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Shepherd of Fire

Known For My Hate

I awoke after a fabulous night of not being woken up by a screaming baby devil. Large arms encircled me and I smiled lazily.
"Did the caretaker keep him overnight?" I mumbled as my nipples leaked.
He chuckled, "No. He just slept all night for once." He got up and brought me our bundle so that He could feed.
"I think it's about time he had a name, D."
"Did you have anything in mind?"
"How do you like James?"

I looked down into his crystal blue eyes that were much lighter than my own, "I think he's a James." His little hand closed around my finger. He wasn't growing at the same rate that he had in my womb, but still at an accelerated rate, "Hi, James."
Shadows nudged a large finger up against his little cheek and when I looked up at Him, He was giving me the sweetest smile--showing off those dimples just a little bit--before His eyes darkened to a deep green. Leaning over to nuzzle into my ear, He whispered deeply, "I'd apologize for last night--but you do seem to have fully recovered...and to have enjoyed quite thoroughly what I did to you."

My eyes fluttered closed as the heat between my thighs grew--an odd feeling when combined with breastfeeding.
"I'd let you go on missions again, but...between feeding our baby and keeping Me satisfied, I'm not sure you'll have much time for it," Now He was slowly running a hand down the inside of my leg.
"Shads--" I whispered. Then I jumped when Synyster Gates showed up at the foot of our bed. Before explaining himself, his eyes fell over my exposed breasts as he bit at his lower lip.

The Devil sat up, the covers barely covering His erection He'd gained while taunting me, "Gates, what the ever living fuck." His eyes flashed red.

"The Elite are gathered and talking. Seemed like something You should attend." He crossed his arms and continued raking his eyes over me.

Shadows was immediately up and dressed, "I can hear them talking. They can fucking wait. Just wanted to get fucked first." He turned to me and touched my chin, "Diem, I'll return later and be ready to have a hard time satisfying me, darlin'." He smirked and they were gone.

Early afternoon, the Dark Angel crashed through our chamber doors again, right in the middle of a feeding. His eyes were a burning bright red and before I could say or do anything, He had His hand up as He crossed the room in long strides and James was gone. I attempted to not let the look in His eyes intimidate me, but I immediately found myself naked and a large cuff around my neck with a chain attached to it and swallowed hard. Without a word or taking off any of His own clothes, He unzipped and rolled on one of His condoms--already rock hard.

What was with the condom?

Grabbing my ankles, He flipped me over effortlessly. Shadows grabbed my hip with one hand and the chain with the other and slammed into me all at once, despite the fact that I wasn't very wet. For a few moments there was only pain, and then the pleasure followed--in rough, blinding hits each time He bottomed out. The chain created pressure around my neck that added greatly to my arousal and it wasn't long before I was screaming for Him, my nipples leaking onto the sheets and my pussy leaking onto Him.

"You probably won't get a second one, bitch."

What the fuck?

I felt Him grab onto the chain with both hands, using my neck as leverage to slam into me in long, thick, fast strokes and He was right. He came just before I could--immediately followed by retreating from me, throwing away the condom, zipping up, and leaving.

Tears sprung up in my eyes and once again I tried to remind myself I was dealing with the Devil. He might love me, but it was still Him. I immediately felt better when our baby appeared in my arms again, but I couldn't help the few tears that ran down my face as I clutched him closely.
After James finished his feeding that he had been in the middle of, I decided to go to the bar and hang with Andromachae for awhile.

"You didn't bring him with you!?" She scowled at me, wanting to meet James.
"Next time, Ands."
"How was the birth? I know you were a little nervous." She drank an extra tall glass of whiskey and looked like she had been through quite a day.
"It was seriously awful. Shadows had to reach in and tear James out of me. I passed out."
"Damn. That sounds horrible, but I thought you, ya know, got off on pain."
"I was, at first. But after an entire day of labor, it wasn't fun anymore."
"I bet not," She made a painful face and shook her head, "Hope they're not all like that."
"Me too..." I realized I had been getting a few looks since I appeared next to my friend. Apparently I was recognizable as the Queen now.
Andro warily looked over at me, "What's going on? Something's up."
I sighed loudly, "He's just in one of His moods right now. He's pissed about something, and He just took it out on my pussy."
She raised an eyebrow and smirked, "Sounds like fun."
"Don't get me wrong, it was. But then He just left all angry. I know I have to get used to this, but it still sucks. It's a huge rollercoaster--one minute He's a complete sweetheart and the next He's calling me a bitch."
"He calls you names?"
"He did today."
"Such as Hell, sweetie."
"I know....so what's got you all dirty and drinking?" I looked over her smudges and cuts and bloody armor.
She grinned, "I had so much fun torturing Synyster that one time I had to go do it some more."
My jaw dropped, "Ands, you bad, bad girl. You know we're kind of done full-on torturing him, right?"
Her smirk just got bigger, "Don't worry. This was...kind of mutual, I guess. I found him at his place and started tying him up and working him up and at first he hated it, but then all at once he was in it and torturing me back and trying to take control. It was like a huge sex fight, D. Hot. He totally played me."
I fell onto her shoulder, laughing out loud, "I bet that was epic!"

