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Shepherd of Fire

Murder Born of Vengeance

Zack’s ears were greeted with loud moans and panting and the wild abandon of sex.
Jimmy rolled his eyes as he listened at the door, “They do this all goddamn day. Don’t worry...they’re almost---there ya go. Done.” He opened the door.

Pandora sat up in bed and looked up at the newcomer before standing up and walking over, her aura suddenly turning from satisfied to seductive, “What do you have here?” She bit her lip and looked down into the startled green eyes.
“I-I’m Zack.” He answered before James could, “You guys are siblings?” He was surprised, but far from horrified--knowing where he was.

James chimed in, “They’re fuck demons. It’s all they do. If you’re down to fuck, they are.”
Zack raised his eyebrow at Pandora, raking his eyes over her naked body, “Damn. So you’ve been with her? Your sister?” He looked at his friend.
James shrugged, “A few times. Andy, too, really. Turns out dick isn’t really my thing. I definitely prefer the pussy. Watch out for this one, if you don’t like cock, though. He’s sneaky.” Jimmy laughed as Andy got up and socked him in the arm.

“Hi. I’m Andy. Yes, I’m fucking horny all the time, but if you don’t like my cock, I’ll stick it somewhere else. This one yours, Jim?”
“Yeah. I murdered him so he could be with us.”
Andy and Pandora gaped at him, “What!? No way!?”
James rolled his eyes as they high fived him. Zack laughed when Pandora latched onto him and wrapped a leg around his waist.
“Remind me to worship you one day for knifing me!”

“MICHAEL!!!” Shadows roared, flexing hard against the cuffs that held his wrists and neck and ankles, “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!!!”

I struggled at my own restraints as I lay on a hard, white marble table, almost blinded by the white lights all around me. In the middle of the night, we had somehow been flashed to the main hall of the Senate by Michael.
“Shadows!!” I screamed after my Love as He fought against the magically reinforced cuffs. I had an idea of why we were here and I feared the worst.

The archangel paced between us, “Matthew, you promised your third born to us--”
“She fell!!! Of her own accord!! That's your shortfall, not mine!” Satan was baring His teeth and cursing at Michael as the angel turned and stalked over to me.
“Don't tell me you had nothing to do with it, Matthew. I wanted to rob you of one of your children and rob you I shall.”

Michael drew a short blade into the air and plunged it into my lower abdomen as I screamed--reaching for my Dark Angel.

I could see His honey eyes water as the young life within me died. The white-winged one pulled the blade out and stalked over to the Devil, running the blade covered in His own child's blood down His cheek as He choked back a sob.
“You should know better than to cross me by now, Matthew. Cool it with this, or I'll find a way to end your little romance.”

Shadows’ eyes caught fire as he glared at the Archangel, “You've crossed the line, Michael. I will make you pay for this.”
“You never did know when to give up, brother.” Michael shook his head and we were suddenly back in Hell.

He held me in His arms as we entered our castle. Even though my lower body was covered in blood, we both knew my wound had already healed. As I clutched at my now empty stomach, Shadows kissed my forehead, took me inside, and laid me down in our chambers on our bed, wishing me clean and changed.

My three children rushed in the door as Zack hanged back in the doorway.
“Mom, are you okay?!” Pandora lay next to me.
“Michael…” I sniffled, still running my hands over where I had just healed, “Murdered our child.”

The usually flirtatious brown eyes narrowed and flickered with hate. We all knew she had extremely confused feelings about Michael--the attractive father figure that had both tried to comfort her but let her down in the worst way by trying to change her.
She turned to her Father, “When are we going? Now?” Pandora walked to Him and almost looked Him eye-to-eye.
“I’ll think of something, darling…” Shadows uncrossed His arms and put a hand on her shoulder.
“Something!?! Lets go now!!” She flicked his hand away and glared at Him.
“Pandora, we can’t just show up there and cause a scene. Besides--who do we hurt? Michael can’t be hurt, not physically. And your Mother needs us right now,” He nodded her back towards me with His eyes as she softened and admitted He was right.

