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A Shot In The Dark

Catching Up and Realizing Things

**Shiloh’s POV**
“So, Vengeance, tell us more,” Tuck requested sitting on the couch in front of Zacky and me while Val and Matt cleaned up the bathroom and the hallway.

“Like what?” Zacky tensed and pulled me tighter to him.

“Well for starters, how you two met?” Jaime directed watching our body language closely.
Before Zacky could answer I looked up at him, “Zack, I’m gonna go help Val. She shouldn’t have to clean up after me.”

“It’s all part of being a god-mother,” Val said walking into the kitchen and washing her hands.

“What if I wanted to be the god-mother?!” Jimmy yelled from the back.

This earned a chuckle from everyone and Val squared up playfully with him, “I have the tits and the kitty so I get to be the god-mother.”

Jimmy pouted at me, “Shiiiii.”

“Whaaaat?” I mimicked his tone.

“Don’t I get to be the god-mother?” he gave me the puppy face and came over to us. He flopped down on the open side next to me and laid his head on my lap, his legs going up the wall awkwardly.

I giggled and stroked his hair, “I figured you’d all get to be god-parents, but the only god-mother is going to be Vallie.”

He grinned widely as he made the joke, “Awww yay! I’m a god-mother!”

Everyone laughed at his antics and Zacky ruffled his hair, “Yeah buddy, if you wanna be a god-mother then you get to be a god-mother. But God-fathers are the cooler of the two. ‘Cuz then you get to go around talking with an Italian accent saying, ‘I am the Godfather.”

Jimmy’s eyes got wide, “Holy shit, I didn’t even think about that!” he jumped up and went to Val. “You can keep your stupid God-mother. I’m going to be a God-father!” She laughed and hugged him tightly.

Tuck and Jay laughed from the opposite couch and Tuck refocused, “So you were saying?”

“Actually, Val and Matt set us up on a blind date one night,” Zacky answered his question, his hand lightly rubbing my hip.

“Ah, and it went well I am assuming?” Jay wiggled his eyebrows at Zacky.

I blushed and hid into his shoulder as everyone laughed, “Matt wouldn’t shut up about—”
Johnny started only to get his mouth covered by Brian’s hand.

Tuck raised his eyebrow at everyone obviously not liking being left in the dark, “Sorry, what?”

“Matt wouldn’t shut up about the noise…” I mumbled out as I peeked at Tuck and Jaime from my position.

Zacky chuckled and kissed my forehead, “Well…it was a pretty great night.”

Matt groaned, “Please don’t start having sex on the bus. Noone will sleep within 2 miles of us.”

“Matthew!” Val smacked his arm lightly.

“What?” He feigned hurt. “It was a joke!” He defended as the laughter from everyone died down.

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little noise. Personally, I find it hot when a girl’s vocal,” Tuck winked playfully at us. Zacky tensed up, and I gently nuzzled his chest.

“Right? I mean, it’s nice to know when you’re doing it right,” Jay chuckled.

Val looked at her watch, “Shi, we need to get dressed if we’re gonna make the appointment.”

“What appointment?” Everyone said almost simultaneously.

“Her first baby-doctor appointment,” Val answered nonchalantly and reached out a hand to me.

I blushed and nodded slowly moving out of Zacky’s grip, “Yeah, okay.”

**Zacky’s POV**

As Shiloh and Val disappeared into the back Brian took Shiloh’s seat, Jimmy sitting on one of the gaming chairs while Johnny and Matt stood and grabbed some coffee. “So she just found out she’s pregnant then?” Tuck asked me curiously. Fuck this guy was gonna annoy me with the 20 questions.

I nodded, “Yeah, honestly I don’t know how she’s still awake right now. As far as I know she hasn’t slept except for the 7 hours we just got.” I looked towards the door, my own words worrying me. She was still up at 3am when Val called her yesterday…then she was on the plane to come see us…then the show. Fuck I am the shittiest dad in the world. I groaned inwardly and Brian clapped me on the shoulder, obviously reading my thoughts.

“She’ll be alright, especially when we get a hotel room tonight,” he reassured me and squeezed my shoulder a bit.

“Oh yeah, babes totally relax in a real bed compared to the floor or bus bunks,” Jay concurred with Brian.

“If it makes you feel better, I think Val is pretty much in the same boat, she tossed and turned yesterday when she went to lay down. She’d lay still for awhile, but wouldn’t fully sleep. Think she was worried,” Matt noted taking a sip.

Tuck shook his head, “I think you mates are over reacting. They’ll be good after a nap and
some food.”

“Well, we could grab lunch with you guys while the girls are at the appointment,” Johnny offered Tuck and Jay.

“Wait, you’re not going to the appointment?” Tuck shot the elephant in the room, much as Brian usually does.

I rubbed my face with my hands, “Fuck.”

“Dude, go get ready, we’ll get checked into the hotel and then when you guys get back we will all walk around and go get food,” Brian stood up and pulled me up with him.

“I’m coming too!” Jimmy yelled and ran back into the bunk area.

“Jimmy knock!” I hollered after him as the guys laughed. I chuckled and shook my head before going in after him.

About 30 minutes later, we sat in the doctor’s office. Jimmy and I wore disguises, namely sunglasses and hats to make us a little inconspicuous. Val and Shi sat between us, Shiloh’s knee bouncing at around a hundred miles per hour. Jimmy was looking at everyone and everything and making comments to Val. I couldn’t think, I almost felt like I couldn’t breathe.
This was going to be the moment of truth, and I…well…I didn’t know how I felt about it exactly.

Out of instinct I lightly reached out and grabbed Shiloh’s hand in mine, which must have eased her anxiety. She slowed down the bouncing and looked up at me nervously. I smiled reassuringly at her and brought her hand up to my lips, placing a chaste kiss on the back of it. She smiled as they called out, “Ms. Lovoto?” Instantly I felt her tense up as our entire group stood.

The nurse looked confused, “Shiloh?” She asked unsure of which girl was her patient.

“Here,” Shiloh said meekly, not letting go of my hand.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Taylor, come on back,” She smiled warmly and led us through a door and down a narrow hallway. “First let’s go ahead and let your friends go to the room we will be in, it’s the second door on the right,” She directed Val who corralled me and Jimmy, who was about to protest.

“Come on Jimmy, she’ll be back soon,” I lightly guided him to the room with Val who was being oddly quiet. “Val, you alright?” I asked once we were in the room.

“Hmm?” She asked quietly, looking around the room.

“You okay?” I asked again as Jimmy sat down on the table and looked at us.

“Oh yeah,” Val smiled, “Just a little tired.”

I nodded, “Matt said you didn’t sleep much yesterday, definitely some naptime coming up today then, yeah?”

“Fuck yeah, soon as we get done eating lunch, gonna catch some z’s with Matt,” she chuckled to herself.

“Catching some D’s too,” Jimmy joked from the table not wanting to be left out. We laughed and all took a seat waiting for Shi. Hopefully everything will be alright.


Kind of a filler chapter, kind of an important chapter. I kind of enjoy switching between viewpoints (obviously) only to incorporate how they're both feeling simultaneously.


hahahaha I love all of those.

shadowskye13 shadowskye13

Crotch fruit?
Womb nugget?
Fuck trophy?
Scrotum screamer?
Vag veggie?

lmfao womb raider. I love that. <3

shadowskye13 shadowskye13

Zee being all worried about his little womb raider is so frickin cute!

Thank-you so much for your enthusiasm. I'm so sorry I kept you waiting for 10 months.

shadowskye13 shadowskye13