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Restraint is Useless Here


Anna wasn’t expecting Brian. She especially didn’t expect he’d be her salvation.

Trigger Warning: domestic abuse.
Content Warning: eventual smut.
Patience Warning: this burn is slooooow.




THANK YOU ALL so much for reading and commenting! I swear the story is still around and I’ve got around 1500 words toward the next chapter but damn, if it isn’t effing hard to craft. You guys keep me going!! <3

Okay, two months late and a filler chapter and I’m not even mad. I was so excited to see an update. And I have to tell you, I CACKLED two separate times though this chapter. The image of Matt in a gym with the aviators still on was the first, and Brian’s comment about Matt’s chicken leg was the second. I loved it. And honestly, take your time with this story. You’re crafting a masterpiece that I’m quite invested in, so I’d much rather you take your time to get it right than pump out updates for the sake of updating. With that being said, as per usual, I can’t wait for the next chapter. I’m so excited for the moment Brian and Anna accept their connection to each other!!

I can’t wait for them to realise they have a connec

Jenny117 Jenny117

Brian and Anna... They have this chemistry, this connection... It’s going to explode into awesomeness!


Just write! If you wind up not liking it, scrap it! Writing can get tough: sometimes you need a break, sometimes you need to force yourself to write through it, sometimes you think you're really inspired and then later you think it sucks.....but you will get there I know it!!! Everyone writes at their own pace and there's nothing wrong with that!
The newest pic of Syn on Insta has me very inspired right now to write Brian, despite the fact I'm totally a Zacky girl (you'd never guess with my list of stories, but Brian just writes himself a little easier??? Not to mention, for me, he's hot with both Zack and Matt, where as Zacky slash is purely only Synacky).

violetshade violetshade