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With Which I Misbehave


Brian's a bad father. Rayven's a bad daughter. What happens when they realize they'll never be able to say no to one another?

*other random one-shots that involve this kink and at least one of the guys*

This started as a joke, because Ghost loves to call hot guys Daddy. Like, all of them. After enough conversations, Twitter chats, etc etc etc of this, I told her "that's it! I'm totally writing you a one-shot where Brian's actually your daddy and actually fucking you." So here we are.

Now I'm going to take ten showers, drink a lot, and hide in a corner.

Originally meant to be a few one-shots of each of the guys, this has somehow turned into an actual story partly because I have no control, partly because Ghost keeps encouraging me, partly because it seems you guys kinda dig it! So here it goes, lets see where this leads.


  1. Baby Girl

    You better be ready for this.

  2. ABC

    It's easy as 1-2-3.

  3. Substitute

    Not the teacher kind of way.

  4. Mine

    you guys are going to kill me.

  5. Two is Better Than One, Three is Better Than Two

    Violet and Rayven become friends.


I love how turmolied he is, he seems more upset about it with Violet there. But if I were either of those girls I’d keep misbehaving.

Oh sweet jesus when he came back in and told them both off for coming without his say so... Fuckkkkkkkk

"Lots of spankings tonight, but that's what bad girls get" good god... I'm broken...

You're welcome, Motherfucker :P

I'm not necessarily condoning this, but yes. Not sure how fully they'll continue to accept it, but I can't seem to put this shit to rest, so I guess we'll see!! Lol....Ghost has seriously fucked me up!
Thank you!!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

violetshade violetshade

So good! I’m excited to see what the next chapter will bring. Loved the update!

FlawlessFlaws FlawlessFlaws