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Broken Arrow


Happiness was fleeting with Jack no longer by my side. One stupid misunderstanding had torn apart everything he and I had built together, I was shattered.

I had thought my heart would finally begin to mend when I was re-united with my Best Friend Brian. He was hurting too, and I thought we could help each other take away the pain. Little did I know, things were about to get a whole lot more complicated...

"You could be my Hero, if only I could let go, but his love is still in me, like a Broken Arrow..."

Inspired by the story behind Pixie Lott's song Broken Arrow

Soundtrack: [Link]




Waitress at the Diner on the Pier in Huntington Beach. Massive fan of Avenged Sevenfold and low-key Groupie. Bassist, shy, and just trying to find her place in the world.

Arin Ilejay

Arin Ilejay

Julia's Boyfriend and the incredibly talented Drummer of Confide. Jimmy is his Drum Teacher. A bit of a quiet soul, but has a big heart.

Bam Margera

Bam Margera

Pro-Skater and Stuntman. Part of the infamous CKY and Jackass crews. Ruby meets Bam at High Voltage tattoo one day and they instantly become friends. Always ready to wreak havoc, or have Ruby's back in dire situations.

Brian Haner Jr aka "Synyster Gates"

Brian Haner Jr aka "Synyster Gates"

Ruby's Best Friend. They used to be practically inseperable until Jack ripped Ruby away from him and the rest of the guys. Despite his cocky, sometimes arrogant nature; Brian cares very deeply for Ruby and would move Heaven and Hell for her.

Demetria "Demi" Jayde

Demetria "Demi" Jayde

Ruby's Best Friend and Jimmy's female clone. Loud, obnoxious, completely bat shit crazy. Never fails to make a scene and bring her friends to the point of tears from laughing at her antics. Hot-headed and sometimes stubborn, tough-as-nails and wouldn't back down from a fight if it came to one.

Jack Saint

Jack Saint

Ruby's Ex Boyfriend. He started off as sweet, wonderful, everything Ruby had ever hoped of finding and for the most part, he stayed that way. But, he was very, very possessive and controlling of her and quite frequently accused her of sleeping with Brian behind his back. He was a drug addict who prioritized partying over spending time with Ruby, but expected her to bow down to his every command. He ripped Ruby away from the guys for two years, which broke her heart. Until he dropped her, and left her absolutely shattered.

Jenna Leigh

Jenna Leigh

Brian's Ex-Girlfriend and a Stripper at the Pussycat Dolls Lounge in LA. Brian's idea of the "Perfect Woman" despite the less-than-glamorous way they met. She was a party animal with a temper, who could drink like a man and fuck like a woman. Brian's never been quite the same since she cheated on him and broke his heart.

Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

Brian's Best Friend and Demi's Boyfriend. Totally out of his mind in the most wonderful way, always up to some kind of mischief, and lights up everyone's days. Serious when need be, and not afraid to call Brian out on his bullshit.

Johnathan Seward aka "Johnny Christ"

Johnathan Seward aka "Johnny Christ"

One third of the Troublesome Trio. He's a little shit with an attitude problem, but incredibly faithful to McKenna. Used to have a mad crush on Ruby prior to her moving away two years ago. Would still stick up for her in a heartbeat, and is just itching to get his hands around Jack's throat for hurting her so badly.



A friend of Ruby's whom she meets at Johnny's bar one night. Funny, geeky, but a little shy and insecure. Has a heart of Gold and just wants to make people smile.

Julia Pierce

Julia Pierce

Lead Guitar and Vocals for Cherri Bomb. McKenna's Best Friend. She reminds Ruby of herself at her age. She's cheeky and frequently makes with the Sexual Innuendo's. A badass rock-chick with a tough-as-nails attitude. Killer guitar player, possibly the best young female Guitarist in Los Angeles, not surprising considering Brian is her tutor.

Krista "Kiki"

Krista "Kiki"

Down to earth rock chick with a heart of gold. Fun-loving and outgoing, sometimes a bit of a bad influence, though she really means no harm. A very deeply loving and devoted partner to Zacky, whom she absolutely adores.

Matthew Sanders aka "M Shadows"

Matthew Sanders aka "M Shadows"

The "Big Brother" figure of the group, particularly for Ruby. He has always been protective of her from day dot. It was lucky that Jack didn't get any grief from him when he became extremely possessive of Ruby. Matt would have stepped in and stopped him, but didn't at the respect of Ruby's wishes. He would still do anything to make sure no harm befalls her.

McKenna Haner

McKenna Haner

Brian's kid sister, and practically Ruby's too. Dating Johnny. McKenna is the youngest of the entire group, though wise beyond her years. She's got a knack for reading people's body language and can tell what they're thinking with a single glance.

Nia and Rena Lovelis, Miranda Miller.

Nia and Rena Lovelis, Miranda Miller.

