Away

    Zacky and Vi deal. *inappropriate gifs included*

  39. As She Walked Away

    "I'll be here waiting, tested and secure...."

  40. Fools Rush In

    Zacky realizes what great friends he has and Violet has a confrontation.

  41. You Have My Heart

    Zacky takes a chance.

  42. Walkin' In The Rain

    Vi and Zack always have fun together....

  43. Take Your Aggression Out On Me

    The girls find out and confront Violet. An interesting night follows. *LOTS of gifs*

  44. Where She Will Stay

    Violet gets an interesting thank you, Zack's cornered into some locker room talk, and then witnesses something he really wishes he hadn't.

  45. Cold State Line

    A last night before tour and getting on the road.

  46. To Watch

    Fun on the bus and Zack has to make a point.

  47. Warmness On The Soul

    Violet and Zack get very real.

  48. Perishing

    Violet takes advantage and makes the guys nervous.

  49. I Won't Be A Victim

    Zack and Vi have a couple of tifs and Vi begins her kinky boot camp.

  50. Your Integrity Don't Mean Shit

    An article and a fight.

  51. It's Hurting You, But It's Killing Me

  52. Two Vibrant Hearts Could Change

    Violet has to make a bold move.


Thanks for appreciating that little tidbit!! I can't wait to get some one day, I bet it is really fun! Hope you like yours!
RIGHT?!? hahaha

violetshade violetshade

FINALLY! *praise the lord, motherfucker!*

Yaaaaay!! So glad to see them back together, and in a (potentially) more stable situation! I really love the detail of her taking out her contacts for this conversation, it makes the whole thing feel very real and vulnerable. (I wore colored contacts for the first time a couple weeks ago, and dang, they can really make you feel like a different person, lol!)

rizanicole rizanicole

Bahaha right?!? Well, here ya go!

violetshade violetshade

Bitches (and I use that term AFFECTIONATELY) better be figuring their shit out *shakes fist in a completely non threatening, entirely laughable manner*