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Shepherd of Fire

I Am Your Trust

I awoke with a pain in my side that quickly dissipated. Instantly, I was in my Lover's arms and then surrounded by my demon children--all three crying in relief.
"I love you, Diem. Don't ever do that to me again, baby." Shadows held me and kissed me.
Watery ice blue and crystal blue eyes looked at me questioningly.

"Mommy's awake!!" James buried his face in my chest after a smile covered his face.
Andy sat up and looked down at me, his black makeup smudged down his face, "Mom, I'm so happy you're okay."
I smiled at both of them, wrapping James closer and squeezing Andy's hand. Shadows had my other hand, lacing His fingers with mine and trying not to show me the emotion in His golden eyes.
"What happened?" I asked Him, "How long was I out?" I looked at James, who had grown so much.
Shadows kissed my forehead, "Michael wanted to avenge the death of Barachiel. Talarico saved you." There was something in His eyes I couldn't quite place, "I never should have put you in that position, Diem. I risked your life."
I squeezed His hand, "Hey. We don't bow to anyone. We do what we want. That's how we live. Unrivaled heights." He looked away, dropping my hand and then put it on my stomach,

"Did it survive?"

Still feeling its light inside me, I smiled and put my hand over his, "Yes. It's fine."
He smiled grimly and barely looked at me.

"Thought you'd be happier to see me, babe."
"I'm sorry, D." He ran His two large hands over His face, "I haven't slept since....I'm exhausted." He kissed my lips lingerlingly, "You have no idea how relieved I am that you're alright. I was so worried...I'm going to bed. If you need...anything, Andy's here."

"Mom, you're pregnant. I won't...hurt it or anything?" Andy innocently asked after we were already naked in the spacious, decadent bathroom.
I laughed, "No, honey. That's not really how it works."
The young teenager grinned and ran his long fingers through his black hair before leaning down to kiss me.

I turned on the water and when it warmed, I led him into the shower. He hadn't showered the three days I had been in bed and he was a teenager--so he needed it and so did I.
Suddenly Andy whirled me around and forced me up against the tile wall, scooting my feet apart with his and taking me from behind.
"Dad says you like it when He's a little forceful with you." His voice in my ear was a little deeper than I remembered.
"Oh! Andy--" I leaned my forehead against the shower wall as he moved inside me. He filled me over and over and I reached climax so quickly I could hardly breathe.
"That's it, Mother, scream for me." He pulled me back against him by my hair and the slight tinge of pain sent shivers through my body.

Even though something in me told me in was odd, I finally gave in and gave up any resistance I had to being with my own son. So I screamed his name as he slammed into me, one hand keeping me steady by cupping my breast--the other at my throat.

"Don't worry, I won't squeeze, mother, you haven't taught me how yet...."
"Gently, Andy," I moaned and his fingers tightened ever so slightly, making me come as his dick slid smoothly in and out of me....

Even though Andy and I had fallen asleep on opposite sides of the Wicked One, I woke up in between them--sighing to myself. No--it was still weird waking up and having the sight of my son make me wet. When I attempted to move, the Devil chuckled lowly in my ear.

"Where do you think you're going?"

My eyes snapped up to meet ice blue ones. Shadows must've already sent James away. Andy's wicked sideways grin started when he could see his Father was up to no good.
I inhaled sharply and moistened further when He grabbed my wrists and grunted in my ear, "Let's have some fun, shall we?"

Just then a pain ransacked my body and I screamed out, tearing my wrists out of my Lover's grip--holding my belly that hadn't grown at all.
"Baby, is it time already?" Shadows sat up over me.
I barely nodded, wincing at the pain. Then the pleasure hit and I arched back into my Everything, moaning, "Now, baby, inside me, Shads--"

The intense pain rocketing through my body felt so amazing and I just wanted relief--something to take the edge off already.

Satan was immediately naked and turned me toward Him, taking my mouth in His as He found me and pushed in. As He slid deeper and deeper, I shook and when He was fully seated I moaned and came.

Soon I could feel Andy up against my back, pushing his erection up against me while he kissed my shoulders and fondled my breast. When he pinched my nipple hard, I yelped and then suddenly he was also sliding inside me--into my ass. I moaned in the pain and the heat and the pleasure as Shadows forced me to look at him--his green eyes soft.

"Diem, fuck honey--" He lifted my leg over His hips to grant our son better access and when I felt Andy go deeper, I cried out and leaned back against him. Threading my fingers into long black hair, I whimpered while both cocks drove me into a sea of sensations that overpowered me and hit me again.

"Dad, are you close?" Andy forced out, clearly enjoying himself to the point of an early orgasm.
Shadows sucked in a breath, "'Fraid so, son--oh, god fuck--" And as my finish hit, I clenched down my whole body and pulled both orgasms out of both men as we all moaned and shouted together.

The nightmare hit so hard that I couldn't control it. The hate and fear seeped deliciously into me and as I looked around at the walls of the dying and swirling, a radiantly white creature approached me. She was beautiful.

Long, brown curled hair gathered around her strong shoulders that were encased in shining, golden armor already. She initially had deep brown eyes, but as she walked to me, they turned bright blue. Her large, sumptuous, red lips curved in a seductive grin as she took my hand and pulled me up against her. Her stance was wide--in tall heeled boots and a pleated leather kilt like her Father. I gasped and she parted my lips with hers, moaning wantingly into my mouth. But as I wrapped her in my arms, her hair turned white and her armor as wel--a gold cross emblazoned on the breastplate that burned me. Her lustful, loving eyes turned to pure panic and the beautiful creature shrieked as she was pulled out of the nightmare and called after me--her hand outstretched for me to save her.

His nightmare clapped shut and she was nowhere to be found. Her Father sat on the floor, His head in His hands and between His bent knees--crying. My own tears stained my cheeks. I knew where she had gone, but I knew not why.

I burst into tears and fell back into my pillow, never wanting to see reality ever again. A minute later, huge arms were forcing themselves around me and up into a solid chest.

"Why!?" I sobbed, fisting at His bare chest.

His large hand cradled my hair, "It was the only way to save you, to save her." He forced me to look at Him although I couldn't stop crying.

I had no idea what He had gone through to do it, but I could only imagine--facing Michael in Heaven in humiliation just for me and our baby, "You just sent a fuck demon to Heaven..." I curled back into His chest as Andy curled up on the other side of me--also upset over losing a sister and a potential partner.

"Then they'll have their work cut out for them," Shadows rubbed His hand over my back and then Andy's, "We'll see her again one day...I'm sorry, Diem..."

I forced myself to look up at my King, running a finger over His lips and meeting His watery green eyes with mine, "Thank you. For saving her. I can't imagine what you must've had to go through..."
He kissed my forehead, "You're still here with me, that's what matters."


Fun fact: while posting this I'm listening to BVB's "God Bless You"....... :)

Again....don't hate me.....


It's been 2 months. I'm pouting over here. I need more.

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Haha, thanks for the reminder! Good to know this is still being read, lol!!

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I need moooore.

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No kidding. Too tired to kid. Lmaooooo

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You kidding me?! That's one hell of a read!! (budumching, see what I did there? god I'm a dork) That's an enormous compliment, thank you!!! Glad you like it!
*fist pump* hell yeah! thanks guys, lol

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