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Bête Noire


"I hate you even more now, I don't even know if that's even possible." I said coldly. "Marley, you know you love me." He smirked, stretching out the word love. "Fuck. You." I spat.

"Oh, you wish." He said cockily before walking away.

Jesus Christ, I hated him.

Disclaimer: I don't own Avenged but the plot and the OC, do not steal.

P.S. May add charcters in the future, a lot. Enjoy!

And for those who do not know French, the title means "black beast" literally.


Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold

Before anyone squeals seeing these guys, let me tell you don't even talk about getting in their pants in front of me. These are my favorite guys in the world. Well, all of them except that right handed guitarist.

Kayla Truman

Kayla Truman

I don't think I've gone through a single day without seeing her. Well, that's because she just happens to drop by at my shop out of no where. Hey, I'm not complaining. She's a huge fan of my brother's band and did I mention she can non stop talk about them?

Marley Sanders

Marley Sanders

So this is me, Marley Denise Sanders. A professional tattoo artist. I am not Matt's baby sister, if you're wondering. Okay, I am but only three years younger than him. Do not call me Denise, not even by mistake.

Michelle & Val Dibenedetto

Michelle & Val Dibenedetto

See the blonde sister? That's Val, my brother's girlfriend since forever. And the brunette? Well, that's Michelle. I really don't know what she sees in Brian but yeah, they're having an on and off relationship. Will someone tell her she can do much better than that?



What if I told u I lost all those chapters...

just kidding, I’d have had a heart attack then! I’ll update whenever I get time ;)

Holly Holly

*lies on the ground kicking and screaming*
AN AUTHOR'S NOTE!? Come on! You can't fool me like that! I thought I was getting an update :( And yes I know how busy you are, but I also remember you told me you wrote everything already... just post it woman! :P

I need this story, I need your writing. Come on!

Kimmie Kimmie

So happy to hear you wanna pick this up again!! Can't wait!

violetshade violetshade

OMG Hannah I’m so sorry I didn’t tag u in the comment earlier!! I was in a hurry I guess...
but thanks a lot girl! I loved your comment, the duo should talk and express their feelings. And that will happen, just not now :p
Love ya!!<3

Holly Holly

I know right, old married couple! Problem is they’re not actually married lol, wouldn’t be too many complications if they were mr and mrs ;) and yes, couldn’t help but drag mich again...I totally like her tho. Thanks a lot for the comment <3

I did not expect a new reader at this point considering that I don’t update often, but thank u so much for your words! Syn and Marls are adorable right?! But I do miss writing the parts where they used to loathe each other :p Stay tuned!

Another one of my loyal readers who’s been here since the beginning, am I right?! :) I’m happy that u liked the chapter, and I’ll see what I can do about Jimmy :)

Who said I was gonna update this quick? ;)
No worries, I will update but I just don’t know when. Currently a little busy with school, hopefully I can take some time out and post :) ohh I loved the ending too, i remember it took me a while to write it but I was pretty satisfied with how it turned out to be.

Thank u all soooooo much for your lovely words, they just made my day!! I’m so happy that you’re all still reading this even though the updates are slow but it means so much to me. Stay tuned people<3

Holly Holly