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When Stars Align

Cali or Bust!

“So when are ya’ll gonna go public?”
Jen asked, the two girls sitting in Sadie’s apartment waiting on their Chinese takeout to arrive.

“I don’t even know if it’s that serious yet, like aside from our week in the mountains and the two days we had here. We haven’t spent any time together. I think we’ll figure it out now that I finished the album and we’ll be able to spend some time together that isn’t being rushed by work schedules.”

“True, because once ya’ll go public it’s going to get interesting. I mean a country artist and rock artist together is really unheard of.”

“But I think thats why I like it, we’re both in the industry, but not competitors. Hell we even have a different fan base, so yeah it will be interesting, but fun!”

**One Week Later**

Sadie adjusted her outfit. She wore a black Johnny Cash shirt, skinny jeans and Boots, her long blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail. She reached out to ring the doorbell, and the door swung open.
She was almost knocked off her feet, but was held steady by the tattooed muscled arms around her.
Sadie giggled
“Did you miss me Baby?”

“Only a lot! Did you have a good trip?”
He placed her on her feet, her arms wrapping around his waist.

“Yeah, Jen wanted to come but she had work shit. Said she might come out at a later date.”

“Well she’s more than welcome, come on lets get your stuff in.”
He grabbed her two large suitcases, leaving her the backpack and duffle bag.

“Damn baby, what do you have in here?”

“Well you said bring enough so I could stay until you got tired of me.”

“I didn’t say it like that!”

“Well thats how long I’m gonna stay, but I don’t want to wear out my welcome.”

“I don’t think thats possible, but keep thinking that. Is my room ok? Or would you prefer the guest room?”

“I didn’t travel all this way to stay in your guest room Matt.”
He smiled and carried her things upstairs, Sadie following closely behind. His room was off white with minimal decoration on the wall, but he had a four black post bed with a white down comforter and black pillows.
Tossing herself on the bed she sank into the cushioning, Matt followed.
She rolled onto her side and found herself staring into his green eyes.

“I’m so glad you came out Sades.”

“Me too, it will be nice to spend some non-work time together.”

He paused
“Yeah…about that…me and the guys are having to start recording a little earlier than planned.”


“Yeah, but we’ll still spend plenty of time together!”


“On my life.”
She pressed her lips to his, his scent filling her nostrils as his hand wandered up her side.

“Shadz?! You here?!”

“Fuck, I forget they were coming.”
Pulling Sadie up they made their way downstairs, the three men standing in his living room.

“Guys this is Sadie, Sadie these are the guys.”
She walked towards the rhythm guitarist.

“Zack right?”

“Yep, nice to finally meet you. If I didn’t know who you were I would think you were Matt’s imaginary friend.”

“Well if I am, he has a very vivid imagination. And Johnny?”

Turning towards the small bassist

“That’s me, nice to meet you I love your music.”

“Thanks, I like yours too. And Brian?”
He cocked an eyebrow, a scowl on his face.

“Or Syn, whatever. I’m sure your used to getting your way.”
He spat his greeting with malice, Sadie was taken aback.

“Brian, don’t be an ass!”
Matt spoke up after seeing the slight look of shock on Sadie’s face.

“What? You’re dating the Princess of Country, I can only expect her to act like it!”

“You don’t even-“

“Look Brian or Synyster Gates, whatever the fuck you want me to call you, just because the media makes me out to be a certain way dosent mean thats who I actually am! Unlike you, you seem to be holding onto your title pretty well! Don’t start shit with me, I can be your best friend or worst enemy it’s your choice!”
The room remained quiet, Sadie didn’t realize she had taken a step closer to him almost looking straight up. She didn’t like being called princess or people assuming she was a certain way just because of what she did for a living. He glared at her for another second before smiling.

“I like this girl Matt, you should keep her around.”
He wrapped an arm around Sadie pulling her into a hug.

“Sorry Sadie, but I have to keep my guard up for Matt. He tends to melt under a woman’s touch and he’s brought home some crazy women.”

“Money hungry bitches more like it.”
Johnny piped up

“Alright alright we don’t have to go over every bad decision I’ve made with women, we’ve all had our share. Are ya’ll hungry? I was thinking about taking Sadie to Johnny’s bar.”

“Johnny has a bar?”
She asked, slightly confused. He laughed

“No, not our Johnny. Its a bar we’ve been going to forever, has great food too.”

“You’re not like a vegan or anything are you?”
Syn asked, cocking a brow at her.

“No Syn, I very much appreciate a good burger and beer.”

“Let’s go then, you like pool Sadie?”
Matt asked grabbing his keys and sliding on his shoes.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll kick your ass M Shadows.”

“Challenge accepted!”



I’m all for a sequel for this, I’d love to see more into their lives/relationship.

Man I love this story...

BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

I hope Matt realizes what Sadie was doing...


BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

I am so glad to see this has been updated! I’ve missed this story. I can’t wait for more!