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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


Ellie Brandt had made a clean break. At 18, she packed up and moved across the country, making the last minute decision to attend the same university as her father, where she made good grades and worked part-time as a bartender at one of the most popular bars in Miami. Ellie’s new friends knew her as the good girl, whose only bad habits included drinking a little too much on occasion and taking her stress out on a drag of a cigarette. Though the good girl persona was just Ellie’s reinvention of herself. As a teen, she was constantly up to no good; spending most of her time sneaking into dive bars and getting into fights with her best friends by her side. Saying goodbye to the west coast was the most difficult decision Ellie had ever made. Probably because she really had no choice in the matter.

So when Ellie is reunited with her best friends after years of no contact, she's nervous as all hell. Ellie had hoped to keep some of her demons in the past, but what she was quickly realizing was, it wasn't going to be easy.



Loved the update :)

Loved the update. I hope all goes okay in Cali :)


Thank you both for your comments and support for this story. I'm sorry this is coming to you so late, but the next chapter is here! :)

Loved the updates :D

Update soon please.

Joy1979 Joy1979