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When Stars Align


“Can’t we just stay here?”

Sadie huffed as she followed Matt who carried her bags out to her black Dodge Journey.

“Yes baby, unfortunately we have to adult and that requires going home and going back to work.”
He tossed her bags in the back her small arms wrapped around him as he turned around.

“I’m going to miss you Matty.”

“I’m going to miss you too baby, we’ll be able to get together soon.”


Kissing the top of her head, her scent had grown familiar to him and something that he was going to find hard to live without. She sighed and unwillingly let go of the man she had grown accustomed to waking up next to, spending every minute with. It had only been a week, but it felt like a lifetime, in a good way.
She climbed in and started her suv, rolling down the window.

“Well I guess it’s see you later then?”

“Definitely, see you later Sades.”
His lips met hers for the sweetest yet saddest goodbye kiss ever.
Backing out she made her way away from The Lodge and watched Matt’s figure retreat in her rearview mirror.
Matt stood there until he couldn’t see her anymore and shuffled his way to his black Escalade. He lay his phone on the roof as he loaded his own bags, he had no desire to, but like he told Sadie they had to do the adult thing and return to real life.


“So you spent a week with this dude and you still haven’t heard from him?”
Jennifer asked, she did not like men messing with her friend's emotions, especially after the rollercoaster she’s been on over the past few years. The two currently sat at Sadie’s place having a Harry Potter movie marathon, complete with ice cream, wine and comfy pjs.

“Not a word, and I just don’t understand. He seemed like such a nice guy, very sincere, and to just ghost out? What if something bad happened to him?”

“What if he’s just a douche? Acted like he didn’t know you just so he could say he banged a celeb?”

“But he didn’t come off to be someone like that!”

“They never do sweetie.”
Sadie sighed and lay her head in Jenn’s lap. Jenn was the only friend who hadn’t changed since Sadie’s rise to fame, she’s the only one who didn’t ask for money, favors, or handouts. Sadie is pretty sure that if she wasn’t around her head would be up in the clouds some of the other Artist, Jenn kept her grounded and wasn’t afraid to speak up when she started acting like a haughty bitch.


Matt sat in the studio at his house surrounded by the guys, trying to write music but his head just wasn’t in it.


A hand waved infant of his face, Syn’s hand.

“There you are! What’s up man?”


“About that girl again?”

“Yeah, I just feel horrible. My dumb ass left my phone on top of the car, didn’t back it up to my cloud, and now I can’t even get a hold of her.”

“Have you tried calling the hotel? I’m sure they have her number”
Johnny piped up, the little shit did have a point, but Matt already tried that.

“They said they couldn’t give me her number,she had a private account. Whatever the hell that means.”

Zack asked

“You know, I don’t even know her last name. And there are a shit ton on Sadies on there.”

“Well I guess your ass out Shadz.”

“Thanks Bri…dick.”

“What? I mean come on she didn’t even get your number. How does a one sided relationship like that work?”

“Let’s just get back to writing.”
Matt mumbled, ending the conversation.

Almost 6 weeks later and Sadie still hadn’t heard from Matt. She was more hurt than anything, she spent all that time with him, gave him so much of herself only for him to ghost. She even tried calling him, his number was disconnected. Did he regret being with her, so much so that he changed his number? No, she was not going to think about him today she had too much shit to do, and too much to worry about as it was.
Juggling her coffee, purse, notebook and phone Sadie made her way into the lobby of the studio.
The receptionist buzzed the door open as she ended the call and walked down the long spacious hallway, doors lined each side, but due to sound deadening material it was almost completely silent. Finding her studio she flung open the door, her manager Jerry, sound tech Stephanie and a few people she had never seen before. Jerry has a habit of inviting people to watch or give their input, sometimes it got annoying.

“Morning Sadie, how are you Sweetie.”

“Good Jerry, sorry I’m late.”

“No worries, lets just get to work.”
Grabbing a bottle of water from the mini fridge in the corner she made her way into the booth, slipping headphones over her ears Stephanie’s voice became audible.

“What song you wanna hit first Sades?”

“Um lets go with…Over You.”

“Sweet, I’ve been wanting to hear it!”
Stephanie was such a goofball, Jerry called her unprofessional, but she always managed to put Sadie in a good mood and she was a badass in the studio.
As soon as the music started she saw Matt’s face in her head and her heart gave a little skip in her chest.

“Hey Matt what’s up man?!”

Troy, or Cowboy Troy as he’s known in the music scene, shook his hand.
Matt made the trip to Texas to record with Troy, he also hoped to try to find Sadie while he was here.

“Not much brother, looking forward to recording this with you. It’s something different to break up the monotony.”

“I feel ya, well lets get started.”

Troy is a HickHop artist, but he was good at what he did, after he recorded his part Matt jumped in the booth to record the background and chorus vocals for the song.
Sadie had been in the booth all morning and half of the afternoon, finally getting a break she stepped out of the studio, almost running into someone.

“Woah, shit I’m sorry!”
She apologized before she saw who it was. He laughed

“Nice to see you too Sadie.”

“Oh hey Troy, long time no see!”

“Right? How are you?”

“Good, in the studio...again, it’s a bit overwhelming really. Are you recording?”

“Working on a single right now, got the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold doing some vocals. Wanna go hear?”

Following Troy down the hall and into a studio. She froze to the spot when she saw who stood singing in the booth. She watched and listened, his voice was something she just couldn’t describe with was raspy and rough, but at the same time deep and melodic. Her heart started racing, did he want to see her? Should she leave? If he didn’t want to call her, what makes her think he would want to see her?
Too late.
The music stopped and he walked out, and his eyes fell on Sadie

“What the fuck?”

He whispered, almost running her grabbed her up wrapped his arms around her small body.

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.”

He said, placing a kiss on her head and looking down at her. She didn’t look happy.

“Well you have a real funny way of showing it Matthew! It’s been almost two months without a word! Not even a text asking if I got home ok and you changed your number!”

“No no no I can explain really!”

“Well please do.”
She put her hands on her hips, which he found completely sexy.

“When I was putting my bags in my truck I uh…kind of put my phone on the roof…which fell of as I drove…your number was in that phone.”


She really didn’t know wether to believe him or not, what if he was making excuses?

“I swear, I can call Zack or Syn right now. They’ll vouch for me, I’ve tried finding you but I couldn’t I dont even know your last name.”

“…fine I believe you. What are you doing here anyway?”

“Recording with Troy. What are you doing here?”

“WAIT WAIT WAIT! You mean to tell me you two know each other….but didn’t know that the other was basically the most famous artist in their genre at the moment?”

Troy interrupted the conversation, which had captured the attention of everyone in the room. The couple just kind of looked at him, confused.

“Sadie this man is the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold, multiplatinum recording artist never heard of him?”

“The band yes, but I didn’t know-“

“And Matt this is Sadie Lynn, she’s all over the radio right now her album just went platinum.”

“I’ve heard her music but I didn’t know-“

“Y’all need to get out more, or use google or something.”


If you want to hear the song Troy and Matt where working on its here:


Thankyou so much for reading a reviewing! I really hope you enjoyed this chapter I had it written before any other parts of the story because I didn't want to forget how I imagined it, don't ask me where the thought came from I just thought it would be a fun story.


I’m all for a sequel for this, I’d love to see more into their lives/relationship.

Man I love this story...

BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

I hope Matt realizes what Sadie was doing...


BeccaBearSc BeccaBearSc

I am so glad to see this has been updated! I’ve missed this story. I can’t wait for more!