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Bête Noire


"I hate you even more now, I don't even know if that's even possible." I said coldly. "Marley, you know you love me." He smirked, stretching out the word love. "Fuck. You." I spat.

"Oh, you wish." He said cockily before walking away.

Jesus Christ, I hated him.

Disclaimer: I don't own Avenged but the plot and the OC, do not steal.

P.S. May add charcters in the future, a lot. Enjoy!

And for those who do not know French, the title means "black beast" literally.


Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold

Before anyone squeals seeing these guys, let me tell you don't even talk about getting in their pants in front of me. These are my favorite guys in the world. Well, all of them except that right handed guitarist.

Kayla Truman

Kayla Truman

I don't think I've gone through a single day without seeing her. Well, that's because she just happens to drop by at my shop out of no where. Hey, I'm not complaining. She's a huge fan of my brother's band and did I mention she can non stop talk about them?

Marley Sanders

Marley Sanders

So this is me, Marley Denise Sanders. A professional tattoo artist. I am not Matt's baby sister, if you're wondering. Okay, I am but only three years younger than him. Do not call me Denise, not even by mistake.

Michelle & Val Dibenedetto

Michelle & Val Dibenedetto

See the blonde sister? That's Val, my brother's girlfriend since forever. And the brunette? Well, that's Michelle. I really don't know what she sees in Brian but yeah, they're having an on and off relationship. Will someone tell her she can do much better than that?



Im gonna sit here...and read it all... in one sitting.
*pops popcorn*

BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

I don’t actually mind that you deleted the last couple of chapters, because if that makes you update this faster and regularly then I’m okay :)

It was quite sad to read the chapter, but I hope they’ll pull through this. It was good to read this after a while even though the chapter was a really sad one.

Lily97 Lily97

When you sent me that pm, I didn’t realize that you were serious about writing the last few chaps again. But I totally get your decision girl, at the end of the day what matters is what you want and how you want to write this story since it’s your “baby” *hugs*

Now about the chapter, I know why you did what you just did. And I think I kinda have an idea about what you’re planning next, except the part where a certain someone goes on tour hahaha (don’t come at me, it’s not like anyone else’s gonna read my comment lol)

Though this was a hurtful chapter, I’m sure you have planned a happy ending for this because I’ve been here ever since last year when you posted the very first chapter and I will be here till the end, so I deserve a happy ending!

Daphne Daphne

I’m so happy u left comment :)
I kinda agree that all the chapters do not function properly (I meant the last four or five, but I have a reason for that, will tell u through the PM)

The build up between Brian and Marls wasn’t gonna be this slow, that wasn’t what I’d thought originally. But since this is prewritten, I clearly can’t figure out what I was thinking while I was writing this!

Holly Holly

Absolutely not. I'm in withdrawal from this story. I just need the other chapters to function properly (and apparently comment). Long story short..... it's your fault ;-)

Don't hit me :P Just kidding. I don't know what happens with my comments. Maybe I just think I did and then I didn't. I'm really sorry.

You know you wrote a great chapter, because all the chapters are. I love Marley going on tour, I just hope it won't cause drama between her and Brian, just love :P Because damn girl, you know I always said I loved the slow build up.... You are going too slow now :P

Happy now? ;-)

Kimmie Kimmie