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OneShots from Shade's World


These probably make sense outside my stories, but they're better if you've read them :)


Lzzy Hale

Lzzy Hale

Screamy sexy voice. Big sexy mouth. Hot as fuck.

M. Shadows

M. Shadows

The one. Tall. Dark. Hot. Sexy. Dimples. That voice. Yes, please.

Synyster Gates

Synyster Gates

Those guitar playing faces. Christ. And the hair. Seriously. Licks his lips when he talks. Ages like a single malt Scotch.

Zacky Vengeance

Zacky Vengeance

Cutest laugh on the entire planet. Green eyes that light your soul on fire. Short and sweet.


  1. 2011 Synacky

    Their first time is in my story, so here's the second. Syn discovers his...ability.

  2. Lzzy 2010 One

    Matt's so fucked up he doesn't remember a damn thing. Every time.

  3. Sweet Synacky

    Right after Syn yells at Shade and Zack comes in to find him a complete mess.

  4. Brattvi

    Matt/Synyster/Violet holy shit awesomeness.

  5. Soap Up

    The scene right after Syn shaves Matt's mohawk. Full on fucking Bratt.

  6. Grand Rapids concert

    My 'review' of my first A7X concert!!

  7. Love And Phone (here's to you, Kimmie!)

    That scene where Syn's stuck at the bar at the Finger Lakes sexting Jade.

  8. Super Evil Zacky, part tres.

    I just had to ask for it. And he gave it to me.

  9. Syn and Violet

    Their night together from his POV :)

  10. Limo "Ride"

    Matt and Zack in the limo....

  11. Ottawa: Bratt

    Did I just write a 1-shot out of a 1-shot? Yes, yes I did.

  12. Gates to Awesomeness

    Bri/Matt/Jade--Matt's POV

  13. Bratt Party

    Brian and Matt's dirty talk at their going away for tour party leads to.....

  14. Taking Care of the Beast

    The boyfriends prepare for taking Vi out for date night in NYC.

  15. Bratty

    Matt walks in on Synacky.

  16. Super Evil Violeance

    After the ballpark when Z's like "fuck monogamy"

  17. Young Macky

    The time in HS that Matt and Zack hooked up in "Runaway"

  18. Bengeance

    Ben consoles Zack after Vi breaks up w/ him in "Runaway"

  19. For You

    Macky fluff (Storms).

  20. I Win

    There's a phone call and there's sex, but it ain't phone sex.


Nawwwww the floof <3

Ha! Glad you liked that one lol

violetshade violetshade

Hahahahahahahahaha Zee and Matt... Let’s never tell anyone, ever.

With a side of Syn wink! Best ever. LOLLYROFL!

Hahahahaha welcome ;)