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Don't Mess With Texas


The boys own a speed shop and street race on the weekends. Showing up to race as their alter egos, they command respect and fear as a team. After a couple years of barely getting by, Avenged Sevenfold re-emerges on the racing scene.

Notes for those who aren't into cars/racing:
Any questions about the cars/descriptions/racing etc feel free to ask! This is my wheelhouse, as I own my own shop :)

I do not own or know any of the boys, etc etc. but I do own this story :)




Violet's high school boyfriend who's still on the scene. Nice guy who knows her problem inside and out.

Brian Haner/Synyster Gates

Brian Haner/Synyster Gates

When Brian is Synyster Gates he's the guy who always wins and knows it--and always gets all the girls. Brian, well Brian's not really that different. Drives a 1989 Mustang with a supercharged 327, and carries around the swagger that goes with driving such a car.

Jade Shade

Jade Shade

More of a tomboy than her sister, she acts like one of the guys and isn't afraid to get dirty like one--or race like one. Drives a 1971 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda with a turbocharged 426 Hemi.

Jimmy Sullivan/The Rev

Jimmy Sullivan/The Rev

Jimmy is unpredictable and fun loving--the charisma of the group that gets their name out there. The Rev is the dark side of crazy--constantly making the other race teams nervous as to what he'll do next. Drives a 1971 Pantera DeTomaso with a 6.2 LS3 that will leave anyone in the dust.

Johnny Seward/Johnny Christ

Johnny Seward/Johnny Christ

Johnny Seward is a down-to-earth nice guy who understands the dynamics of the group as well as he understands transmissions. Johnny Christ has a chip on his shoulder and dominates any race with his big, fast car. Drives a 1962 Cadillac Coupe de Ville with a 500.

Matt Sanders/M. Shadows

Matt Sanders/M. Shadows

Matt had to grow up young. Turned to wrenching to get away from his past, and only trusts his brothers. Most of the time, he's pretty laid back and lets Brian take charge. Shadows, though, takes charge on the track and commands the racing team. Drives a 1972 Chevelle SS Convertible with a 454

Violet Shade

Violet Shade

Faces the racing world and its sexism head on by opening a speed shop with her sister. Flaunts her muscle car and her body in everyone's face. Drives a 1972 Mercury Montego GT with a sprayed (nitrous) 460 big block Ford.

Zack Baker/Zacky Vengeance

Zack Baker/Zacky Vengeance

Zack was the nerd in high school that had something to prove. Zacky Vengeance is out for blood and getting laid only--lets the others race while he steals their girlfriends. Drives a 1963 Lincoln Continental with a 460 big block.


  1. The Wild Ride

    Matt and Brian finish a big project that finally lets them breathe--and eat--again.

  2. So Many Races To Go

    The team's first street race back and a night out.

  3. I'm Ready To Ignite

    Race Day #2

  4. No One Can Ever Slow Me Down

    Saturday night's fun and Brian starts to coach Matt.

  5. There's Nothing Here

    Sanders makes a bold move.

  6. Unwanted Clemency

    Brian fulfills an obligation.

  7. I Don't Need No Lessons After All

    Matt rolls the dice.

  8. The Second Time I See The Changes In You

    Gates makes a scene.

  9. I'm Gonna Take You Out

    First date.

  10. Malagueña Salerosa

    First date, cont'd.

  11. So Don't Worry, I'll Be Fine

    Bastrop drama.

  12. Miss Someone To Hold

    Races and aces.

  13. I'll Never Show Myself Or What's Inside

    Syn's threesome.

  14. On The Road And I Can't Feel The Pain

    The drama after.

  15. Mercy's All That You Need

    The boys have a talk and Alex tries.

  16. I Can't Trust Myself

    Violet takes a step.

  17. Darkness Surrounding

    The harsh truth.

  18. Unholy Confessions

    Matt's story.

  19. Almost Easy

    Brian tries to get closer.

  20. Shameful Way

    Saturday night races.

  21. So Fuckin' Deep In

    A little love goes around.

  22. Something Told Me To Stay

    The morning after.

  23. Forgive Me Please

    Zack, Jade, and Syn make bold moves.

  24. Emerges Into Light

  25. Something Told Me To Stay

    Matt flips the coin on Violet.

  26. Tested And Secure

    Jade's turn.

  27. Once I've Fallen

    Saturday night.

  28. Those Feelings Pleasuring

  29. I'll Never Let You Seize Control

    Matt makes progress during a fun night out.

  30. Blinded in Chains

    Words are said and some are blinded.

  31. Tension

    The guys try and figure out what to do next.

  32. Sedated Nights to the Bar Room Fights

    A7X proves they are not to be messed with.


I need a fan now. Your stories always are so hot.

Vengeful vixen Vengeful vixen

I’m sure you can COME up with something...

I do need to get back on this story, lol! Love your name for it, haha. I have a little written, so hopefully I can come up with something soon. So happy you care!

violetshade violetshade

I need more Messing with Sexas, Smut Wench!

IRON FISTING! I am absolutely DYING. Yeah it's probably better that the three of us DON'T hang out--man, would we raise hell!!

violetshade violetshade