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The Wild Ride


Peyton and Zack have been married for almost two years, and they are just about to celebrate their son’s second birthday. How will they juggle their marriage, parenting, the band, and all the crazy shit in between?



Oh Veng... I'm so sorry, honey <3 I only hope writing can bring you some relief, and maybe a little smile xxox

I am so sorry for your loss :(

we appreciate you updating! Hopefully you’ll be able to get lost in that to help numb the pain a bit. I know it helped me when my grandfather passed away.

GET HER, PEY! What a fucking bitch! Who says that shit to someone?! *fucking livid face*

@vengenz61 I think it would be really cathartic for you to let your feelings run free in a creative environment honey <3

She has been a smoker for years, but she is determined to beat it. I however, am struggling. I’m on the fence about adding it into one of my stories, writing is how I kind of deal with the shit in my life. I’m just kind of holding it all in at the moment.

vengenz61 vengenz61