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Who Are You?


1)The action of declaring something to be untrue.
2)The refusal of something requested or desired.
3)a statement that something is not true.

Elise McConnell knows more about herself than we all know about the meaning of life. Years of psychiatrists and family counseling were enough to drive her insane and finally away from her old life.

When Elise leaves a simple "goodbye note" to her sister, she searches in hopes for the identity she craves.

New friends and a new crush are there for her but when old memories begin to pin her emotions against one another, is she only lying to herself?



  1. Fiction

    Tuesday, May 23rd

  2. Demons

    Matt's POV Tuesday, May 23rd

  3. Diamond in the Rough

    Part. 1 Tuesday, May 23rd

  4. Diamond in the Rough

    Part. 2 Tuesday, May 23rd

  5. Unbound (The Wild Ride)

    Rated M

  6. God Damn

    Wednesday, May 24th

  7. Streets

    Wednesday, May 24th

  8. Turn The Other Way

    Wednesday, May 24th

  9. Almost Easy

    Matt's POV

  10. Breaking Their Hold

    Wednesday, May 24th

  11. Welcome To The Family

    Wednesday, May 24th

  12. Sidewinder

    Part. 1 Thursday, May 25th

  13. Sidewinder

    Part. 2 Thursday, May 25th

  14. Nightmare

    Thursday, May 25th

  15. Angels

    Friday, May 26th

  16. The Stage

    Friday, May 26th

  17. God Only Knows

    Matt's POV

  18. M.I.A.

    Sunday, May 28th

  19. Exist

    Sunday, May 28th

  20. The Wicked End

    Monday, May 29th

  21. Danger Line

    Thursday, June 1st

  22. Paranoid

    Matt's POV

  23. Thick and Thin

    Wednesday, June 7th

  24. Simulation

    Part. 1 Thursday, June 8th

  25. Simulation

    Part. 2 Thursday, June 8th

  26. Tension

    Saturday, June 10th

  27. Paradigm

    Saturday, June 17th

  28. Scream

    Matt's POV

  29. Save Me

    Saturday, June 17th

  30. Bat Country

    Sunday, June 18th

  31. Mad Hatter

    Wednesday, June 21st

  32. Higher

    Saturday, June 24th

  33. Unholy Confessions

    Sunday, June 25th

  34. Gunslinger

    Monday, June 26th Part. 1

  35. Gunslinger

    Monday, June 26th Part. 2

  36. Creating God

    Friday, July 7th Rated M

  37. Betrayed

    Monday, July 10th

  38. Sunny Disposition

    Thursday July, 20th


Well damn! ;) glad you’re back!

So glad you came back! That update was definitely worth the wait.

Buggaloo Buggaloo

Communication is difficult, but I swear sometimes technology makes it ten times harder.

Buggaloo Buggaloo

Woo! Go Matt for taking charge! Definitely worth the wait

That's definitely the best way to stop the teasing. I love that Matt was bold enough to cut the bullshit so to speak.

Buggaloo Buggaloo