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No Peace Forever.


She should have known better than to try to walk home from school alone. Jasper didn’t think anything of it as she continued her two mile walk from the school back to the dumpy apartment that she lived in with her mother on the outskirts of town. This town was hell, considering the road that leads to one of the biggest murder houses in the country was smack dab in the middle, it made sense. Who lives in that house? Only one of the most evil and cruel monsters in the state, Avenged Sevenfold, no one in the town has ever witnessed them come out of the huge building that was located at the end of the long, twisted road, that went straight to the house on top of the hill. There was a gate at the beginning of that road, as if it was a warning, telling you to stay away or you would lose your life. You see, no teenage girl in their right mind would walk the streets of this town on their own, that would be suicide. Everyone knows that if you’re a girl between the age of fourteen and twenty-two, walking these streets alone is just a death wish. Jasper isn’t a normal girl though, she has no friends and no one that really cares about her, they would never notice if she was taken from them. She was almost home when it had started getting darker, there was nothing to worry about, right? The monsters in that house already sent out their gatherer to pick up their new toys just a few days ago, they would be set for at least another week or so. When she walked into her apartment she looked around, “Mom?” She heard shuffling in the kitchen and bit her lip gently, she walked in and let a sigh of relief out when she saw her mother was doing dishes, “Hi mom.” She didn’t even bother to look at Jasper, “Hello, don’t you have homework to do?” Her voice was urgent, like she didn’t want Jasper around. Looking at the ground, Jasper nodded and took her bag back into her room. That was another thing, her relationship with her mother was terrible since her father died. After his death, her mother started drinking heavily and Jasper was surprised to see her home after school, usually she was out on the streets. She knew that her mother drank and used drugs, she ignored it though, as long as it didn’t affect her, why should she? Her father on the other hand, he was her best friend. He taught her everything she knows, he taught her how to play guitar, which she absolutely loves. It’s her only escape from the world and the only thing she has left from her father is the guitar he gave her before he passed away. Jasper felt the tears forming in her eyes, but she quickly wiped them away, if her mother saw her cry she would yell at her, calling her a stupid and weak little girl. No one really had any idea at how strong Jasper really is, she’s held in her emotions of her father dying ever since the day he passed on. It kills her a little bit more inside every day when she realizes her dreams of him coming back are nothing, but that, dreams. She sighed and put her hair up in a messy bun before changing into her pajamas for the night. She was going to be stuck in the house for the rest of the night so it didn’t matter. A couple hours later she was asleep when she heard footsteps coming towards her room. The door opened to reveal her mother, “Jasper. Wake up, we have company.” She turned on her side before getting up and following her mother down the stairs to her living area, she froze when she realized who was standing in the room. Jasper backed into the wall as he took a step towards her, “Hm, Mrs. Matthews, she will be perfect.” Her mother smiled, “I’m glad you think so, will this take away my debt from the men?” The man nodded, “You’re sure you want to give her up?” She nodded, “Take her, she’s nothing, but a burden for me.” Suddenly it hit Jasper, her mother was selling her to the vampires.” He walked over and grabbed Jasper, he put handcuffs on her as he picked her up and gave her a pill. The last thing Jasper saw as he carried her out was her mother standing in the door way, waving at her. Jasper couldn’t imagine what she could have done to piss her mother off so badly that she would give her to the vampires to be a blood bitch, how could her life get any worse? That’s right, it can’t now because she was going to live with vampires and be their property now.


Whatcha think?


love it! Update please!

Stella Sullivan Stella Sullivan
This seems interesting. Let's see how this turns out.
Nia_Flores Nia_Flores