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A Shot In The Dark

An Embarassing Introduction

**Zacky’s POV**
As I came out of a dream in the morning, I heard voices, “Aww, ain’t this the gayest shit you’ve ever seen.”
“Ay, be nice Jay, they’re just snuggling, ain’t like you and Moose never snuggled before,” a thick accented voice countered. It was then that I realized that I was still in the back of the bus with the other guys, Val, and most importantly Shiloh. She was still laying on my chest, the others still snoring lightly. I opened my eyes and lifted my arm my watch read that it was 12pm. “Oh, we’ve been caught,” Tuck stood in the door way of the lounge next to Jaime.
“Morning sunshine,” Jaime nodded towards me and I put a finger to my lips. “Oops, sorry,” he whispered.
I gently moved Shiloh over towards Jimmy who instantly wrapped his arms around her. I heard a snicker behind me and I smirked a little and shook my head. It was kind of adorable when Jimmy snuggled, it didn’t matter who it was with. “Let’s go out to the front,” I whispered nodding at them.
They smiled and turned around going back out through the bunks. I closed the bunk door behind us as they sat at our table. “The fuck are you guys doing up this early?” I yawned and stretched, fuck my back hurt.
Tuck shrugged, “We are in Lincoln, just got checked into our hotel. Were gonna go get some lunch wanted to see if you all wanted to join us.”
“We didn’t know you were gonna have a cuddle party in the back, I mean you could have invited us,” Jay joked with me.
I laughed quietly and set up the coffee pot, “Yeah, we kind of had a surprise visit.”
“The doll in your arms I suppose?” Tuck raised an eyebrow, his black misfits muscle tank peaked out from underneath a dark grey fitted jacket.
I nodded and rubbed the back of my neck, “Who is she mate?” Jay asked me, noticing my discomfort.
“Her name is Shiloh, she and I…” I trailed off trying to figure out the words to say. “She and I were talking a few months ago.”
“A long way to travel for someone you were just talking to,” Tuck acknowledged.
Fuck, I know what he’s hinting at. He’s not stupid, but am I ready to admit everything to them? “She’s Val’s best friend,” a voice sounded from the doorway. There stood a sleepy Brian, his hair disheveled. I silently thanked him for his intervention. “What the fuck are you two fuckers doing here this early?” He half growled half yawned as he stretched.
“Just came by to see if you fuckers wanted to do lunch, but you were all snuggled up like little bitches,” Jay joked with him.
I chuckled as Brian flipped them off, “I’m gonna go smoke, Vengeance you in?” I nodded and looked at Jay and Tuck.
“Nah, I think we’ll stay here, it’s chilly out there,” Tuck said after having a silent conference with Jaime. “I may steal some coffee though, don’t worry” he saw Brian open his mouth. “We’ll make more.” Brian nodded and we headed outside.

He pulled out his cigarettes from his pocket and offered me one, “So, how you feeling since last night?”
I smiled slightly, “I think everything will be okay.” I took a cigarette and lit up.
“When are you going to talk to Gina?” Gates asked as he inhaled slowly, crossing his arms over his chest fighting a shiver.
I inhaled and stared at the sky for a moment, slowly exhaling, “Fuck if I know man. I know it has to be soon, but do I do it while I’m on tour? Do I wait until I’m home?”
“I wouldn’t wait until we’re home, that’ll be another two months. Your kid will be halfway here by then and if Shiloh moves in with you, then-“ I choked on my smoke.
“W-who said anything about moving in?” I coughed out, my eyes watering.
“I mean, where else is she going to go?” Brian asked raising an eyebrow at me as he took another drag.
I shrugged exhaling another lungful of smoke, “She has her own apartment for now. I’m not moving her into my house just because she’s pregnant. That’s almost as stupid as marrying someone for that reason.”
Brian shrugged and we finished our cigarettes in silence before hearing a crash come from inside the bus. Instantly we discarded our cigarettes and went back in.

