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Shepherd of Fire

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The next morning I lazily turned inside His bulging arms to snuggle my face into His chest. Large hands ran soothingly over my back.
Shadows kissed my hair and His deep baritone sounded softly, “You’re already growing, my dear.”
I reached down to feel my barely rounding belly, “So I am.” I grinned up at Him, “I have so many questions.”
Perching Himself up on an elbow, He looked down at me, putting a thumb to my chin, “Yes? Like what. I think it’s about time you know anything you want to about me.”

“If He was your first--the first--when did you discover that you prefer females?”
Dimples popped and made me sigh, “The first angel that fell after me was female. I was fascinated watching her as I fumbled over trying to learn how to make others fall. I’d never seen female angels in that way before, but now that I had, it was clear that’s what my body wanted. I was so proud of myself for helping her fall--she was the first confirmation that it could be done. Unfortunately, she only got to enjoy it for the short time that we fucked before she perished. I was devastated. I knew I had killed her, but had no idea why or what happened.”
“What was her name?” I played with the trumpets on His pecs.
“That was Suriel. This star,” He took my hand and touched it to the star near His collarbone, “Represents her. And this,” He moved it to the other one, “Represents Michael. I’ve never told anyone that.”

My eyes widened as they met the bareness in His.

“So Michael...he copulates with others?” I had always assumed they didn’t have sex there.
“To be fair, I’m not entirely sure. I have a hard time watching Michael--I’m not sure if it’s a physical thing or an emotional thing, but I’ve never been able to do it for very long before it’s like he’s knocked out of my mind. From what I can gather, if he does--he only can when he’s in love. I've discovered ones he's loved through the ages and used it against him. But he’s more like a teacher--he helps others discover what they deem appropriate love making.”

Shadows chuckled deeply when He caught the look in my eyes and the blush across my cheeks, “What is it, darling?”
“What….what was it like? That first time?” I had to know...thinking of the two large angels rolling around with one another had my heart rate skyrocketing.
He was taken aback, “I know you like a vast array of things, Diem...but...this...it turns you on?” His lips curled up at one end when I lowered my lashes coyly.

Satan gathered me closer and put both hands into my hair, the playful look in His eyes replaced by a more serious, lustful one, “I think if I think back hard enough, I may be able to show you.”
********************************************** Ages Past:

Michael shivered when Matthew softly stroked over his white feathers. He’d been absent-mindedly doing it lately, and it felt different than anything else he’d ever felt in his young life. Things and people touched his wings all the time, but for whatever reason, when Matthew touched them in that soft way of his, Michael’s skin pricked and his breath hitched. He wasn’t even sure if Matthew was doing it on purpose, knew what it did to him. But just now when he’d done it, he noticed one dimple slightly show up and then Michael knew.
Somewhat angrily, he flicked Matt’s hand away, “What do you think you’re doing, Matt?” He whispered hoarsely.

Both dimples. God.

“What? You don’t like it? Sure looks like you do. Your eyelids flutter every time I do it. What does it feel like? I want to feel it, whatever it is.”
Michael rolled his eyes, “You’ve already been warned by Kronos.”

The two angels walked through town together, sent on some errands by some of the Makers.
“Warned why, though? They won’t tell us and that doesn’t make you curious?!” Matthew chuckled--his deep baritone a beautiful, rich sound.
“No, it makes me nervous. Please stop.”
“Okay, okay,” The ever so slightly taller angel gave in for now, knowing he’d try again later like the bad angel he was.

That night Michael lay awake unable to sleep. Matthew slumbered easily next to him. They’d shared a bed since they’d been created some nameless place in time ago. Even though they’d been created as fully formed beings, they originally had the minds of children--mentally growing up together, sort of like brothers.
He couldn’t get that sensation out of his stupid memory. Michael had tried touching his own wings--nothing. Knowing he shouldn’t, but just too curious to stop himself, he leaned onto his side and slowly ran a finger over some of Matthew’s feathers.

Immediately, goosebumps appeared on the other angel’s skin and his shoulders tensed. Matthew’s breath caught in his throat before he slowly turned over to look into wondering blue eyes.
“Michael...that...that feels incredible. Why don’t you want me to do that to you?”

The other’s mouth went dry, “Because it feels incredible.”

Curious hazel eyes held frightened sky blue as Matthew carefully reached over towards him. Despite himself, Michael’s wing fluttered closer to Matt and a blush accompanied the look in his eyes.
Seeing that he had permission, Matthew ruffled a few of his feathers, watching in delight as Michael’s eyes closed and his lips parted. When he stopped, heavenly blues opened to find sparkling dimples.

Chuckling lightly, Michael grew bold and caressed from the top curve of white, all the way down until the feathers ended.
Matthew jolted and pressed his large palm into the bed for support, hazel eyes closing in surrender.

