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Hail To The Prince


Brian is married off to the virile, hunky Prince Matthew--an alpha with a reputation. Being an omega, Brian's betrothal comes with the promise of giving Matt an heir. Can their relationship ever be more than this?

So I stumbled across this alpha/omega mpreg stuff in Final Fantasy fanfiction and couldn't help but write my own! Hope you enjoy it!
*don't know the guys, none of this happened*
The Ao3 story I got the idea from is:
If you like slash and/or mpreg, run don't walk to read this!!!


Prince Brian

Prince Brian

A former viscount, Brian's horrified when he's married off like a possession by his father. But when it's during his time as an omega, he can't resist Matthew's charm and dominance. The rest of the time? Matthew better learn that he is not a plaything.

Prince Matthew

Prince Matthew

Matthew's the handsome, bratty, brawny son of King Gregory. He's got a reputation for being a king in the sack, but is new to his own deeper feelings. Being an alpha he naturally gravitates physically towards his new betrothed, but he's taken aback when his omega is more than he bargained for.


  1. Betrothed

    A wedding. Night.

  2. Royal Flames

    Brian can't resist.

  3. The Streets To Adore

    Brian's other side.

  4. No Mercy

    Brian's time.

  5. Keys To The Throne


  6. I Won't See You Tonight

    Brian starts to figure out what pregnancy means for him.

  7. I'm Not Afraid

    Matt takes care of Brian.

  8. This Means War

    Matt has to leave for battle.

  9. Tend Your Light

    Matthew comes home from war.


@Beastly Shadows.
Thanks guys!! Yep, I love how Matt can be so beastly and then tender. Hearty eyes!!!

violetshade violetshade

Ahhhhhhh that chapter was pure gold!! Can't wait for more. :D

Matt was all over the place in the best way! I can’t wait to see his and Brian’s reuniting

Ugh so good, I'm glad I caught up. cx

THANK YOU!!! So happy you can feel bad for Bri in this story, that's def what I'm going for!! You're so funny, though.....teeheh!
Yes, Matt needed a good slap in the face ; )

violetshade violetshade