**Shiloh’s POV**
I felt the blankets move next to me, Jimmy relinquished his hold on me as I turned over and saw Brian standing up. “What time is it?” I asked softly.
“About 12:15,” Brian whispered back, “Go back to sleep Shi. It was a long night, I’ll be right back.”
I nodded and laid back down figuring that Zack had gone out for a smoke or to the bathroom. I snuggled back up to Jimmy but rolled onto my side so that my back was towards him. I laid there for about 10 more minutes but couldn’t fall back asleep. I sighed and sat up when I noticed the nausea rolling over me. I covered my mouth and all but ran to the bathroom but it was occupied. I bit back the feeling of throwing up as I banged on the door. “Zack, open up. I need to puke.” The door opened but it wasn’t Zack instead a heavily tattooed guy stood in a misfits tank-top.
“Oh hey, sorry uh-“ I couldn’t hold it back any longer and threw up trying to aim away from him but catching his jeans and shoes. “Jesus,” he breathed out.
There was a crash behind us before Val entered into the hallway, “Aw fuck.” She hurriedly went and grabbed the trash can and brought it to me. The guys stirring in the back room as I stood embarrassed in front of the mystery guy. The feeling happening again as I dropped to my knees throwing up into the trash can. Val squatting next to me and rubbing my back. “Matt.” She snapped to the back room.
“What?” he asked tiredly.
“Grab some towels and get a couple wash cloths. Shi puked on Tuck,” Val told him. “Tuck” as he was now known was backing into the bathroom and running some water in the sink.
I groaned as I continued to puke, fuck I felt like it would never stop. There was another crash from the front of the bus as Jaime bumped into the counter top that had some plastic cups sitting on it. As they fell to the floor the bus door opened. Brian and Zack both ran up the stairs and Zacky cursed under his breath pushing past Jaime and side stepping the cups to get to me.
Matt appeared behind Val carrying some towels and wash cloths, “Aw fuck, right on the carpet too.”
Val swatted at his bare legs and looked up at Tuck, “Tuck would you mind wetting a wash cloth for me? I’ll clean off your shoes if you do both.”
Tuck nodded, “Don’t worry sweetheart, not the first chick to puke on me.”
“Ew, really?” Matt looked at Tuck who nodded solemnly.
“Guys,” Zack snapped at them rubbing my back. Tuck immediately handed him a wet wash cloth then handed the other one to Val.
As I sat back, finally finished puking Zacky wiped my mouth then folded over the wash cloth to a clean side and ran it over my forehead and the back of my neck. “You okay?”
I nodded and looked up at “Tuck” embarrassed. “I’m so sorry,” I blushed bright red.
Tuck shrugged it off, “No worries. I got plenty of jeans and besides it’s laundry day.”
“Please let me pay for the wash,” I insisted.
He shook his head, “What kind of gentleman would allow a beautiful lady to pay for such things, especially when they’re free?” He smirked down at me and took a towel, drying off his pant legs that Val had wiped down.
“I got all but your dick,” Val smiled at him, “You can handle that, can’t you Tuck?”
He laughed and wiggled his eye brows at her, “Ah come on Doll, you can get up in there if you want.” He joked and Matt shook his head, jealousy slightly taking over.
“Nah, I’d need a microscope,” Val joked with him and Matt eased a little chuckling.
“Ah, right through the heart!” Tuck joked back grabbing his chest.
“Zack, can I go sit out in the front lounge?” I asked him, noticing that I was surrounded by bodies.
“She’s claustrophobic, go get her settled, I’ll clean up this,” Val offered nodding at him.
Zack nodded, “Come on sweetheart,” he helped me stand up and wrapped an arm around me, securing me to him. His hand resting on my stomach.
“She pregnant or something?” Jay asked as he watched Zack curiously. Zack didn’t answer, everyone was watching us curiously.
“Ah, now it all makes sense mate, you knocked her up,” Tuck hollered from the bathroom as he helped Val clean up the vomit.
I know it’s not a secret but Jesus Christ, we haven’t even been told for sure or not. “So what if I did?” Zack asked them protectively pulling me close to him.
“Nothing wrong with that mate,” Jay said raising his hands in defense. Zack nodded as we settled in on the couch. Oh this would definitely be an interesting day.


Sorry that it's been a few days guys, my mom's having heart issues again and I've been working non-stop it feels like.

I'll update again tomorrow or Saturday.

Much love


hahahaha I love all of those.

shadowskye13 shadowskye13

Crotch fruit?
Womb nugget?
Fuck trophy?
Scrotum screamer?
Vag veggie?

lmfao womb raider. I love that. <3

shadowskye13 shadowskye13

Zee being all worried about his little womb raider is so frickin cute!

Thank-you so much for your enthusiasm. I'm so sorry I kept you waiting for 10 months.

shadowskye13 shadowskye13