“Oh, God--”

“Careful, I don’t think we want It showing up right now,” Michael teased, his pupils fully blown when Matt opened his eyes again. Once the wave of sensation had passed somewhat, the taller one smirked and did the same to the other...except he kept going by running his hand back up the wing, against the grain of the feathers.
Michael gasped and arched back a little, “Matthew--”
“Yes, Michael?” The other angel laughed, really enjoying the reactions he was getting. Next, a palm was being shoved against Matt’s hard chest.
“Stop. Please.”
And stop he did.
“Okay,” Matthew smiled deviously, knowing this wasn’t the end.

The two angels went about their business as usual the next day. No one caught the slightly bigger smiles. No one saw the slightly flirtier glances. No one could tell that their normal brotherly fights now blossomed with the edges of bromance. Matthew had always leaned on Michael’s shoulder casually, constantly reminding him that he was an inch taller, but now lingered longer than he used to.

Everyone kissed in Heaven--small pecks of hello and goodbye and how are you. Matthew and Michael had kissed a million times like it was walking or talking--good morning, good night, what dya wanna do today? Now it was different. Neither of them had any idea why, but now the pecks were always accompanied by a blush, hesitation, and stomach butterflies--by both parties.

That night the two angels lay on their sides away from one another on opposite ends of the bed--backs facing each other. One of their wings would accidentally touch the other and then the wing would be shoving playfully back. Neither could sleep, so eventually this broke into a wrestling match until they broke apart laughing, now facing each other on their sides--much too close.

Matthew tentatively leaned closer to Michael, fingers grazing his strong jaw and hazel eyes searching blue. Pressing their lips together, Matt gently ran his tongue over the other’s lips, begging for entrance that he immediately received. When Michael’s lips parted and a tongue dove into his mouth, the angel moaned. A sound neither had ever heard before.

The taller suddenly pulled back, “Is that...good?”

Michael nodded furiously and pulled him back into a kiss by the back of his neck. The deep, soft kiss slowly turned hotter, hungrier. Both angels felt overtaken with sensation--like bolts of lightning running over their skin and through every nerve.
Neither had any idea why or how or what else to do--only that they wanted to do only this for the rest of time. Each of their wings wrapped around the other angel as hands roamed and touched and tugged and played.

Matthew thought his heart might burst in his chest, he was having a hard time breathing but there was no chance of him stopping. One of his large hands entangled itself into Michael’s short, wavy hair and the other clung to his lower back, nudging him closer and closer. The slightly smaller angel reacted by threading his fingers into Matt’s long hair and clutching at his expansive shoulders.
“Matthew--wh-why, does this...feel so amazing…?” He mumbled in between his mouth being claimed with the other’s needy lips and tongue.
“I don’t--”

When their clothed hips met they both gasped and gazed down. Frozen, neither knew what had happened or what to do about it. They’d been so caught up in each other, they’d failed to notice themselves hardening until the sudden touch up against one another sent bolts of pleasure through their lower bodies.

Chest heaving, azure eyes finally raised to meet fiery hazel, “Is that...what they’re...for?”
“What they’re for? For what?” Matthew couldn’t even think straight.
“For this. This feeling. We’ve never known what they’re for, maybe this is it.” Michael’s voice was soft and wondrous as he gazed back at his lover.

Matt’s brow furrowed. There was no eating or drinking in Heaven at that point and the odd looking, soft, sensitive organs between their legs had never been explained by the Makers. Angels just accepted that either they weren’t supposed to know, or that the Makers didn’t know, either. Honestly, the process of making was a complete mystery and none of the angels knew whether they were purposely made the way they were or if Makers just clapped their hands together and somehow angels magically appeared. If this is what they had been for the whole time and the Makers knew that, he was going to be pissed.

Knowing that pressing their hips together had set their nerves on fire, they did so again--bodies flush up against one another as lips met once more. Their moans continued on throughout the night, turning to needy whimpers as patience and pleasure turned to exhausted frustration. Not having any idea where their ecstasy should lead, the two angels eventually fell asleep in morning’s light--smiles playing at the ends of tired lips.

Michael woke up slightly more clear-headed, resting on Matthew’s shoulder and his wing wrapped protectively around the angel splayed out over the bed under him. Curiously peeking into his own sleeping pants, he found the mysterious organ had shrunk to its normal size. Glancing over the slumbering giant that was Matthew, he gathered the same had happened to him. Before he could wonder further things, hazel eyes opened and dimples were being thrown his way, “Good morning.”
“I don’t think it’s morning anymore…” Michael mumbled, sitting up and stretching his wings out.

Standing up and looking out over the veranda, he realized not only was it not morning--it was evening already. They’d slept all day.

The long-haired angel stood as well and walked up behind the shorter angel and kneaded his large hands over the angel’s tense shoulders. Michael could feel him get closer and froze, not sure he wanted what Matthew wanted.

