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Shepherd of Fire

Bearer of Needs

I slept the better part of the next day, recovering, waking only to feed my new horned baby. After that day, I felt refreshed and happy. Especially when I awoke to the warming sight of my King next to me with our baby sleeping on His large chest.

"Look at Him, Diem. Amazing. I've waited since the dawn of time to bear beings with someone, but nothing could prepare me for this." He whispered, His green eyes glittering at me. I didn't have time to say anything back, or enjoy the look in His eyes, though, before the little one was waking and crying again. Shadows gently put him in my arms and he latched on to feed.

When I looked back up at my Evil Angel, His eyes darkened and flashed and the smile fell off His face. In seconds, He was up out of bed and dressed--refusing to look at me.
"I have...things to do. I'll be back tonight."

And He left me there, clueless and clutching our newborn by myself.

I tried to remind myself that I wasin a relationship with the Shepherd of Fire Himself and I should accept that He'd be like this sometimes. That soon I'd have the sweet version of Him back in my arms. But it wasn't much of a consolation. What the Hell had just happened? Was it too much for Him--fatherhood? I tried to block out the crazy ideas I was getting--that maybe He'd force Himself to stop caring for me, or kick me out, or ignore me for ages.

At least I wasn't human. My body healed itself so well that the effects of the birth were completely gone and unlike new human mothers, I wasn't tired or hormonal or postpartem. I was exactly like I'd been before....except that I was now a mother, and did have many new feelings attached to being such.

I loved His--our--castle so I spent most of the day walking through the extravagant rooms and long hallways with my baby in my arms. He slept a lot. Ate a lot. Cried a lot. I would speak to him like he could understand me. Maybe my voice would calm him. He had gardens outside with wicked, black onyx statues of winged beasts and dragons and the like, so I took him for a walk there--pointing to and talking about many of the figures, some copies of actual divine beings, others out of lore. The red light in the sky was beginning to fade when I could hear His footfalls behind me.

When I turned, the light in His eyes hadn't changed and my sweet lover was nowhere to be found. Despite this, His words sounded like they should've been sweet, "D, I found us a caretaker, so we can still spend time together until he gets older."
"That's wonderful, Shads." I waited for Him to continue, hoping He would explain why He was being the way He was, when He held up His hand and our baby disappeared. I jumped and realized He must've sent him to the aforementioned caretaker.

"I apologize for this morning." Once again, the words said didn't match His tone--which was quite serious as He stalked closer to me, "Despite how much I love our baby, and you, and being a father..." He swallowed, "I haven't had you in days, and I'm not sure how your recovery's been, nor if you'd be honest with me if I asked."

When I opened my mouth to try and explain how good I felt, His finger pushed over my lips.

His words drug out, said overly carefully--like He was having a hard time controlling Himself.
"I've come to the conclusion that I won't be able to stop myself. Whether you've healed or not, I'm going to fuck you senseless tonight. In my playroom. Right now."

The second I had gasped from His hot words, I was in His playroom, strapped down to some sort of large device. I was gagged with a handkerchief and my hands were tied down around the device as I straddled it. Where my legs were spread, the device was wide so my knees were almost as far apart as they would go, and my feet were attached down lower on the device under my knees by cuffs. The device formed in between my legs into a large shaft that was already inside me, making me scream into the cloth in my mouth with ecstasy.

When I turned my head behind me as best I could, He stood there in ripped jeans and his naked chest and arms glistened with sweat. His dark hazel eyes flashed as he patted the paddle He held in one hand into His other palm.

His dimples popped now that He saw me like I was, "Go on. Fuck yourself. I know you want to." He bent his legs until He was crouched down next to me, looking deep into my questioning blue eyes, "I know you think we don't need a safe word, but I'm so fucking horny we should probably have one. It's my favorite number, baby, 'seven' and you may have to use it later."

I whimpered and could barely move, but fucked myself back onto the device what little I could, moaning. Not very much later, I was squeezing my knees around it and coming, slicking the device with myself.

"Good girl. Now I've tied you to this device because I know with what I'm about to do to you, you'd never stay in place yourself. Ready?" He taunted me, knowing I couldn't speak and that He didn't care what answer I gave.

With one solid, hot, stinging SMACK, hard wood fell over my ass in a stroke that I knew He was holding back on. I bit down on my gag, whining. The quick, intense, flash of pain combined with the feel of the hard thing inside me was absolutely divine.

"That's one, baby, and as you might guess...we're going to seven."

Oh, fuck, he was going to hit me seven times and I knew I was in for a night.

The second and third were lighter, but still aggressive, slaps to each of my cheeks. Then He watched, as I fucked myself and came again. My juices now began running down the sides of the device--I was that hot.
The fourth and fifth were similar, to each of my cheeks, but oh so much harder. I was writhing with how good this was. He didn't wait long for the sixth, and when I gazed back, I groaned at the pure lust that He embodied. All His upper body muscled rippled and glistened with sweat as He pulled back the paddle like it was a baseball bat and swung for the fucking fences. The impact was blindingly hard and I came immediately afterwards.