“How can they just--do that??” James curled up on my other side. I touched his little horns as he hummed back at me. He claimed it tickled.
“We don’t know, baby. Heaven’s magic can be strong and since we’re demons, we don’t really know that much about it. All we know for sure is that your Father and Michael can’t kill one another. Almost anything else is questionable. That’s why playing their game is dangerous.”
Andy was close at my other side, “Everyone’s scared of Father. Surely so is this Michael.”

Pandora paced, “No, not Michael.” I could see her gears turning and ordered the others out as they protested.

“Pan...this is dangerous. Very. You realize what you’re thinking about doing?” I turned my still-watery eyes up to hers.
“I don’t care,” The randy teen kept pacing.
Shadows growled as He grabbed her wrist, “Honey, don’t do this out of need. If you need release, I can--”
“Father, while I’d love to fuck you, I’m doing this out of revenge for her. And for….myself.”

The Devil let go, “Your Mother’s right. This is too risky. I’ll never allow it, Pan. I love you too much.”

Suddenly, Pandora let her wings spring out in all their black glory, “Daddy, these wings were turned white by him, my lust dulled and squashed by him--my true self...He made me feel wrong and dirty for who I am--question everything I felt inside!! You have any idea how confusing that was!? I had no idea who I was supposed to be! What he did to me was wrong...revenge is dripping from my teeth.”

Her Father and I looked at one another questioningly as she seethed and stood her ground. I couldn’t help but smile a little--I was so proud of her for how strong she already was.

“You have any idea how many beings over the millennia have tried to seduce Michael? No offense, honey, but why do you think this would be different?” Shadows folded His arms again, “Do you have a plan of any sort?”
Pandora narrowed her eyes in a teenage sort of way, “We had a unique bond. While I was often angry at him, I also was starting to listen to him and try and trust him. He knew that, could feel it. If I tried this, I think the surprise element alone would give me an advantage. Mother, you could help by starting with mind tricks. If they start subtle enough, maybe he won’t know they’re from you.”

I stood up and walked to them, “You warned Michael he wouldn’t get away with this, so he will be looking for retaliation. If you offered peace, he’d see right through it,” They both looked at me curiously, “I have an idea, that just might work.”

Shadows materialized on the steps of His first home, the same home in which Michael had been born and raised. Narrowing His eyes at the distant memories, He slowly stalked up the steps as Michael came through the doorway. Both pairs of wings burst out and bristled.

“Matthew, to what do I owe this pleasure?” He folded his huge arms.

“Sarcasm doesn’t suit you, brother, never has.” The Devil put on a show--His face turning to an angry scowl, “I can’t lose Diem. Or my children. I won’t risk them, so I’m here for peace.”

Michael’s laugh filled the room behind him, “And how would I possibly begin to take you seriously?”

Shadows cast His eyes down, “Pandora has started asking questions. About you. About the beginning of her life. It’s eating at her, and my answers don’t ever seem to be good enough. I’ll allow her to visit you as a peace offering.”

Michael’s short brown curls blew in the wind of the beautiful weather they always had there, “You’re serious?”
“I am.”

The angel put out his hand and the second they shook on it, Pandora appeared.
Shadows turned to her and took her hands in His, His hazel eyes sad, “Darling, I hope you get the answers you’re looking for.” And after a quick kiss to her cheek, He left her there.


It's taken me awhile to figure out where to go next in this story, which is always frustrating, but last night it hit me and I'm off again!! Larisa is helping me out a lot with the plot twists!! Thanks, girl!!
Shit is about to go down.


A year?! No way! Sooo sorry guys! I do love this story but man am I stuck! Other stories have captivated my attention, plus I'm trying to re-write Blinded into an actual story to try and get printed :)
I will consult with Overneath, she's really great at jumpstarting me sometimes!

violetshade violetshade

A year, Shade. A whole year. I've been patient. Please?

Buggaloo Buggaloo

It's been 2 months. I'm pouting over here. I need more.

synology synology

Haha, thanks for the reminder! Good to know this is still being read, lol!!

violetshade violetshade

I need moooore.

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