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You Have My Heart


A tale of unbridled Brattiness. Where it all began. Set in the throws of the City of Evil, Shadows discovers he's started to look at his guitarist differently. He's an extremely possessive man, and vows to own Brian, at all costs.

Don't know/own the guys but do own this story. None of this happened.


  1. At Least For the Most Part

    Gates and Shadows start to wonder....

  2. So Fuckin' Deep In


  3. Possibilities I Never Considered

    The boys get attached.

  4. Never This Good In Bed

    Hotel night.

  5. See You Tonight Pt. 1

  6. See You Tonight Pt. 2

    The date.

  7. Baby Don't Cry

    The fight.

  8. Seize The Day

    A video shoot.

  9. Seize The Day II

    More shooting and a whole lotta lovin'.

  10. Sidewinder

    Fame hits.

  11. Betrayed

    MTV Awards

  12. All I Had To Give

    The breakup leaves both men desolate.

  13. The Likes Of Which I'd Never Heard

    Matt gets his own first taste.

  14. It's Just Begun

    Brian finally has his turn.

  15. Just So Perfect

    Brian can't get enough and Jimmy reappears.

  16. Almost Easy

    Lyrics make Brian wonder.

  17. Until The End of Time

    Still snowed in.


They’re engaged! Yay!! I love how Zacky and Jimmy are looking out for Brian.

I love the Animaniacs! That was a great addition! That fight was the cutest thing ever....can fights be cute? I can totally see where Brian is coming from when it comes to the lyrics. I’m glad they worked that out. I can’t wait for more!

I'm glad you loved those ones because I extra enjoyed them myself! It was like getting to relive it through slashy and kinky eyes and I love it!!! I have no idea where this is going and really it can go anywhere you want I just hope there's more! Weirdly even though I normally don't love male pregnancy, I would totally be down with Syn getting knocked up again even. Whatever you got I'll love!

Hawkens Hawkens

This comment omg!! Dying.
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you guys like this, cause lord knows I sure as fuck do, haha. Yeah I love how even when Bri's a top he's still loves being owned by Matt, guhhhh. I like when the stories allow for me to add pics, it's so much more fun!! That was part of the reason why the awards chapter and the Seize the Day chapters were so freakin' fun. And it gave me an excuse to watch those damn vids over and over hehe.

violetshade violetshade

Ohhhhhhhh how have I missed this updating?!?! I'm a very bad fan! But here now!

WOW this is so so hot. While I still prefer Matt topping, it was still hot and also sweet that he let Brian top especially considering it was his first! And I love how they still have their Dom/Sub dynamic even with Brian fucking Matt.

Also I love the little bit with Michelle, honestly Brian shouldn't be surprised! We girls can be very pervy too and him and Matt together is the hottest pairing ever, so, you know haha. I enjoyed that!

Also, I love your integrating pictures into the story they reeeaaallly fit and make it even better! Also I love teasing/flirty Brian almost as much as possessive Matt. Together they're the best!

I love this story so much!

Hawkens Hawkens