"One more, baby--" Once again, he reared back and repeated the same stroke like He was hitting a game winning home run. My eyes went to the back of my head and the paddle clattered to the ground. I could feel my dampness running down my legs.

Satan straddled the device behind me and dragged His large hands down my back, grabbing around my hips when He got there--helping me fuck it. Then His hands left me and I heard His zipper and a condom being put on.

Fuck. There was only one place for Him to go right now. And that's where He went.

He slid all the way into my ass and the pain was so good I fucking lost it. As I shook into another orgasm, He made a noise I could only describe as a roar. It ripped from His throat and He was soon grabbing my hips again and thrusting hard into me. He reached forward and untied the handkerchief--still fucking me.
"Shadows--fuck--" I screamed as soon as I was able, "You feel so good, baby--"
"Fuck, Diem--so do you, baby--"

I could hardly breathe from all the things being done to me. The pain and pleasure mixed in the ocean I loved so much to bathe in. He thrusted until I came again and then pulled roughly out of me, throwing away the condom. Then I was being untied from the beautiful device and I whimpered when He eased me off it and threw me over His shoulder.

"You're so fucking wet, honey." He rubbed two fingers between my legs and put them in His mouth as He walked over to the bed and threw me onto it.
Still in His jeans with His cock hanging out, He trapped my hips as He straddled me.

Reaching over my head, he produced two impressive clamps and soon had both my nipples in a wonderful state of agony.
Shadows sat back and folded His arms as I got worked up.

"Baby, c'mon--" I moved my hands so that I could move the clamps myself--wanting my nipples to be pulled as well as pinched, but He shook His finger at me.

"Nuh-uh, Diem. Bad girl." A rope wound around my wrists as they were captured over my head. He grabbed another clamp and moved off of my hips, climbing lower on the bed until He was over my swollen clit. When I glanced down, He was looking teasingly up at me and then He captured my clit in the clamp.

I jumped.

Then He held my thighs further apart and back while His forked tongue darted in and out of my dripping pussy. It was teasing at first--quick little licks. When He shoved it into me, I was falling over the edge again. As I came down, He lapped at me over and over.

"Mmmmm. So wet and so good, baby."

When I realized He was sitting there doing nothing, I opened my eyes to find a beautiful smirk on His face and His brow arched high. Suddenly there was a thick chain in His hands with large links and I realized He had the end and the rest....was inside me. He stood up off the end of the bed and slowly, tauntingly began pulling it out. As each link spread me and left, spread me and left, over and over again--I cried out and pulled against the rope holding me. The clamps were still all on and all the sensations together pulsed through my body intensely. I bucked up into the air and shuddered and came and He kept going.
Of course, He could make it however long He wanted--pull as many links out of me as He wanted. Uh, this torture was absolute perfection and I was loving it just as much as He was loving doing it to me.

Finally, I felt the last link leave me and whimpered when He stared at me and brought it to His lips--snaking His tongue around it, licking at it.

Just when I was beginning to catch my breath--He had another chain in His hands. This one was slightly smaller...and was being dragged slowly out of my ass this time. To accompany this, Shadows shoved Himself into my pussy and pumped into me as He continued to pull link after wonderful link out of me with one hand--holding onto my thigh with the other.

"Shads--oh--" My screaming had been reduced to pathetic wails. I winced when I came again, calling out softly, and He didn't stop. His thrusting became harder and harder and deeper and deeper and I could feel He was making the links slightly larger and the clamps were suddenly bigger--putting more pressure on my aching nipples and clit. As the chain ended, I came again, tears now falling down my face.

My Demon dropped the chain and clamped onto my throat--His grip punishing and possessive and matching the look in His eyes. I could feel the nightmare begin as He dripped into me.
I clutched at his huge, flexed forearm and He growled at me through clenched teeth as He came hard, "MINE."


From sweet to what the ever living fuck.

Sweaty, demanding Matt. Guh.

On a side, life note: every girl should have a man who worships their pussy. If you don't, find someone who does! We all deserve it :)

If only that man could be M. motherfucking Shadows....


A year?! No way! Sooo sorry guys! I do love this story but man am I stuck! Other stories have captivated my attention, plus I'm trying to re-write Blinded into an actual story to try and get printed :)
I will consult with Overneath, she's really great at jumpstarting me sometimes!

violetshade violetshade

A year, Shade. A whole year. I've been patient. Please?

Buggaloo Buggaloo

It's been 2 months. I'm pouting over here. I need more.

synology synology

Haha, thanks for the reminder! Good to know this is still being read, lol!!

violetshade violetshade

I need moooore.

synology synology