“I want to find out why this feels so good, Michael. With you.” One of the hands left his shoulder and skirted up the ridge of his wing as the shorter inhaled sharply.

Without warning, Matthew wrapped his bulky arms around the other angel and grabbed his half-harness through his pants. Michael spasmed and yelped.
“How does that feel?”

When he began stroking, Michael thought he might perish into nothing but nerves being endlessly tortured. Leaning his upper body back into Matt’s chest and his hips up into the angel’s hand, the smaller being cried out--eyes rolling into the back of his head.

“Don’t stop, Matt--”
“I take it that’s good, then.”
A dark chuckle filled Michael’s ears and had him whimpering highly when the hand was removed.

Michael whirled around and stopped, chest rising and falling rapidly as the two stared each other down lustfully. The tension erupted when the shorter surprised the taller by clasping his neck and pressing their lips together firmly. When Matt’s lips fell open in a groan, letting in Michael’s tongue, the shorter-haired one pressed a palm to the other’s groin--finding the other already hard.
When the blue eyed one both gripped one hand tighter and pulled the angel closer with the other, Matt moaned deeply into his mouth--body tensing with how good it felt to be touched there. Seconds later, both angels were naked--breathing hard and raking eyes over one another.

“What are we doing?” Michael finally asked, blue eyes full of question.
Matt stalked forward, wings bristling, “Whatever feels good.”

After that, Michael didn’t need any more convincing. He needed to find out, needed to search, needed whatever this was leading towards next. Their bodies collided once more and steel pressed against steel.

Matthew insistently toppled them onto the bed, his hazel eyes searching over Michael’s face as his fingers traced down the other’s side. Never unsure of himself, this surprised the sky blue eyed angel.
“What is it?”
Legs already between Michael’s, the larger pressed up against him and Matt kissed up the other’s jawline and paused next to his ear.
“I want to be inside you, Michael.”

Hands pushed firmly against the angel on top as blue eyes lit up, “Wh-what!? How? What do you mean?”
Matthew gazed down at him and stroked his hair lovingly, “I had feverish dreams last night, brother. See this through with me. Just...trust me?”
After moments of questioning, scared glances meeting begging, needy ones, the bottom angel nodded slightly--very nervous.

The large angel stood up on his knees and spat on his own hand--deep hazels glittering down at blue as he languidly stroked himself.
Michael stretched his arms over his head, wings relaxing out on the bed, and grabbed at his pillow as he watched before the other slowly crawled over him.

Matthew claimed the other’s lips and carefully guided himself between strong, angelic legs that were bent in surrender to him. Hazel met blue as one angel slowly pushed inside the other.

“Matt!!” Michael gulped in air as hard thickness slid inside him and made heat suddenly pulse throughout his body.

His hardness sheathed in spongy tightness, the larger angel all at once became a needy mass of rippling muscle--overcome with jolts of pleasure that radiated in every single nerve ending.

“Michael--of all things holy--oh, god--”

Hips rolled and the smaller angel moaned, arching his back until Matthew was pushing him back into the sheets.

“Matty--do this to me forever--please--”
“You feel incredible--”

Obeying, Matthew chuckled deeply before gasping at how good going faster felt. Wanting Michael to share in the pleasure of friction against his ignored hardness, Matt reached in between them and began stroking him as the smaller angel flinched and whined.

As he clung to his lover’s strong shoulders, the smaller angel watched the wings above him turn gray and then a beautiful, glittering black. Heat coiled deep in his belly and he yelled for the other desperately to never stop. His fingers pulled at long, lustrous brown hair and he found the same build up in pleading hazel golden eyes that he'd never forget for the rest of time.
The hips pleasuring him stuttered and he could feel the hard steel inside him pulse with need for finality.


Green-golden eyes clenched shut as his jaw set and Matthew came inside his partner. Michael cried out as glowing, white, milky fluid spurted over Matt's hand and his vision blurred. As release took over both of them, the room trembled and thunder clapped.

God’s voice echoed as the angels’ chests heaved.

“You were warned, Matthew.”

The floor swirled beside the bed and frightened eyes met. Both angels reached for one another as Matthew was cast into the chasm, never to be with Michael again.



I worked really hard on this one, so be gentle!!

So I threw some Greek Myth in, sue me : ) And yes, God's an "It" in my story.
When Matt says "whatever feels good": (the look, not the preggo part lol)

I swear this already existed, thank Heaven. Good lord.


A year?! No way! Sooo sorry guys! I do love this story but man am I stuck! Other stories have captivated my attention, plus I'm trying to re-write Blinded into an actual story to try and get printed :)
I will consult with Overneath, she's really great at jumpstarting me sometimes!

violetshade violetshade

A year, Shade. A whole year. I've been patient. Please?

Buggaloo Buggaloo

It's been 2 months. I'm pouting over here. I need more.

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Haha, thanks for the reminder! Good to know this is still being read, lol!!

violetshade violetshade

I need moooore.

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