Immediately returning to what was now my home, I found Shadows lying on our bed shirtless and clearly waiting for me--propped up on His elbows while His soft hazel eyes took me in. I could tell He wasn't going to apologize for earlier, but could see my Love was back just by the look in His eyes.
I sat on the bed next to Him and traced a finger over some of His chest tattoos, "What was the condom for?"
He sat up so He could run His fingers into my hair and pull me closer, taking my breath away, "I didn't want to get you pregnant again while I was in that state," He took my lips in a deep kiss before continuing, "I brought you something."

When He broke the kiss, there Gates was again--sitting up on his knees and his arms out at the end of the bed, his wrists tied to each bedpost. I gasped.
Synyster gave Shadows a sarcastic look--arching a brow high in question. I looked slowly up at my Evil One, biting my lip. I wasn't sure what this was, but suddenly I knew what I wanted it to be.

He lowered His lips to my ear and whispered only loud enough for me to hear, "Suck that cock until he's almost there and then stop. I'll pleasure you while you do so."

I grinned and then turned my gaze to Synyster.

"Fuck, not this again." He groaned, watching me as I slowly scooted over to him. Already heavenly shirtless, I pulled at his pants to reveal his soft dick. After I had worked him up with my hands, I put on the condom Shadows handed to me. Sucking his cock into my mouth, I rubbed little circles into the dips just inside his hips with my fingers. While I was sitting, enjoying how hard he was for my mouth, Satan sat behind me--His long legs outside mine. I moaned as He reached between my legs and began rubbing slow, sensual circles over my clit.

"Oh, Shads--" I leaned back against His chest, leaving Gates groaning. He pulled at his restraints, which greatly showed off his beautifully built arms.
Soon His magical fingers were making me come and then I continued on Synyster. This time I leaned over on all fours before taking Syn in my mouth again. I moaned onto Syn's cock when I could feel Shadows' spreading me open--taking me to the hilt and holding himself there. When I gasped and came again, I could hear Gates moan loudly and knew he was close.

Popping him out of my mouth, I sat up on my knees and my King matched my move, holding me up against Him while I rode back onto His thick cock.
Synyster twitched as his jaw clenched.

"That's it, honey, come for me--"

I did, and then He was easing out of me. His lips once again kissed my ear and murmured, "Now untie him, and take him to bed with you."

Crawling back over to Syn, I kissed up his chest and neck and flicked my tongue into his mouth--giving him a light kiss before untying him.
Rubbing his wrists, he then looked at me with his eyes black and snaked his arms around me, "This is a strange game you two play, but I'm not complaining."
We fell on the bed together, arms around one another and kissing, and soon he had found me and pushed in.

"Gates..." My fingers played with black hair as he teased my pert nipples, rocking into me.
I could feel Shadows' hard chest against my back and then His hot lips leaving hot trails across my shoulders and His hands burning into the flesh of my hips.

Before I could come again, my Love pulled me off Gates and rolled me over to face Him before He took me fully, wrapping my top leg around Him. While Shadows warm hand held onto my ass as He fucked me, I could feel Synyster's hand glide over my side before kneading my breast and then pinching hard at my nipple.

Being between the two well-built, strong demons had my core on fire. Toned muscle and low grunting surrounded me in a sea of hot masculinity. As I reached back to thread my fingers into Syn's long, dark hair, Shadows reached behind me and pulled at Gates' erection to give him a clue. With a long hiss, Synyster forced his cock into my ass I screamed out. The pain hit me hard and I arched back into Syn's chest as he held me and Satan continued thrusting into me from the front. Soon Gates was moving with Shadows' rhythm and the pain-pleasure was sending electric currents through me and tears down my cheeks. I came and they didn't stop.
It was so intensely incredible, so extreme--I never wanted it to end. They slid in and out of me from both sides and I couldn't stop from coming over and over. Among the waves, I eventually heard the whispers of His nightmare.

"Gates--" I moaned, "Fuck me, baby--"
His teeth bit hard into my shoulder as his muffled cries escaped his throat and I felt Him pulse into me before His thrusting slowed.
As I watched in front of me, Shadows' let out a loud groan before He clenched His perfectly cut jaw and came hard inside me--his light filling the room and His nightmare swirling beautifully around me.

I grinned as a feeling I'd felt once before accompanied all of it.

We all came down together from the sweet high, His light fading and the nightmare dissipating.

Gates kissed my shoulder where he'd bit me, "I felt that. What was it?"
Sweet green eyes met mine and His large hand held my face, "She's pregnant."


Again? What's it gonna be like this time?


A year?! No way! Sooo sorry guys! I do love this story but man am I stuck! Other stories have captivated my attention, plus I'm trying to re-write Blinded into an actual story to try and get printed :)
I will consult with Overneath, she's really great at jumpstarting me sometimes!

violetshade violetshade

A year, Shade. A whole year. I've been patient. Please?

Buggaloo Buggaloo

It's been 2 months. I'm pouting over here. I need more.

synology synology

Haha, thanks for the reminder! Good to know this is still being read, lol!!

violetshade violetshade

I need moooore.

synology synology