Drummer, Bassist and Rhythm Guitarist/Keyboardist of Cherri Bomb. McKenna's friends. Oddball girls with crazy hair, but talented young musicians.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose

Ruby used to be strong, crazy, happy-go-lucky and fun. But then she fell deeply in love for the very first time in her life, only to have her heart crushed and with it, all the life drained out of her. She's now very withdrawn, and suffers from frequent Anxiety attacks and Depression.



Ruby's Best Friend from back in Chicago.

Trixie Baker

Trixie Baker

Zacky's cousin and Matt's girlfriend. She is Demi's best friend and became like her sister in the time that Ruby was away. A little bit anxious and insecure. Obsessed with 80's bands, B-Grade Horror, and 50's Pinup girls.

Zachary Baker aka "Zacky Vengeance"

Zachary Baker aka "Zacky Vengeance"

One third of the Troublesome Trio. Dating Krista "Kiki". Cheeky, unpredictable, but has a big heart. Loves Ruby like a Sister and was completely shattered when she had to leave two years ago.


  1. Now You're Gone And My Heads Spinning

  2. It's Been Far Too Long

  3. After All This Time I'm Coming Home


  5. We Look Up Towards The Sky For Answers To Our Lives

  6. Too Many People To Ache Over

  7. Come Back Again It's Almost Easy

  8. As Your Nightmare Comes To Life

  9. A Man Who Felt Betrayed

  10. Boys Will Be Boys

  11. Tough Love

  12. Old Habits Die Hard

  13. I've Treated You So Wrong

  14. Let Me Make It Right

  15. Closer

  16. I See The Changes In You

  17. She'll Lie To Your Face

  18. CityWalk

  19. L.A. Ink

  20. Sparks & Tension

  21. Welcome To Bat Country

  22. Devil In Disguise

  23. You're Cracked, So Just Remember I'm Not Your Enemy

  24. Woke Animal Feelings In Me

  25. Too Many Doses And I'm Starting To Get An Attraction

  26. Eager To Sin

  27. Wishing The Clock Would Stand Still, The World Can Wait

  28. You Don't Play Guitar With Your Neck, Bro

  29. Help Me Find My Way

  30. Lust And Burning Desire

  31. Led By The Lunar Light, Trouble's All We'd Find

  32. Don't Change The Way You Think Of Me

  33. With This Ink In Our Skin, We've Sealed Our Fate

  34. Goddamn Motherfuckers Always Wasting My Time

  35. So Try And Love Me While You Can

  36. It's No Fun But I've Been Here Before

  37. I Feel I'm Walking A Fine Line

  38. Sedated Nights To The Bar Room Fights

  39. We Share A Common Discomfort Now

  40. Have You Lost That Boy You Used To Know?

  41. I've Tried To Hold On As You've Slowly Slipped Away

  42. Please Don't Forget Me, Or Cry While I'm Away

  43. Beast And The Harlot

  44. Cover Me With Manic Fame

  45. No-One Can Ever Slow Me Down, I'll Stay Unbound

  46. Forgive Me For My Crimes

  47. A Melody, A Memory, Or Just One Picture

  48. I Feel Alive, Relaxing Here Just Feels Alright

  49. I Don't Like How Fast My Intentions Fade

  50. Now You Choose Either Naughty Or Nice

  51. In You I Confide

  52. You Waste Your Breath While Fuckin' With Me

  53. While At The Party Of The Dead, Dancing In Their Graves

  54. Late At Night, When You're Looking To Sin

  55. As We Perform Here Upon The Stage

  56. But I'm Scarred By Barriers Placed In My Path

  57. We've All Made Selfish Bad Decisions

  58. The Chance Is There If You Want It All That Bad

  59. Gotta Fix What Don't Belong

  60. Seize The Day

  61. Pleasure's All Mine This Time

  62. He Led With Words, They Sang Along

  63. Closer To Heaven With You

  64. Just Look Ahead And Hold On Tight

  65. Still Dancing With Your Demons

  66. Please Don't Leave Me Like This

  67. A Lonely Road, Crossed Another Cold State Line

  68. I'll Be Coming Home

  69. I'm Missing You Again

  70. Shame Pulses Through My Heart, From The Things I've Done To You

  71. You've Been There From The Start For Me

  72. You're Not The One To Place The Blame

  73. She's Got You Somehow, You're Needing Her Now

  74. Such A Replaceable Liar

  75. How I Wish You Were Here

  76. As The Boy Became A Man


I'm tryingggg!!
I want more as much as you do, it's my brain that's not working with me here...


Holly Holly

Okayyy I'm so late to this chapter but it was adorable and I love how Ruby owned Jacks ass and told him exactly how she felt. But I also need her to go home now so Bri can tell her he loves her immediately. ❤

They truly are the sweetest. I sent you a message with my social media deets, feel free to send me a message on either of them. :)

OMFD! *all the teary, hearty eyes* You have the best friends, Shaz! I would sell my first born for a vid from Syn... I don't have any Deathbat Bitches down here. It would be awesome to chat outside of here if you're interested? I was mad keen to see the Arrow had been updated! I adore chats with Jimmy <3 My tiny mind is still blown! Shade and Larissa actually MET Syn! And you got a personalised video! I can't even right now...