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A Shot In The Dark

The Morning After

**Zacky’s POV**
The following morning, I walked into the kitchen in one of the best moods I’ve been in, in quite some time. “So,” Val interrupted my thoughts to beginning the interrogation. “You and Shy hit it off.” She held the coffee mug up to her lips, smirking as she took a sip.
I blushed and nodded, “Yeah, it was a pretty fun time.”
“Dude we heard you guys from across the hall,” Matt poked fun at me, with an underlying judgmental tone.
“Matt,” Val scolded him.
“What? We could, we were never that loud,” Matt said matter-of-factly.
“Sorry guys,” I picked at my lip ring. Which led to thoughts of Shiloh pulling on my lower lip, straining them with her lips. “I honestly don’t know where this is going. She’s cool, but I don’t know.”I shrugged.
“Zachary James Baker, if you intentionally fuck things up, I will kick your ass,” Val sent me the mother of all evil looks.
“I won’t, I just don’t know what she’s after.”
Val scoffed at me as Matt opened his mouth to scold her, then changed his direction, “So when are you seeing her next?”
“Well considering she’s still asleep in my bed, I’d say probably this morning Matt,” I rolled my eyes.
“Okay smartass, so when do the guys come over?”
I looked at my watch, “Think they said around 12? Which is in like 30 minutes.”
“Well, you can introduce her,” Val stated, leaving no room for arguments.
I stared up at the ceiling, fighting the urge to snap at Val. After all, if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have a place to stay.
Yeah, yeah, I’m rich; however, with everything going on…well shit, now I should explain. I was…am... well, I was married to Gena. I am getting a divorce. It’s not a bad thing really, we just grew apart. She wanted to settle down and have kids, but I’m only 28. I want to have it be just us.
So…we just agreed it was time, even though the divorce wasn’t finalized, the relationship is. I realized I had been stuck in my head and Val was still watching me. “Yeah, that works.”
Val always kept track of all of us guys, making sure we were at least halfway respectful to women. Although she never judged us or really held it against us when things didn’t work out. Val seemed satisfied and quit drilling me, I decided to take Shiloh some coffee and give her a heads up; just in case Jimmy ran into my room and tackled her, which he’s done many times in the past, to other female of course.
I softly knocked on the door, “Come in,” she said groggily.
I smiled and walked in, “Hey, just figured you could use some coffee.” I closed the door after me and walked to the bed. She held the sheets to her chest, covering herself.
“Thank-you,” she took the coffee in both hands and sipped it.
“I also wanted to give you fair warning that the rest of our band mates will be here soon. Jimmy likes to tackle people in other’s beds.”
She chuckled, “I should probably get dressed then.”
“That would probably be best,” I smirked before leaning in and pecking her lips.
“Umm…” she blushed, “Does Val have any extra clothes here?” It just dawned on me that she had no other clothes to wear.
“Let me go check,” I said before walking out.

“Val?” I asked as I walked back into the kitchen.
“What’s up Z?” she asked looking up from the paper.
“Do you have any extra clothes that Shiloh can borrow?” I leaned against the counter, kinda like a lazy teenager.
“Oh yeah!” She seemed astonished that she hadn’t considered that Shiloh could come home with me. “Let me go grab some.
She disappeared for a moment then came back holding a pair of denim shorts and a black tank top. “here you go Z.”
“thanks!” I grabbed the clothes and went back to my room, to find Shiloh exiting the bathroom. She was wearing nothing but a pair of black lace boy shorts…I bit my lip and my dick instantly aroused as I watched her move. Her tight body swaying as she walked, then her tits, just the perfect amount to fit into my hands stood out against her chest. Her hair falling to right above them in a wavy mess.
“Ahem…” she cleared her throat and smirked. “Like what you see Baker?”
As I went to answer, the door opened with a loud bang. “Fuck. Jimmy”
“holy shit! Zacky has a naked girl in his room!” Jimmy screeched.
Shiloh immediately covered herself as I man-handled Jimmy out of the room. For a dude that fucking skinny, he sure was a bitch to try and move when he didn’t want to. Finally, I closed the door and locked it, preventing anyone else from entering. “I’m so sorry.”
She blushed then giggled, “You warned me that he likes barging in.”
I chuckled a little embarrassed and rubbed the back of my neck, “Yeah, but still.” I approached her and handed her the clothes.
“As for your question…yes, I do like what I see.” I playfully smacked her ass.
“Thy thank-you Mr. Baker,” she winked, biting her lip.
I felt my dick twitch, “We should probably get dressed.” I fought my instincts, wanting to bend her over and take her. Right there. Right now.
“Yeah, we should,” she flashed me a small smile, and instantly I could tell what she really wanted. Instead of acting, we both pushed aside the feelings and got dressed to join the others.



hahahaha I love all of those.

shadowskye13 shadowskye13

Crotch fruit?
Womb nugget?
Fuck trophy?
Scrotum screamer?
Vag veggie?

lmfao womb raider. I love that. <3

shadowskye13 shadowskye13

Zee being all worried about his little womb raider is so frickin cute!

Thank-you so much for your enthusiasm. I'm so sorry I kept you waiting for 10 months.

shadowskye13 shadowskye13